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Give Your Feet a Break With a Powerful Foot Massage Ball

Feet take a lot of abuse every day. From standing, walking and running to wearing shoes that may not provide much support, feet literally keep us both grounded and moving. Hot weather can make them swell, cold weather can make them hurt, and just about every physical action we take impacts the feet. That’s why it’s important to keep a set of portable, lightweight and durable foot massage balls on hand to give your feet the care they deserve.

Foot massage balls have several benefits. They’re cost-effective, easy to use, and their compact size means keeping one at home, in your gym bag, suitcase, backpack and even briefcase is easy. Foot massage balls are hard rubber balls designed with firm spikes that help target trigger points, relieve tension in muscles and promote circulation. For these reasons, foot massage balls can be used on many other sore body parts, including legs, arms, the back and the neck. We also like that massage balls are easy for people to use on themselves and don’t take much effort, making them ideal for people who suffer from arthritis or mobility issues.

Many people require foot massages to help deal with pain caused by flat feet or plantar fasciitis. Massage balls can be used to apply pressure to the foot’s arch and help to relieve pain caused by inflammation. Foot massages also have benefits that include lowering blood pressure and tension that can cause headaches, decreasing feelings of anxiety or depression, and helping to prevent future injuries.

Your feet deserve a break. Give them one with a durable foot massage ball.

1. Physix Gear Massage Balls

Using the Physix Gear Massage Balls, users can get a firm massage with little effort on their part. The durable and spiky massage ball can withstand up to 300 pounds of pressure, making it a great option to use on feet when standing or seated. Made with shock-resistant rubber, the Physix ball is environmentally friendly and arrives without any unpleasant chemical odors. The rubber used for the Physix is non-slip, helping to keep the ball in place on the user’s skin even when resting the ball on wood floors. We also like that the ball is available in a variety of colors for users who want to be able to keep their neck and foot massager separate or trainers who want to use different balls for different clients.

Pros: Multiple color options, non-slip rubber, high weight limit.

Cons: Some users may find the Physix ball too large for their feet.

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Physix Gear Massage Balls

2. Master of Muscle Massage Ball

For a compact massage ball that can penetrate deep into sore foot muscles, we recommend the Master of Muscle Massage Ball. The spiked ball is made with a strong rubber that can withstand a considerable amount of pressure. By designing the spikes to be longer than average, the Master Muscle ball can reach deep into the users’ fascia to help release tension. The spikes also help to promote circulation and blood flow to the area. The small massage ball is easy to take just about anywhere and Master Muscle includes a free e-book to help users get a full body massage their new purchase.

Pros: Longer spikes for deep penetration, solid rubber body, comes with a free e-book.

Cons: The pointed ends of the spikes may feel too sharp for some users.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Zongs Massage Ball Manual Roller

For a foot massage that will leave feet feeling relaxed, try the Zongs Massage Ball Manual Roller. The handheld roller comes in a pack of two and is made from drop-resistant resin. A 360-degree spinning ball sits inside a comfortable handle that helps users target sore areas with various levels of pressure. The Zongs massage ball can be used directly on skin and with oil or water. The Zongs massage balls are not only a great foot massager, but they’re also great whole-body massage tools for users who suffer from arthritis and are unable to apply pressure to areas where they are experiencing pain.

Pros: Comfortable handle for gripping, can be used with oil or water, works as a whole-body massager.

Cons: The Zongs will slip on most flooring when placed on the floor for a foot massage and is better for users who can hold the massager with their hand and apply it to their foot.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Pasnity Foot Massage Roller

Massage, stretch and rejuvenate your feet with the Pasnity Foot Massage Roller set. Included in the set are two hard rubber balls with spikes that help to promote circulation in the feet and get the blood flowing. An extended foot roller is also included to provide a soothing massage that helps to relax tired and aching muscles. All three massagers are made with durable PVC and PU material that help the massagers keep their shape over time. Designed specifically for the feet, the three massagers can also be used to help ease muscle tension throughout the rest of the body.

Pros: Helps to stretch the foot, provides a variety of massage options, made from non-toxic material.

Cons: The tips of the spikes on the balls may be too hard for customers to use comfortably.

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Courtesy of Amazon