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Pamper Your Feet With The Best Electric Foot Massager

* Mechanical foot and calf massager for remarkably life-like massages
* Incorporates patented technology to promote blood flow and healing
* Adjustable base provides easy alignment with chair or sofa settings

With the Human Touch foot and calf massager, your feet will never believe they are being massaged by a machine and not a masseuse. This device is made for both healing and comfort and we think it’ll be a new favorite in your home.

Designed for use while sitting in a chair or sofa, the foot and calf massager uses patented Figure-Eight Technology to encourage blood circulation away from the feet to your body core. The resulting increase in blood flow allows fresh nutrients and oxygenated blood to enter your calves and feet in order to achieve improved healing and a relaxing massage to boot.

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Your personal massage machine is designed to feel just like the expert hands of a professional therapist. This duplication has been achieved using unique CirQlation technology. CirQlation is only found in Human Touch designs and uses proprietary mechanics to drive the inner robotics, mimicking the technique of a trained masseuse and delivering a remarkably life-like experience.

As you enjoy your massage, you will feel the mechanics working in a combination of upward, rolling and wave-like motions around your calves. Meanwhile, the foot rollers will engage your heel and sole.

The Human Touch massager allows you to remain in complete control. It features an onboard control panel to choose the style and duration of your massage. The massager also boasts built-in handles for easy transporting and an adjustable tilt base to allow for perfect alignment with your feet.

Providing a remarkably life-like foot massage in the comfort of your own home, the Human Touch foot and calf massager is ideal for adding an extra element of relaxation to your evening.

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