Our 10 Favorite Incense Holders To Bring ~Positive Vibes~ To Your Home When You Need Them Most

UnitedPrime Incense Burner
Courtesy of Amazon

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Peace of mind is something just about all of us need right now. Although August has been semi-good to us, keep in mind that we’re still amidst a worldwide pandemic, we have a presidential election coming up in just a few months and currently, we’re seeing US Postal Service mailboxes across the country being uprooted and locked up. So, maybe August actually hasn’t been too friendly.

While we all have our different coping mechanisms for nipping anxiety right in the bud, we’ve been looking for new ways to treat ourselves holistically that doesn’t involve chugging a bottle of wine to calm nerves as soon as we clock out. And recently, we’ve fallen in love with one of the oldest tricks in the book: incense.

Lighting up some incense can be done for a wide variety of reasons to help you stay cool, calm and collected. From practicing meditation, relieving stress, aiding sleep, stimulating sexual desire and increasing focus, aromatherapy provided by your favorite burning scents can uplift your mood and holistically battle your day-to-day issues. But, you can’t burn incense without a grade-A incense holder.

Looking for the best incense holder for you? Read on and check out our top 10 picks.


1. UnitedPrime Incense Burner


Burn two scents at once with the UnitedPrime incense burner that’s designed for blending your favorite scents together no matter what they are. Chai and burnt honey? Hell yeah! Mahogany and driftwood? You better! Vanilla bean and morning grass? Okay… weird… but sure! Mix whatever you’d like and infiltrate your space with a creation you can call your own. Although, for those days when you’re feeling just one scent, burn it up solo and lift that mood.

UnitedPrime Incense Burner Courtesy of Amazon


2. Camille Incense Holder


A budget option from Urban Outfitters? We promise it’s real. Burn your favorite scents in a curved bowl that has the ability to fit sticks, cones and woods. While the green option is currently out of stock, the pink and purple colorations add a dreamy element to your room and help provide an effortlessly calming scent for the whole burn.

Camille Incense Holder Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


3. Cinnamon Projects Circa Brass Incense Burner


Although it might cost you an arm and a leg, this gorgeous brass incense burner from Cinnamon Projects is the minimalist holder you need to add to your home decor. Create the ambiance you’re aiming for and burn two ends at a time through the holder’s punctured middle hole. Falling ash lands almost elegantly into the brass curved tray as scented smoke infiltrates the air. It’s handcrafted to perfection, so grab yours now before they sell out for good.

Cinnamon Projects Circa Brass Incense Burner Courtesy of Verishop


4. TMINCK Brass Incense Holder


Lotus-shaped holders are very common throughout the world of incense, particularly because they have many uplifting and positive meanings in Eastern culture and religion. The lotus can represent anything from purity to enlightenment to self-regeneration and even rebirth. We love this brass incense holder for the striking open-flower look and total durability. It also has five holes in total, so it can hold up to five different scents to create an aromatic masterpiece provided by a slew of mixtures.

TMINCK Brass Incense Holder Courtesy of Amazon


5. Neighborhood Silver Mini BOOZE 4Q Incense Burner


Just because you’re promoting aromatherapy throughout your household doesn’t mean you need an incense burner that’s going to do the same. This sarcastic holder wishes whoever’s close enough to see to “Have a Nice Day” at the lower bottom. Paired with the overall structure of the incense burner creates a funny, unconventional way to burn your favorite scents inside.

Neighborhood Silver Mini BOOZE 4Q Incense Burner Courtesy of SSENSE


6. OUYCL Dragon Incense Holder


Backflow incense holders really generate a lovely visual experience in contribution to the more obvious aromatic benefits. This dragon holder spews a haunting smoke plume straight from its mouth in a slow yet menacing release. It takes both stick and cone-shaped incense, but the only way you’re able to get the smoke to pool in the way pictured is to use cone-shaped to burn directly on top of the dragon’s head. It’ll be an alluring and super peaceful addition to your home.

OUYCL Dragon Incense Holder Courtesy of Amazon


7. Mister Green X Bodega Incense Burner


Add a little color to your life with this bright orange incense burner in collaboration between Mister Green and Bodega. It’s incredibly minimal in its design, but that doesn’t matter given how much it will stand out in your space. This design calls for the use of incense sticks burning diagonally, so ash falls directly onto the fluorescent facade so it won’t ever make a mess.

Mister Green X Bodega Incense Burner Courtesy of Bodega


8. Urban Outfitters Zodiac Incense Holders


Whether full-throttle college-educated in astrology or obsessed with the CoStar app, this zodiac incense holder is the perfect burner option for Geminis, Leos, Scorpios and every other sign under the sun. It comes with a small hole opening to hold and ash your stick incense but works just as well for cones, too. The dish is deep yet shallow enough to burn without the mess.

Urban Outfitters Zodiac Incense Holders Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


9. TA BEST UgyDuky Tabletop Zen Garden


Designed to help increase mindfulness and meditation, tabletop zen gardens have been popular desk buddies for decades now. This one from TA BEST is not only just a zen garden but also doubles as an incense holder through the sand pot pictured. Burn as maybe incense sticks as you’d like (or that can fit) into this cute pot and combine both the stress-relieving qualities zen gardens bring with your favorite aromatic anxiety-relievers.

TA BEST UgyDuky Tabletop Zen Garden Courtesy of Amazon


10. Corciosy Incense Stick Burner


Mimicking a pristine, blue pond in the shape of a leaf topped off with a fully bloomed lotus, this crystal blue-colored burning tray really brings us to an anime dreamland where just about anything is possible. It looks perfect on any desk or mantle and will add a pop of color to your interior decor. While it has a hole for burning stick incense, feel free to also use and cone or woods to burn away from the lotus.

Corciosy Incense Stick Burner Courtesy of Amazon


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