Stay on Track and Goal-Oriented With the Help of These Productivity Planners

best productivity planners and habit journal
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The best productivity planners are the ones that make organization easy. There’s a lot going on in this thing called life, and staying organized is both time-consuming and incredibly effortful no matter what you’ve got going on. If you’re the manager of a large business, travel frequently or are attempting to wrangle kids and a family together — staying organized and in control of your habits becomes a priority.

We’re here to make staying organized easier, more convenient and maybe a little fun? One of the greatest ways to remember and schedule is to use a written planner. There are so many different kinds of productivity planners and journals out there nowadays that no only help your schedule and time stay organized, but aid you in staying on track towards personal goals and development.

Whether you’re working towards a specific fitness goal, have creative projects you need help starting, want to improve your habits or embark on a little of all of the above — the following productivity planners will help. We’ve gathered the best ones of all specialties and habit modalities, and we’re excited to help you find your next great accountability partner.


1. Clever Fox Weekly and Monthly Productivity Planner


Clever Fox has tweaked and improved their productivity planner to be one of the best available for planning and tracking your day and orienting you toward your goals. Their planner is designed to help you craft and refine your short and long-term goals in each area of your life, and stay on track with a quick start guide and stickers to keep you focused and motivated. This planner is also undated, so it’s up to you to fill in the weeks and months, enabling you to start it at any time and pick right back up if you fall off. They’ve also got pages with whole months as well as 52 individual weeks so you can break down your schedule in any way you like.

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Clever Fox Weekly and Monthly Productivity Planner



2. Power Place Daily High Performance Planner


This daily planner checks all of the boxes in terms of what you want out of a daily productivity planner and habit journal. It’s got an approach to organization anchored in positive psychology so you can keep your priorities clear and see happiness-boosting results. It also has sections for high-level life activities as well as routine, mundane tasks so you can stay organized on both fronts. If you’ve got areas of your life that you’re feeling overworked or overwhelmed in, this planner is designed to help you move through those blocks and find more satisfaction, fulfillment and joy. Each page has space for your top priority tasks, daily goals, general notes and ideas, a 24-hour schedule and a review section. This planner is also made of recycled materials and a soft faux leather cover.

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Power Place Daily High Performance Planner



3. SELF Journal by BestSelf


Trust me, this journal is worth the splurge for the depth of the research that was put into it. This 13-week life planner includes daily goal-tracking, a daily gratitude practice to manifest inner positivity, and a weekly habit tracker to maintain your mindset. This journal is used by business mogul and Shark Tank star Daymond John to make each of his days count, optimize his time and zero in on what he wants to prioritize in order to make positive change. This journal’s framework is backed by scientific research and positive psychology around what keeps people motivated, organized and tracking towards success with lofty goals. Each page is built for that success, with a priorities organizer, space for reflection, daily and big-picture goals and Top Performer’s success techniques for inspiration. Become your best self and stock up on the tool that’s going to help you get there by buying a few of these SELF journals right off the bat.

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SELF Journal by BestSelf



4. The Five Minute Journal


Every little bit counts, right? If you’re super crunched for time, you can still make incremental changes and improvements each day that amount to big-time change. The Five Minute Journal is designed for people who have no time but want to boost their happiness, productivity and fulfillment in life. Each day’s page includes prompts for gratitude, priorities for the day, “3 amazing things,” daily affirmations and a reflection space for journaling at the end of the day. You’re also served an inspirational quote at the beginning of the day for motivation, and all writing is broken up into a morning routine section and night routine section. Bookending your day with journaling can powerfully shift your perspective and improve your wellbeing. You can spare five minutes for packing in all this positive psych goodness, so take the plunge.

The Five Minute Journal - best productivity planner, habit journal Courtesy of Amazon

The Five Minute Journal



5. Training for a Healthy Life: A Daily Food and Fitness Journal


One of the hardest goals to hit? Weight loss and fitness goals. They tend to involve the highest amount of commitment, willpower and motivation to not just start but stay consistent and finish. Tracking your progress through written journaling can be effective in staying in it for the long haul, and this journal can help you get there. This productivity planner is targeted at food and fitness goals, and is built to maximize chances of success in these areas. It includes spaces where you can write down key metrics like your weight, what you ate and how much you exercised. It also has spaces for weekly check-ins where you can chart progress and analyze and adjust your habits big-picture.

food and fitness journal, best productivity planners Courtesy of Amazon

Training for a Healthy Life



6. The Bullet Journal


Like to color outside the lines? Skip the standard journaling method and grab yourself a Bullet Journal, The New York Times bestselling goal-setting and time management system. It’s designed to fit the person who’s tried numerous organizational methods with no luck and wants to try something new. Through “Tracking the Past,” “Ordering the Present” and “Designing the Future,” you’ll put your life on a whole new track towards a more thoughtful, purposeful and organized place. This method, according to the founder Ryder Carroll, is all about “intentional living”, weeding out distractions and optimizing your time and energy towards what you really want personally and professionally. This method also uses symbols and free-flowing writing to eliminate the need for a standard journal format. The Bullet Journal actually encourages doodles, creativity and personalization of your daily planner.

The Bullet Journal, productivity planner, habit journal Courtesy of Amazon

The Bullet Journal Method



7. Papercode Simple Elephant Planner


An elephant never forgets, and neither will you with this productivity planner! This daily planner has stickers and color-coded systems for remembering your high-priority habits and cementing them in your mind as daily essentials. Build out your super productive year personally and professionally with this planner’s guidance, enjoying the narrowed goals, productivity prompts and undated format. Jump in and out at any time with this habit journal where your motivation is met with a high-quality product made of no-bleed paper, a durable leatherette hardcover, and bonus stickers, eBooks and infographics. There’s also a vision board section for visualizing your most successful year and reverse-engineering it into an actionable plan for success. Stay on top of long-term projects and daily tasks with this hard-working, expertly-designed habit planner.

The Simple Elephant Planner, productivity planner, habit journal Courtesy of Amazon

Papercode Simple Elephant Planner



8. InnerGuide Productivity Planner


If you want a planner that can double as your mindful habit-tracking journal, this is it. The InnerGuide planner is not just a daily, weekly and monthly planner, but a goal-tracker and source of motivation for your long-term vision as well. It’s the life coach in book form that you’ve been looking for, and at an affordable price. Each week has a section for your standard appointment tracking and is surrounded by a section for prioritizing weekly goals, tracking healthy habits, space for reflection and even rating the quality of your thoughts from the week before. At the start of the year and each subsequent month, there are a few pages dedicated to long-term goal tracking in all areas of life ranging from financial and budgetary to friends and relationships. It’s got a durable hardcover for protecting the content within and will instill in you a greater sense of purpose.

InnerGuide planner, best productivity planner Courtesy of Amazon

InnerGuide Productivity Planner



9. Smart Planner Budget Planner


Got a financial or budgetary goal you’re trying to hit? This financial habit journal and planner is for you. It’s been tested and proven to help achieve financial success when used correctly. It’s equipped with 12 months of budgetary planning with a wide variety of trackers, calendars and budgeting sheets to help you account for your spending and stay committed to saving, investing or whatever your specific goal may be. It’s non-dated so you can start working towards your goals at any point. It’s also equipped with dedicated sections for affirmations, setting goals, tracking debts, analyzing your spending and creating targeted action plans. It’s made of high-quality paper that’s made to last as well as an expandable back pocket for storing and organizing receipts.

Smart Planner Budget Planner - best productivity planner and habit journal Courtesy of Amazon

Smart Planner Budget Planner



10. Evrim Pursuit Goal Journal


Upgrade your life through daily mindfulness and gratitude practices with this easy-to-use, back-to-basics planner from Evrim. Each week is displayed in a funnel-down visual template that includes all of your monthly, weekly and daily goals. Unlike other planners, with this one you’re encouraged to be mindful in your approach — taking days off as needed and modifying your goals thoughtfully as you progress. Rather than a “full speed ahead” mentality that sets people up for falling off the wagon and getting disappointed, this journal is designed for a practical human who might drop off but will pick right back up as well. It also comes in a small, portable size with a soft, velvet-laminated cover for keeping your work protected as you progress.

pursuit goal journal - best productivity planner and habit journal Courtesy of Amazon


11. The Miracle Morning Companion Planner


On a never-ending quest to crush your “morning routine?” Same. People say the way you spend your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and I believe that. Of course many things are out of your control — but taking a few moments each morning to breathe, meditate, journal or even have a sip of water can make a serious difference in your mindset heading into the day. This planner is designed to help cultivate healthy morning practices like breath work, affirmations, visualizations and more. If you’re ready to up-level your mornings and, subsequently, the rest of your life, this journal is a great investment.

miracle morning companion planner, best productivity planner Courtesy of Amazon

The Miracle Morning Companion Planner



12. The Anecdote Daily Planner


Are you a professional writer who always seems to forget to find time to write? This planner is a great way to avoid that and set writing goals each week you can actually stick to. This planner was designed with workflow in mind and includes a structured system for daily, weekly and monthly goals that all sync up. This planner also has spots to write in a purpose statement so you can solidify why you want to accomplish certain goals, and has built-in motivation for when you face inevitable set backs. It also has plenty of space to write down ideas, thoughts and brainstorms here and there.

anecdote planner, best productivity planner Courtesy of Amazon

The Anecdote Daily Planner 2021-2022



13. Moleskin 12 Month 3.5″ x 5.5″ Monthly Planner


Don’t be that person with the giant, scary behemoth day planner with post-its sticking out of it that you have to lug around everywhere. I mean, if that system works for you then sure but most likely you’re going to get a neck ache and very little done. Instead, downsize to this tiny Moleskin that’s as compact as it is well-organized. It’s got the classic Moleskin leather hardcover and 2-page spreads for each month where you can plan. It also comes with pages for to-do lists and bullet journaling.

moleskin planner, best productivity planner Courtesy of Amazon

Moleskin 12-Month Planner



14. The High Performance Planner


Sometimes, simply listening to our thoughts via stream of consciousness is the best way to plan. This High Performance planner is a planner and a journal combined with years of high performance research to back up its methodologies. The planner includes spaces to write responses to journal prompts, give self-assessments of habits, set goals, prioritize different projects and get into mindsets to win the day. This planner’s goal is to help you think strategically rather than go through the day-to-day motions, prioritize what you want, achieve goals faster and go through life more focused and happy.

the high performance planner, best productivity planner Courtesy of Amazon

The High Performance Planner



15. Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal


This journal is a bit unconventional but useful nonetheless. It’s designed to be used while you’re high, and includes prompts for all sorts of self-exploration, however you choose to get there. Life is all about getting creative with what you’ve got — and this journal is filled with fun challenges designed to spark your imagination and push you to uncover new possibilities. You also don’t need to smoke weed to use this journal — just do any activity that gets you into a flow state of creativity. Hit a vinyasa yoga class, go for a long run, engage in some aromatherapy, a sound bath, some complex math problems or dance in your kitchen. Then, sit down and imagine what your life could look like and how you want to get there.

Pilgrim soul journal, best productivity planners Courtesy of Pilgrim Soul

Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal