The Best Rolling Papers of 2021 Will Upgrade Your Smoking Experience

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Whether you’re a smoker of tobacco or cannabis, rolling papers are an essential part of the smoking ritual. They’re a traditional alternative to creating your own cigarettes as opposed to buying pre-made ones, packaged by someone else and possibly containing chemicals. But since these papers are ultimately being ingested into your body, it only makes sense that you’d want to invest in the best of the best, right?

Usually, learning about rolling papers is a trial-and-error process, since there are so many options available on the market. While there are several reputable brands we’re going to introduce you to, making the right decision will require narrowing down a few factors.

First: what size will you be needing? Those who require more frequent smoke breaks or only a few puffs at a time will enjoy regularly sized papers (most commonly 1.25in) while heavier smokers might prefer king-sized papers. There are also slim versions of most papers, which allows you to inhale less smoking material but requires a little more experience to roll.

Most white papers are bleached, but there are plenty of unbleached papers for sale as well. Common ingredients include hemp, wood pulp, flax and rice straw, each of which has a different texture. Rice is thin but ideal for larger joints, while hemp and other materials are slightly thicker. The ideal rolling paper will burn slowly and evenly, with minimal ash. Take a look at our curated guide below to decide which papers are perfect for you.


1. Raw Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers

You can buy 100% natural RAW papers in single sizes, king size, and pre-rolled cones, all made in Spain. Your lungs will thank you with RAW’s unbleached and additive-free rice paper, which is a lighter and healthier alternative to cellulose. Besides being free of whitening agents like chlorine, rice papers also have a slower burn time and a more satisfying inhale. Overall, most smokers unanimously agree that these papers smoke the best — once you go RAW, you never go back. At least according to their cult-like following.

Raw Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers Courtesy of Amazon

2. Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers

These Spanish rice papers are ultra-thin and burn beautifully with minimal ash, but not too many people know about them. They’re popular in Europe and an ideal buy for sophisticated smokers that think outside the box. Each pack of papers features a magnetic closure, which stops the papers from drying out. When dried, the glued portion of rolling paper tends to curl up over time, but with this unique closure, papers maintain freshness. Interestingly enough, the same company that makes RAW creates Elements as well.

Raw Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers Courtesy of Amazon

3. Juicy Jay Flavored Papers

Looking to infuse some flavor in your joint? Then you’ll adore the many tasty options that JJ has to offer, such as sour apple, grape, and watermelon. Many people enjoy blueberry, which is dotted with little blueberries and offers a smooth, berry-flavored hit and smell. The potent flavor comes from the Juicy Jay “triple-dipped” flavoring process, which ensures a sweet hit without any chemical aftertaste. Unlike other flavored papers, this one is made with natural sugar gum, so you don’t have to worry about artificial flavors.

Juicy Jay Flavored Papers Courtesy of Amazon

4. Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers

Sold in their famous orange packaging, Zig Zags are one of the most classic old-school choices for smokers of both cannabis and tobacco. Even your local gas station carries this well-known smoking accessory — after all, the brand has been around since the late 1800s. If you’re old school or like the stick to the classics, you probably enjoy Zig Zags. Made out of wood pulp and flax, they’re a consistent choice every time.

Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers Courtesy of Amazon

5. Blazy Susan King Size Unbleached Rolling Papers

While Blazy Susan is known for its IG-worthy, pale pink rolling papers, the brand also offers an un-dyed version with an equally excellent burn. Available in both king and standard size, we love the slim nature of these, so that you don’t consume more paper than necessary. Still, it’s worth noting that slim papers are a little tougher to roll for newbies, so if you’re just figuring out how to construct the perfect doobie, maybe go with a slightly wider alternative

Blazy Susan King Size Unbleached Rolling Papers Courtesy of Blazy Susan

6. OCB Organic Hemp Cigarette Papers

These organic hemp papers have your health in mind and are completely unbleached. One buyer loves that the texture of the paper isn’t slippery like rice paper is, which makes it easier to roll up and burn evenly, stopping your joint from canoeing. Hemp paper also rips less easily than rice paper, so that frustrating little stem doesn’t break through and ruin your entire joint. They’re less expensive than cheaper options found at convenience stores, especially when bought in bulk like this 24-pack.

OCB Organic Hemp Cigarette Papers Courtesy of Amazon

7. Shine 24-Karat Gold Papers, 2-pack

These gold papers smoke nicely but are a little overpriced since they’re going to be smoked down to nothing in a matter of minutes. If you like the finer things in life and have to be fancy even in a smoking session, gold papers are for you. They also make a fantastic gift or special occasion purchase if you have something to celebrate. Shine papers are considered to be a bit of a novelty buy, but once you smoke them, you won’t be able to deny how well those hits go down, with a smooth and cough-free exhale.

Shine 24-Karat Gold Papers, 2-pack Courtesy of Shine Rolling Papers

8. Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers

These official Bob Marley licensed hemp papers might not be readily available at stores or one of the more famous household names when it comes to rolling papers, but they’re a hidden gem. They’re made from hemp, with a minimal amount of gum, but buyers still rave about the quality of the adhesive glue, which is often a problem area for many rolling papers. Combined with their optimal thickness, these are a top contender you shouldn’t miss out on.

Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers Courtesy of Amazon

9. RAW Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Filter Tips

When rolling joints without filters, things can get a little soggy, or force you to inhale little pieces of burning matter. Using a filter can also increase airflow. These natural filter tips by RAW come pre-rolled, so you just have to slide them into the end of the rolling paper, and experience a better and more convenient smoking experience. The brand also sells an unrolled version, if you prefer to create your own filters.

Raw Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers Courtesy of Amazon

10. VUTADA Wood Stash Box and Rolling Tray

A rolling tray and stash box to contain your materials will make your smoking routine a lot easier. Invest in a two-in-one like this wooden stash box that features a rolling tray on the other side of the lid. Made from bamboo, it’s an eco-friendly choice and acts as a classy accessory on your bookshelf or coffee table. It’s a fair offering for the price, but one Amazon reviewer spruced it up DIY-style by sanding it and putting a clear topcoat on both the inside and out.

VUTADA Wood Stash Box and Rolling Tray Courtesy of Amazon

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