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The Best Meditation Cushions and Pillows, According to Zen Teachers and Mindfulness Experts

Sitting cross-legged on the ground for hours may work for toddlers enamored with the latest Blippi installment, but for full-grown adults with arthritic knees, it can get very uncomfortable, very fast. The good news? Meditation cushions, which elevate the hips above the knees, can help make the practice much more comfortable and prevent it from taking a toll on the body. Plus, it’s much easier to clear your mind when you’re not worried about doing any damage to your knees, hips, or back—a win-win.

What The Experts Say

According to yoga instructor Ellie Smith, meditation cushions, which are also known as Zafus, can be an important tool for supporting a comfortable and effective practice because they support parts of the body that can get tired or sore when sitting for long periods of time. 

However, when choosing one for yourself, she added that it’s important to consider your individual needs and preferences, as well as your body type: “Take the time to try out different styles and materials,” she said. “Choose a cushion that feels comfortable, supportive, and aligned with your personal values.” (Personally, before switching to blocks and blankets, Smith used a large buckwheat-filled cushion—similar to the Florensi option on our list below—because it was “large enough, fairly robust, and had a removable cover, which made it easy to clean.”)

When choosing a meditation cushion, it’s also a good idea to consider what position one prefers to meditate in. Sitting up with a straight back? Leaning against a wall? Laying down with legs up the wall? Different cushions within the list below cater to different positions better than others, so establishing which one is preferred will help narrow down the search.

The Best Meditation Cushions and Chairs: At a Glance

Seat of Your Soul Crescent Med

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Seat of Your Soul Meditation Cushion

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Intelligent Design Edilia Foldable Pillow

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Degrees of Comfort Meditation Floor Pillow

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Buckwheat Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Set

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Maya Lumbini Luxury Mediation Cushion

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Hugger Mugger V-Shaped Meditation Cushion

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Why It Stands Out: Yoga instructor Ellie Smith personally suggested this cushion for its large size and adjustable filling. It’s also in a pricing sweet spot where it’s not cheap but not prohibitively expensive either.
Made For: People who need patterns on everything.
The Florensi cushion is large, comfortable, and has a decorative floral pattern that can be used as a focal point if you’re meditating from another place in the room. It can also serve as a great throw pillow between uses.

Why It Stands Out: This moon-shaped cushion is comfortable, colorful, and is also budget-friendly compared to others on this list. 
Made For: Lunatics. Get it?
This crescent-shaped cushion provides tailored support to the tailbone and lets the knees hang lower than other options, which can be helpful for holding a straighter upright posture. It also has an organic cotton cover with a zipper to allow for filler adjustments.

Why It Stands Out: This sturdy buckwheat cushion can be adjusted for size and density and has a simple circular shape.
Made For: Those who like simplicity.
This basic meditation cushion is made with buckwheat hulls for a dense, heavy supportive base that’ll bolster up a tailbone and make it easier to sit up straight. The cushion can support up to 350 pounds of body weight and the cover is tightly double-stitched for extra durability. It also has a carrying strap which makes it easy to position, as it’s heavier than others made with cotton or foam.

Why It Stands Out: This vegan suede rectangular cushion is longer than other options which means it can be used for sitting, supporting the upper back while laying down or underneath the knees in a reclined pose. 
Made For: Taller people, and those who like options. 
Not everyone wants to meditate in the same position, so a good mix of pillow shapes is essential. This pillow is made using organic vegan suede and has a more rectangular design that allows for some leg support if sitting with the legs in front. The foam filling makes it lightweight, it has a handle for carrying, and the cover is removable so it’s easy to clean.

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Why It Stands Out: It comes in three different size options and has a more rigid shape than other options.
Made For: People who want a smaller, more compact meditation cushion. 
This meditation cushion has more rigid edges than other options on this list for propping the user up more effectively. It’s made with buckwheat, the densest material for providing plenty of support, and it comes in three different sizes to accommodate different body types and preferences. This cushion is round and meant to be sat on, so it’s not as flexible as other options in terms of its positioning and use.

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Why It Stands Out: This cushion is like if a futon went to a yoga class. It’s longer and thinner than a standard futon making it great for restorative classes and poses.
Made For: People who prefer slower, more reclined yoga poses like legs up the wall. 
This isn’t so much a cushion as it is a lengthy, thinner sleeping pad made for lounging and relaxing. Its flexible shape is made for leaning against a wall and is perfect for a daily meditation practice that transitions into an hour with a book or browsing Netflix. 

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Why It Stands Out: This square-shaped cushion is perfect for sitting with the feet and knees also off the floor, unlike other cushions where they’re meant to fold cross-legged in front of the cushion.
Made For: People who hate circles. 
This square pillow is great for those who can take up a little more space and want support for all of their appendages during meditation. Its 22 x 22-inch size makes it easier to fidget on, because not all those who meditate are still, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s also made with memory foam which is denser than most lightweight cushions but more malleable than buckwheat.

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Why It Stands Out: This cushion set has multiple components and allows for a lot more flexibility when it comes to positioning.
Made For: People who like a few different components they can rearrange based on their preferences. 
Each of the cushions in this set are made dense and hefty with buckwheat hulls that hold their shape and act as a dependable bolster. The set comes with a smaller cushion, otherwise known as a Zafu in China, and a Zabuton, a larger square mat that cushions the ankles and knees. Both work together to comfortably position the user and come in a few different colorways.

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Why It Stands Out: This luxe meditation cushion is made with premium Kapok filling, a supportive yet breathable material that’s softer and lighter than down and perfectly compressible for pillows.
Made For: People who don’t mind spending a bit more. 
This cushion is a little pricier than others on our list, but it’s substantially softer and more comfortable as a result. It uses all-natural Maya Kapok as the filling which is more breathable than buckwheat and foam.

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Why It Stands Out: A unique design makes it look perfectly suited for cross-legged sitting.
Made For: People who really like V For Vendetta. Verily!
This v-shaped cushion is designed to specifically support cross-legged sitting. It comes in an array of colors, is made from polyester, and has a slanted shape to offer support under the sit bones. It also has an adjustable filling to make sure everyone can find their perfect comfort level.

Meditation Cushions: Final Thoughts

Within the world of meditation cushions, the choice comes down to a denser but more supportive cushion built for bolstering up the hip and tail bones during longer meditation sessions, or a softer cushion that prioritizes comfort over longevity. The more buttressing the body receives, the longer one is able to meditate before the abs start to cave in, the shoulders fold forward, and the back rounds. When considering which meditation cushion to buy, consider the length and depth of your practice and which material feels like it caters best to that.