How to Buy the Best Sleeping Mouthguards Without a Trip to the Dentist

best Sleeping mouthguard

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When it comes to your protecting your pearly whites, sometimes you need to go a little further than your regular morning and bedtime routine, which is why we recommend sleeping mouthguards. While many oral problems can be traced to lifestyle choices, whether that’s eating acidic foods or skimping on regular brushing, it’s possible to still experience dental problems that you have no direct control over. One common dental problem is bruxism — aka, teeth grinding. Unsurprisingly, teeth grinding is bad for your teeth. But you may not have realized that bruxism can cause other problems as well. From muscle pain to headaches, the discomfort of bruxism can affect much more than just your mouth.

If you grind your teeth when you’re awake, it’s possible to train yourself out of the bad habit. But if you have bruxism while you sleep, there’s not a lot you can do psychologically. But you can at least physically stop your teeth from grinding. One of the best ways to deal with nighttime bruxism is with a mouthguard. While no over-the-counter option can completely replace the benefits of a visit to the dentist, you can at least alleviate discomfort and prevent your teeth from grinding.

If you’ve ever worn a mouthguard for sports, you’re probably well aware that they’re not especially comfortable. That’s why, with a sleep mouthguard, it’s important to ensure you get a proper fit. One of the most common ways to get a custom fit mouthguard is the boil-and-bite method. This entails placing the guard in boiling water and biting on it until it conforms to your mouth. Some retailers even offer impression kits that you can buy online, mail back, and then receive a customized guard. We’ve rounded up some of the best sleeping mouthguards available right now.

1. enCore Guards – Custom Dental Night Guard

If you want a custom guard from the comfort of your home, this option from enCore guards is a good pick. enCore will mail out an impression kit, which you mail back using the prepaid package. enCore has several types of guards available, depending on the severity of your bruxism. You can choose dual hard guards for severe grinding, a single hard guard, a soft guard or even a guard for daytime wear.

Pros: Custom made guard without a dentist visit. Available in various thicknesses to suit your needs.

Cons: Since it’s customized, it’s more expensive and will take longer than other options on this list.

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2. Neomen Professional Dental Guard Pack of 4

This sleeping mouthguard uses the “boil-and-bite” method. Boiling water makes the plastic guard more malleable, and you then bite into it once it’s a hot but safe temperature. The guard will then conform to the shape of your mouth for a more comfortable fit. This kit includes four guards in two different sizes, plus one convenient storage case for whichever guard you’re using at that time.

Pros: Affordable option, four guards in two different sizes are included.

Cons: Guard is thick and some may find it bulky.

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3. Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guard

This convenient and affordable option is designed to be disposable, so it’s perhaps best used as a temporary solution until you visit your dentist or you find a more permanent guard. Ten guards are included, and they’re designed to protect against grinding and clenching. The guards can be placed on either the upper or lower teeth. Each guard can be used up to three times. They don’t need to be boiled or cut; they’re ready to use out of the box.

Pros: Convenient option, includes 10 guards. Ready to use out of the box.

Cons: Since they’re intended to be used only three times, they’re a somewhat wasteful option.

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4. J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard

This option from J&S is one of the most unique options on the market, combining the convenience of an OTC sleeping mouthguard with the customization of a visit to the dentist. The way it works is that, after placing your order, J&S will send you a kit for you to take an impression of your mouth. You send it back to them using the prepaid package, and they will send you a fitted guard in a protective case.

Pros: Customized mouthguard through the mail. Made in USA or Germany.

Cons: Since it’s customized, it’s more expensive and will take longer than other options on this list.

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5. LORIOUS Mouthguard

This convenient and affordable option includes six guards, allowing you to rotate them and giving you a buffer if you make a mistake with any of them. The guard can be trimmed to fit your mouth, and it uses the boil-and-bite method to get a customized guard. The guard can be used on either your top row or bottom row of teeth. A convenient plastic case is included for storing your guard.

Pros: Affordable, six guards are included. Customized fit. Guards can also be used for whitening if used with a whitening agent.

Cons: Material is somewhat thick.

sleeping mouthguard Amazon