The Best Head Massagers for Stress Relief & Relaxation

best head massagers
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Is there anything better than a good head massage? The feeling of having someone run their fingers through your hair is one of the most relaxing experiences ever. It’s also one of the most beneficial for your scalp and hair health as well as your mental health.

A head massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp. It can also help to clear your scalp of buildup and debris. Both of these actions can solve a number of hair maladies, including dandruff, hair loss and hair dullness.

In addition, scalp massages have proven to be an incredible form of stress relief. Trigger points around the head and eyes are directly connected to relieving tension throughout the body.

All of that is great news, but what if you don’t have someone to constantly massage your head for you? In that case, you’ll need one of the best head massagers on the market. We’ve put together and reviewed some of our favorites below. Scroll through and find the right one for you.


1. HOFASON Scalp Massagers


Each of the two HOFASON Scalp Massagers in this pack boast twelve spindles with rubber beads on the ends. These ends gently rub across the scalp, creating a euphoric sensation that’s both relaxing and good for increased blood circulation. These manual massagers are light enough and small enough to take with you anywhere you go, and that’s a good thing as once you start using them, you’ll want a head massage as often as possible.

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2. F-KING Scalp Massager


For a head massage on the cheap, look no further than the F-KING Scalp Massager. This claw-like massager has steel balls on the end of each finger and an ergonomic handle for a deep relaxation massage. Because of its unique design, this massager can be used on the head as well as several other areas of the body, including the neck, legs and back. Plus, the vibrant colors make this product a great gift idea or stocking stuffer.

best head massagers f-king scalp Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Rolencos Hair Scalp Massager


Getting a great head massage isn’t the only function of scalp massagers. Some can be used for cleaning your scalp, too. That is the case with the Rolencos Hair Scalp Massager. It can function in wet or dry environments and is specifically designed to help you shampoo your hair and scalp. By using a massager for that daily task, you will benefit from a cleaner scalp with fewer issues. So if you suffer from dandruff, hair loss or dull hair, it might be worth scrubbing your head with a shampoo brush during your next shower.

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4. Tezam Head Massager


The Tezam Head Massager sports a lightweight and portable design which makes it ideal for users looking for an option which can be used at home, the office and on the go. It boasts five soft resin hands which provide one of six major massage techniques by delivering up to 8,500 micro vibrations per minute. It can assist with a number of common complaints, including brain fatigue, dizziness and muscle tightness. In addition, the general massage is great for your scalp and provides relief for a number of trigger and pressure points.

best head massagers tezam Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager


Taking a step up from manual massagers, we come to the Ikeepi Electric Scalp Massager, which uses a familiar “fingered” design but includes an electric function. The USB-rechargeable battery takes the manual labor out of your head massage by producing two different levels of vibrating action. Simply press the device over your scalp, press the red button and enjoy a hands-free massage. As an added bonus, the massager also features an auto-off function to stop the device after ten minutes of use.

best head massagers ikeepi


6. Willstar Electric Head Massager


Looking like something from your favorite sci-fi film, the Willstar Electric Head Massager delivers a relaxing head massage tailored to your preferences. By adjusting the intensity using the built-in dial, you can choose exactly how strong you want it to be, and it’s also possible to adjust the nodes to ensure all the right parts of your head are receiving the relieving treatment. This massager is ideal for home, office and travel use and sports soft latex on the nodes for added comfort. You can also choose between three power sources. Furthermore, it makes a great gift idea for partners, friends and family who could do with a dose of relaxation.

best head massagers willstar electric Image courtesy of Amazon


7. LATME Electric Scalp Massager


Although a fingered head massager will certainly provide a relaxing massage, the more nodes on your head, the better you’ll feel. The LATME Electric Scalp Massager boasts 28 total nodes for a head massage you’ll never forget. The nodes move in a 3D kneading motion and create a type of Shiatsu massage. In addition, this massager is rated IPX7 waterproof, so you can enjoy your massage in the bath, too. Plus, the nodes are built to work all over your body, not just across the scalp. So, you’ll be able to enjoy a stress relieving massage on your neck, shoulders and legs, too.

best head massagers latme electric Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Fronner Eye Massager


Your scalp isn’t the only part of your body that can benefit from a head massage. Your eyes certainly can, too. The Fronner Eye Massager was built to provide relief from tired, achy eyes and boasts built-in warming, air pressure, vibration and music functions. These can be used individually or combined in a number of different modes, including sleep mode, relief mode, relax mode and energy mode. While most people would never consider an eye massage, this is a great option for those who frequently suffer from headaches.

best head massagers fronner eye Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Breo Portable Rejuvenating Mini Head Massager


If you want a head massager that can keep up with you wherever you go, consider the Breo Portable Rejuvenating Mini Head Massager. This powerful device can mimic six different massage types, including kneading, oscillating pressure, rhythmic compression and trigger point therapy. It’s also rated IPX7 waterproof, so it can be used as a shampoo brush without a problem. Plus, the snazzy red and blue colors ensure you’ll never misplace this massager.

best head massagers breo portable Image courtesy of Amazon


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