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Sit Down and Relax In One of These Massage Chairs

If your back is aching and your muscles are tight, or you have a knot you can’t reach, a massage chair will let you relax while it quietly works to knead out your knotted muscles. Most people don’t have the time or money to get weekly massages, so having a good quality massage chair at your home or office will provide similar lasting relief and comfort without having to schedule an appointment or leave your house.

Massage chairs come in a variety of styles that include specific features that massage your body in different ways. We’ve rounded up the best massage chairs for you to take a look at below.

Regardless of your budget, there’s a chair out there that’s waiting to help you get the kinks and knots out of your back.

1. Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair lives up to its name and will make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. This massage chair provides the ultimate full body massage by massaging your neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, arms, legs and feet all at the same time. It comes with eight massage rollers inside the backrest and foot area as well as fifty airbags throughout the shoulders, arms, seat and legs. It also comes with an ergonomic armrest system that softly but intensely massages your arms. It has four different massage modes; sleep, mild, relaxing and strong which indicate the speed and intensity. It can be controlled via remote and can be set to a 30-minute timer so you can get the ultimate uninterrupted relaxation. If you’re worried about the leather getting too cold to sit on during the winter months the built-in waist, foot and seat heaters will keep you warm.

Pros: Massages all body parts at the same time.

Cons: Expensive

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2. Snailax Shiatsu Heat Massage Chair

The Shitatsu back massager comes with four massage nodes that massage three different zones; full back, upper back, and lower back. It doesn’t have a neck massager, but it does have a vibration seat massage that can be adjusted to three different levels of intensity. If you are someone who experiences more back pain than neck pain, this chair is a great affordable option that will provide you plenty of relief.

Pros: Lightweight and portable.

Cons: Massage intensity can be too rough for some.

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3. BestMassage Massage Recliner

While many massage chairs have a bulky look, this recliner looks like a regular chair. Plus, with seven colors to choose from in fabric and PU leather, these chairs will slot in effortlessly with whatever kind of decor style you have. The chair reclines between 90 and 160 degrees. As for the massage function, there’s a handy remote with its own pocket for controlling it. Two massagers are located near the lower back for your lumbar.

Pros: Available in a variety of colors and upholstery materials. Fully reclines, including a leg rest.

Cons: Only massages the lower back, there are no leg or neck massagers.

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4. Best Choice Products Electric Massage Recliner Chair

This massage chair has a rounded base and a separate ottoman, giving it something of a midcentury look. The matching ottoman can be moved around as desired, but it has a cable that connects the massagers in the ottoman to the chair. The chair itself reclines, and you can easily control the massage settings using the intuitive remote control, which has its own pocket on the side of the chair. There are five pre-programmed massages and nine intensity modes.

Pros: Space-saving design with a movable ottoman. Convenient remote control with built-in presets for different kinds of massages.

Cons: PU leather could be more durable.

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5. Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager

This compact and affordable option allows you to convert any chair in your home into a massage chair. It has a back and seat portion — the back has rotating balls for a deep tissue massage, and the seat has a vibrating function. The seat also has a heating function for an even more relaxed feeling. The convenient remote allows you to customize the kind of massage you want. And, since it weighs less than nine pounds, you can move it around with relative ease.

Pros: Affordable option that features shiatsu rollers and heating capabilities. Remote allows for a customized massage. Compact and easy to move around.

Cons: Not as effective for taller people as the rollers won’t reach the upper shoulders.

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6. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

If space isn’t an issue, then considering investing in this full-body massage chair from Relaxonchair. The chair fully reclines for a zero-gravity feeling, and braces for the arms, legs, feet and shoulders provide a relaxing massage to every part of the body. It has shiatsu rollers that are designed to simulate a deep-tissue massage, and the handy remote features a visual display, allowing you to customize your massage experience.

Pros: Full-size, full-body massage chair with braces for the legs, arms, feet and shoulders. Zero gravity recliner.

Cons: Large and expensive.

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