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The Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers To Help You Rest Easy At Night

Stomach sleepers don’t have it easy. In addition to needing the perfect amount of cushion while you sleep, those extra-large pillows only seem to get in the way. Fortunately, there are tons of pillows pecifically made for stomach sleepers, designed to conform to your sleeping style and support your body positioning.

These aren’t the best pillows for side sleepers, people. When shopping for pillows for stomach sleepers you’ll want to find options that don’t have a lot of loft (or filling), so your head isn’t awkwardly raised or titled. Since your face will be pressed upright against the pillow, you also want to buy pillows with softer, more breathable materials, and, if you’re prone to allergies, get something with the “100% hypoallergenic” label so you don’t wake up to a face full of hives. The last thing to look for in pillows for stomach sleepers: options that keep you cool, maybe a memory gel, so that when you’re face-forward in bed, you’re not overheating.

If you’re a stomach sleeper who spends the night tossing and turning, check out these pillows to help you feel more comfortable all night long.


1. Belly Sleep Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow


With curved, ergonomic edges, this pillow was made for stomach sleepers. The extra-thin design helps support your spine while you sleep, and the unique memory fun gel helps regulate your body temperature during those extra-long summer nights. It comes with a removable bamboo cover for added comfort so you can sleep soundly no matter what the case may be.

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2. Pluto Pillow


Create a pillow just for you. The Pluto Pillow is a customizable pillow made for stomach sleepers that takes all of your body stats into consideration to give you the best pillow for the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have. Fill out the short quiz which will ask you questions regarding your age, height, weight, and sleeping habits to design a stomach sleeping pillow just for you.

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Courtesy of Pluto Pillow


3. Bluewave Bedding Super Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow


This cozy pillow provides great value for stomach sleepers. With a price point under $40, it improves alignment, offers support, and keeps you comfortable throughout the night. It comes infused with gel particles for cushioning and has ventilation holes for increased air circulation. There’s also a soft, removable bamboo-polyester cover that can be machine washed as needed.

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4. BLISSBURY Thin Stomach Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow


Made with flat memory foam, this comfy pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers. The flat design offers supreme support, reducing strain on the neck and back, and cradling your head. It helps you stay cool with gel-infused ventilation holes to help regulate body temperature. There’s also a removable bamboo and polyester cover to wick away any moisture, and a convenient carrying bag so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

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5. TruContour Thin Memory Foam Pillow


Only 2.5 inches high, this extra-thin pillow is hypoallergenic and comes with a double-knit machine-washable pillowcase. The small design makes it easier for stomach sleepers to get a better night’s sleep. It’s made from super-cozy memory foam that won’t become unshapely over time. It also comes with a removable, machine-washable cover to make things easier for you.

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6. Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow


Not every stomach sleeper needs a memory foam pillow. For those of you that prefer down, Brooklinen’s Down Alternative Pillow is perfect for giving you that much-needed sleep you’ve been looking for. This vegan, allergy-friendly alternative material feels and acts just like down and is available in three different makes. We suggest the plush option for all of you stomach sleepers. Time to get some rest.

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7. Sweetnight Bamboo Bed Pillows for Sleeping


Unlike other pillows, this one features a soft yet sturdy design that’s great for both stomach and back sleepers. With shredded gel memory foam stuffing, you can actually adjust this pillow’s height by adding and removing the inner foam stuffing. Bamboo and polyester fibers inside will keep your head cool to keep you sleeping deeper and longer. To top it all off, the pillow is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

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8. Vaya Pillow


Stomach sleepers: Do you prefer your pillows on the plushier side than most? If so, look no further than the Vaya Pillow. This cushy pillow will give your head and neck the rest comfort they deserve while you snooze, so you wake up pain-free and ready for the day. It’s a shredded pillow available in king and queen sizes and is relatively affordable as pillows go.

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Courtesy of Vaya


9. Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow


If you’re a stomach sleeper, there’s a solid chance you sleep the majority of the time with your arms up. Get yourself a pillow formulated to make room for your arms with this option from Elviros. It might look a bit odd, but this can be the game-changing move you’ve been looking for to get a great night’s sleep. It reduces neck and back pain tremendously and has two heights for back and side sleeping as well.

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10. Bear Mattress Bear Pillow


Though it isn’t stomach-sleeper-specific, the Bear Pillow is excellent for those who find themselves sleeping in any and all positions. We know there are a few of you toss-and-turners out there who go from your side to your back to your stomach night after night to get comfortable, so this one’s for you. It allows for maximum airflow and a special ice fabric to keep you cool and cozy throughout the night, making it an excellent option for hot sleepers. With the Bear Pillow, you’ll get the sleep you’ve been dreaming about.

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