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The Best Foot Massagers to Enjoy Spa-Level Treatments at Home

Many people do not take enough care of their feet. Washing hair, brushing teeth and wearing sunscreen are standard procedures, but when do we pay attention to our reliable, steadfast feet? After all, they keep us moving and hit the ground hardest every day. Some people hate feet, and some people really like feet. Whether you’re a foot fan or not, you should be looking after yours and giving them the care they deserve. One of the ways to do this is with a foot massager.

As many local spas are closed due to Covid-19, we understand you might not be able to pop down the road for your regular fancy foot care treatment at the moment. With a foot massaging machine, you can pamper your tootsies under your work-from-home desk or as you sit on the couch watching TV. 

The best foot massagers can be great for rejuvenating feet and decreasing stress. Different models focus on targeting specific areas and strengthening muscles which can result in improved foot wellness. After a long day out, after a run or even just during your day-to-day life, a foot massager is the best way to care for your feet from heel to toe. 

Aside from the pure joy of having your feet massaged, there are some serious health benefits, such as better blood circulation, better sleep and pain relief. Most foot massagers encourage these three benefits, but to get the best results, there are some features to consider when choosing your machine. 

  • Heat – Warming your feet while they’re being massaged helps to loosen tight knots and promote better blood circulation.
  • Kneading Nodes – To imitate the techniques of a shiatsu massage, many foot massagers have multiple kneading nodes. This technique is associated with stress, pain and tension relief.
  • Rollers – Alongside the kneading nodes, rollers are a valuable asset to any foot massager, as they stimulate the nerves in your feet, which helps to relax your muscles.
  • Air Compression – Having foot covers inflate around your feet increases the positive impact of a foot massager. Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and swelling are just a few conditions this type of foot massager can help to alleviate. The pressure applied by the machines can massage out tensions and relieve pain, sometimes instantly.  

Are Foot Massagers Good for Your Feet?

The simple answer is yes. Foot massagers are great for your feet and can benefit everyone. Plus, if we’re being honest, they’re not all that expensive or cumbersome to bust out for regular massages. And as you’ll see in our list below, they typically don’t take up that much space. So if you’re considering a foot massager, it’s probably worth it.

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How Long Should You Use a Foot Massager for?

Most foot massagers come with a recommended usage time of between 15 and 20 minutes per treatment. Some include automatic timers to shut off after the recommended amount of time. Others have integrated timers to keep count but leave it up to you when to power down. However, it’s not recommended to use a foot massager longer than 30 minutes, no matter how good it feels.

Do Foot Massagers Hurt?

Personal sensitivity can range from person to person, but overall, having your feet massaged should be an enjoyable experience. Some level of pressure is important when using a foot massager, as this means it’s working to improve your foot health. If your feet are feeling a little tender or you want to ease yourself into the sensation, then you can try wearing some thick socks until you’re feeling ready for bare feet.

Now then, on to the best foot massagers to buy right now! It’s safe to say you won’t regret buying a foot massager, and your feet will be very grateful. We’ve searched Amazon for the best foot massagers available to make your shopping selection an easy one. Just check out the different features of each model to choose the one best suited for you and your feet.


1. RENPHO Foot Massager


For a well-priced, reliable and user-friendly massage machine, choose the RENPHO Foot Massager. The glossy touch panel located across the matte black shell allows you to control the multiple built-in functions. Inside each foot well are rotation balls, a rolling stick and heating to enable a deep shiatsu foot massage. This is a small yet mighty machine designed to deliver your money’s worth and not hold back on the intensity. However, it does have three kneading and three squeezing levels to suit your personal pampering preference.

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2. TheraFlow Foot Massager


It’s not always the most digitally inclined products that produce the best results. This is proven by the TheraFlow Foot Massager. This back-to-basics wooden piece of equipment has over 17,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating. No batteries, electricity or other power sources are required, just you and your feet. Two sets of five rollers are attached side by side, each covered in different types of raised bumps to suit the target area. On either side, the four back rollers are wrapped with pointed triangular cubes, and the front roller has 24 individual rounded nubs. A foot chart and ebook are included with every order, so if you’re unsure of how to use this foot massager, don’t worry. TheraFlow is with you every step of the way.

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3. HDJUNTUNKOR Foot Massager


The flat surface of the HDJUNTUNKOR Foot Massager makes it suitable for use on multiple areas of your body, including the back and calves. It has 18 rotating massage heads which can be set to function at two speeds and at two temperatures. Control buttons are integrated into the base of the massager, which can easily be controlled by your toes. The base also has built-in cable storage for the power wire and contracting feet to increase the height. When the heating is powered on, you’ll notice a red glow across the foot-shaped mesh panels, and when it’s not, these panels return to black with blue circles.

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4. Zircon Store 5-in-1 Foot Spa Massager


This foot massager is a spa, footbath and reflexology massager all rolled into one. It’s got 14 massage rollers included that provide deep massage throughout your entire foot that are adjustable and removable depending on what you’re looking for. It’s made with efficient temperature regulation between 95-118°F, and there are vibration and bubble features as well. The massager is powered by a 5000W battery and has an overheat function as well to protect the machine from getting too hot.

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5. Nekteck Foot Massager


Get comfy in the Nekteck Foot Massager, as the air compression technology wraps your feet and the infrared heating warms them. This combination of pressure and temperature provides the ultimate relaxation experience to relieve tension in your muscles and feelings of stress. At five pounds in weight, this is one of the lightest foot massagers in our roundup, making it ideal for portability. The soft foot covers are detachable by zipper and suitable for machine washing. No stinky foot smell here!

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6. FIT KING Foot Massager


Feel like foot royalty with the FIT KING Foot Massager. This slick-looking black machine houses an impressive 44 rotation nodes along with a rolling stick to focus on acupuncture points. It has six built-in intensity settings and two temperature settings, all of which span intervals from low to high. Air compression technology is installed around the instep and the toe areas. One of the two control buttons highlighted in red is a quick deflation button, which releases compression within three seconds. FIT KING suggests using this foot massager for 20 minutes every day. We’re sure your feet would suggest the same, too.

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7. Belmint Foot Massager


Say goodbye to sweaty socks and hello to a soothing foot experience with the Belmint Foot Massager. The two foot compartments are lined with a removable, washable and breathable mesh fabric. A roller and kneading nodes are positioned near the toes with further kneading nodes and a scraper at the arch of the foot. Five pressure and compression settings are pre-programmed and focus on different areas for the best targeted results. The central keypad controls all functions, including heat, pressure and massage mode. There’s also a digital timer display. Unlike many foot massagers, this one includes a remote control, so you can sit back, relax and select your desired settings. 

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8. QUINEAR Foot and Leg Massager


For a more personalized and body-adapted home massage, you should consider the QUINEAR Foot and Leg Massager. The breathable material attaches with velcro to enable an adjustable and secure fastening. This unique machine has two heating levels and three programmed massage modes. The foot well measures 11.4 inches long, and the leg massager is 16.5 inches, making it suitable for most users. Additionally, the inner material can be removed and machine washed to keep hygiene levels tip top.

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9. Human Touch Foot Massager


Surround your feet and calves with the Human Touch Foot Massager for a naturally healing reflexology experience. The deeper-than-usual walls of the massager include the full lower leg to promote better blood circulation from the foot and up. The patented cirQlation technology encourages blood flow toward the core of the body. You can choose from two intensity settings to suit your preference and also tilt the base of the massager to suit your comfort. Plus, there are two user-friendly handles on either side, so you can move the massager to suit your location preference with ease.

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10. Cloud Massage Foot Massager


Step aside other foot massagers, the Cloud Massage Foot Massager is the pinnacle of pampering when it comes to feet. The sturdy adjustable handle doubles as a stand to allow a range of different angles to suit all users. It can also lie completely flat for calf massaging. Furthermore, there are five programmed settings to choose from, including rolling massage, compression therapy and heating. There is also a sway function for losing joins and a quiet mode for when you’re looking for some calming down time to relax. You’ll be floating on cloud nine in no time with this massager.

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11. LifePro Foot and Calf Massager


This vibrating foot massager comes with nine different preset modes, as well as a built-in calf stretch through an angled design. The textured footpads are built to target reflexology points on the soles of your feet, and there’s a smooth arch massager designed to provide relief as well. It comes with 30 different speed levels, and an ergonomic design. There’s a convenient remote control so you can control it without bending over, and it comes with an AC power adapter for power.

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12. Best Choice Products Therapeutic Shiatsu Foot Massager


This massager has a 4.5-star rating after over 11,000 reviews, and is designed to provide an easy, shiatsu foot massage at home. The massager has rollers built in for targeting all areas of the feet, and it has a remote control for convenient mode switching. It has a space-saving design that’s easy to store, and there’s a built-in handle so you can take it on the go. It also has a durable cloth interior that’s easy to clean.

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