17 Top-Rated Protective Face Shields You Can Order Online Right Now

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Still wearing that cloth face mask? Good, keep at it. But as the world reopens, you may be looking for face mask alternatives, and protective face shields are emerging as a popular option. By covering your face without obstructing it, clear plastic face shields make it possible to keep your neighbors safe and smile in public again.

As you probably already know, COVID-19 cases are continuing to grow due to states reopening, post-holiday travel and the fact that certain people can’t seem to slap a mask on their face. Like, is it really that hard? Come on. Everyone should be wearing a facial covering when heading out of the house for any reason. We don’t care if you’re headed down the street to the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru. Put! One! On!

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Though we begrudgingly love our fabric face masks, we’re curious, what’s the deal with those plastic face shields? In this post, we’ll look at the effectiveness of these protective face shields. We’ll also show you where you can buy the best plastic face shields online, both for personal and for business use.


Do Plastic Face Shields Protect You From COVID-19?

Plastic face shields have had a recent rise in popularity. Some businesses are providing plastic face shields to their employees, and they’re used by healthcare professionals as well. Experts are pretty split on the effectiveness, though, which is why some people wear face masks and face shields. When wearing a face shield, you’re far less likely to touch your face the way you constantly do when fixing your mask.

The tradeoff is that smaller particles in the air can slide under and around the mask to be inhaled by the wearer. However, face shields are really effective for blocking out larger particles. NBC News cited a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene that found that face shields help wearers avoid 96% of cough droplets in the air.

Of course, the most important reason to wear face masks has nothing to do with protecting yourself. Their primary benefit is that they stop the wearer from unknowingly spreading coronavirus to others. So whether you wear a face mask, buy a plastic face shield online or wear both at once, cover your dang face!


Where To Buy Plastic Face Shields Online

There’s no shortage of places to buy face masks, but a growing number of safety face shields are available online, too. While we are in no way telling you to throw that face mask away, the best face shields are an excellent add-on to wear over the mask. They’re also a godsend for people who depend on reading lips and facial expressions.

Here are the best protective face shields for combating coronavirus that you can order online right now.

1. Magid FS004 PET Face Shield

If you’re looking for the best face shields on Amazon, definitely check out the shields from Magid Glove and Safety, which sells packs of protective face shields. If you’re ordering face shields for you or your family, you can buy a pack of five for just $15 via Amazon Prime. The shields are made from clear anti-fog PET (just be sure to remove the protective film before use) and feature an elastic band that goes securely around your head.

For business owners looking for commercial face shields for their workers, Magid also sells bulk face shields in packs of 40, 200, 400 and 600. For personal or professional use, these are some of the best face shields we’ve found on Amazon.

best face shields wholesale Courtesy of Amazon

Magid Face Shields (5-Pack)



2. WETShield Vision Clear Face Shield

This excellently-designed face shield is built with a long clear lens ensuring no obstructed views. It’s super lightweight and comfortable, and it attaches to your head like a visor. Like the best protective face shields, this product is also made to be easily disassembled and reassembled for hand-cleaning to make sure you cover every nook and cranny. For only $14.50, this one’s pretty much a steal.

WETShield Vision Clear Face Shield Courtesy of Amazon

WETShield Vision Clear Face Shield



3. ArtToFrames Protective Face Shield

Worried about your stylishly chunky eyeglasses getting in the way of your face shield? Tired of your face mask fogging up your glasses? Fear not — this face shield by ArtToFrames comes with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses. This shield provides 180-degree protection from saliva and other unwanted flying materials and is easily replaceable and cleanable. The durable acrylic material and open space on top prevents fog from forming inside the shield and provides ultimate clarity. Made locally in Brooklyn, NY, this face shield comes with one pair of acrylic glasses and one shield. They also have one that gives you a full-fledged beard, but don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

ArtToFrames Protective Face Shield Courtesy of Amazon

ArtToFrames Protective Face Shield



4. NoCry Safety Face Shield

Nothing’s getting past this face shield, that’s for sure. The NoCry face shield is built to keep any and all particles away from your face, including saliva, smoke, sprays, splashes and just about anything else under the sun. It has a snug fit that won’t give you any headaches yet will stay securely on your head. It’s incredibly easy to clean, so you can reuse it again and again.

Courtesy of Amazon

NoCry Safety Face Shield



5. The Coolest Shields – Best Face Shields for Kids

Who said face shields have to be boring? There are a lot of great face masks for kids, but since kids often touch their faces, a protective shield that’s worn as a hat may be more effective for youngsters. The Coolest Shields bring their collection of face shields to the next level by creating covers featuring everything from unicorns to tigers to ladybugs and astronauts. While each has sizes made specifically for children, don’t worry, each and every style comes in adult sizes, too. So whether you’re matching your kids or strutting down the street alone decked out in a kitten-inspired face shield, this brand totally has your back.

The Coolest Shields Face Shields Courtesy of Amazon

The Coolest Shields Face Shields (Ladybug)

The Coolest Shields (Astronaut)



6. Proted Face Shield

With a see-through structure that’s much thicker than other face shields on the market, Proted’s face shields are as durable as it gets. This shield is constructed for extended wear times due to a convenient adjustable Velcro strap that allows secure fits for most head sizes and shapes. There’s no need to take off when it’s time to eat or drink something either, simply flip right up to do things you have to do maskless. Best of all? Each individual wearer can choose how much space they’re comfortable having between their face and the mask, ensuring people with glasses or other facial obstructions can breathe with ease.

Proted Face Shield Courtesy of Etsy

Proted Face Shield



7. Maxboost Protective Face Shield

If you’re looking for a bit of extra protection, the Maxboost face shield is made with PET materials that is 2 times thicker than most face shield alternatives. It’s coated in anti-fog protection and has pristine visuals no matter how humid it’s getting outside. The elastic band is made from foam to fit most heads both snug and comfortably. This mask is perfect for both errands and work purposes. It’s also a 3-pack, so leave one at home, one in the car and one in the office to ensure you’ll always have one even if you forget it.

Courtesy of Amazon

Maxboost Protective Face Shield



8. gizda Face Shield Hat

If you’re not willing to sacrifice style when it comes to shielding that visage, gizda’s face shield is definitely best for you. Coming in the form of a visor that somewhat mimics the trendy hat bucket style, this shield is an easy throw-on right before you head out the door. The brim will fit on your head regardless of your hairstyle due to its elasticity and is completely machine washable, aside from the plastic covering, that is. This means that the mask can fully detach, so if you don’t love the hat style, feel free to stick it onto your summer go-to.

gizda Face Shield Hat Courtesy of Etsy

gizda Face Shield Hat



9. Christmas by Krebs Face Shield

Though it ain’t the holiday season just yet, even this popular Christmas shop on Amazon is dipping their toes into the water for face shields. All face shields are made right in the USA with comfortable hypoallergenic foam to create a barrier between the face and shield across your forehead. It’s made with anti-fog plastic so you’ll be able to see at all times and the whole contraption is exceptionally lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging something around on your face all day. The brand offers 2-packs, 6-packs and 48-packs currently, but we’re opting for the 6-er ourselves to give to our close friends and family.

Christmas by Krebs Face Shield Courtesy of Amazon

Christmas by Krebs Face Shield 2-Pack


Christmas by Krebs Face Shield 6-Pack


Christmas by Krebs Face Shield 48-Pack



10. Lincoln Electric OMNIShield Professional Face Shield

While this mask is generally made to handle some heavy-duty damage brought on by welding, woodworking and other hands-on professional practices, it also acts as an incredible face shield for combating coronavirus. This shield is made with an anti-fog and anti-scratch lens which is fantastic because it’s almost completely inevitable with other face shields on the market. With a 190% thicker lens than the typical alternative, this face shield is built to last. It’s wildly comfortable too, being made with a front and back headband cushion to eliminate pressure points and distribute shield weight properly.

Lincoln Electric OMNIShield Professional Face Shield Courtesy of Amazon

Lincoln Electric OMNIShield Professional Face Shield

$34.36 $42.50 19% OFF


11. URMAX 10 Pack Anti Air Dust Cover

Made with comfortable-fitting glasses, this 10-pack of face shields is a wildly affordable option you can distribute out to friends and family. Each mask offers 180-degree protection to cover your entire face from dust, saliva, germs, bacteria and any other unwanted droplets you might come into contact with. You can clean it as you choose or even fully replace it with a new one, given the set comes with various.

Courtesy of Amazon

URMAX 10 Pack Anti Air Dust Cover


12. TPE Face Shield

The wildly inexpensive TPE face shield can be bought in quantities from 2 to 500, making these shields extremely useful for both individuals and large groups. If you’re a principal and your district is opening their schools back up this fall, buying these shields in bulk is an actual option you can make to ensure people are practicing safe precautions in the classrooms and hallways. The masks are anti-fog and fit comfortably over all face sizes, so no matter who’s throwing it on to keep safe, it won’t slip, fall or hurt your head.

TPE Face Shield Courtesy of Honest PPE Supply

TPE Face Shield



13. Kalamate Wide Brim Bucket Hat with Face Shield

Kalamate’s face shield takes the bucket hat design to the next level with the widest of brims and wrap-around shield. Fight germs at all angles with coverage that takes more than just your face into consideration. By covering the ears, parts of your hair, neck and some shoulder, germs will have to work hard to get around this shield. The shield itself is super easy to clean and the hat comes in various colors.

Kalamate Wide Brim Bucket Hat with Face Shield Courtesy of Yesstyle

Kalamate Wide Brim Bucket Hat with Face Shield



14. Unique Gadgets & Toys Safety Face Shield

This smart-designed anti-fog face shield is built to fit right on your nasal bridge to maximize distance between your face and the shield, providing a non-suffocating feel and comfortable fit. You can easily throw on a pair of thin-framed glasses under this mask with no issue, and considering there is a decent chunk of space underneath, your glasses won’t even fog. It’s a durable and practical design especially for those who tend to feel trapped by their facial coverings.

Unique Gadgets & Toys Safety Face Shield Courtesy of Amazon

Unique Gadgets & Toys Safety Face Shield



15. Salon World Safety Face Shields

These sanitary, durable and extra lightweight face shields are perfect for rocking around town on errands and walks. They’re made from a super thick, clean plastic that provides enough space from the face for glasses and hats that won’t ever fog up. The band around the top is a bright blue to add a pop of color to your everyday look and is even cushioned to keep your forehead feeling comfy. Lastly, these masks come in a 10-pack, so feel free to hand them out to the whole fam.

Courtesy of Amazon

Salon World Safety Face Shields



16. gizda Hooded Face Shield

This hooded face shield is giving us some serious Mortal Kombat vibes, and for that, we have to love it. Cover everything from the shoulders up with the mask that promises 360-degree protection and feel completely secure wherever you go. Germs have almost no fighting chance getting near your mouth, hair, face or neck with this sound design. Additionally, touching your face is a problem of the past with this shield because it’s kind of a journey to get there.

gizda Hooded Face Shield Courtesy of Etsy

gizda Hooded Face Shield



17. UTSDesignStore Transparent Face Mask

With apologies for the creepy photo (what is it with Etsy stores and scary mannequins?), we have one more option for you — a clear face mask. Whole-face shield not really your thing? We get it, it’s not for everyone. If you’re still looking to sport a face mask with mouth visibility, look no further than this transparent face mask straight from Etsy. This option is awesome for people who are hard of hearing and rely on lip-reading for communication but don’t want an entire clear lens covering their faces. It’s also awesome for teachers and tutors, so kids can visually see what you’re saying when learning. The mask has nearly 5 stars on Etsy.

UTSDesignStore Transparent Face Mask Courtesy of Etsy

UTSDesignStore Transparent Face Mask