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Keep Yourself and Others Safe With a Large Sneeze Guard

Curbing the spread of germs has always been a crucial way to protect one’s health, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a sneeze guard. A sneeze guard is a large, clear acrylic divider that provides a see-through wall between people. A sneeze guard can sit on a desk, across a long counter, or even hang from the ceiling. It’s designed to cover the area between people when they are speaking and acts as a way to stop spit droplets from passing from one person to another. A sneeze guard also protects droplets from falling onto other surfaces, including communal pens, credit card terminals or even food.

What To Look For In A Sneeze Guard

Depending on the design of the sneeze guard, it may have an open area at the bottom where people can pass pieces of paper in order to sign documents or other small items, like credit cards. This is an especially useful option in small businesses.

Some sneeze guards have a fully enclosed structure and come with their own built-in feet for standing. These work well in offices, schools, and public spaces like restaurants.

Most of the sneeze guards on our list are available in several sizes. Make sure you’re ordering a guard that will offer enough protection to those using it while also adhering to the dimensions of where it will be placed.

How We Chose The Best Sneeze Guard 

For a sneeze guard to be useful, it needs to be thick enough to stop the spread of airborne germs, which all of the guards on our list are able to do. For standing sneeze guards, it’s imperative that they are made with solid and steady feet that will hold the guard in place. Size is also crucial since a guard that is too small to protect the people on either side of it is essentially useless. All the guards on our list offer a variety of sizes and installation options.

Help ensure the safety of yourself and others by using an appropriately sized sneeze guard.

1. Restaurant Cooler Gaskets Sneeze Guard

Create a barrier between people by using the Restaurant Cooler Gaskets Sneeze Guard. The 1/8-inch guard is made in the US with acrylic that is impact and shatter-resistant. The affordable shield comes with two stabilizing feet and does not require any tools to put it together. Measuring 32 x 34 inches, the cough guard includes a small opening at the bottom for passing small objects.

Pros: Restaurant Cooler Gaskets make their sneeze guard in a variety of sizes and can provide custom options.

Cons: The guard may need additional support to stand up straight.

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2. Sneeze Guard for Desk

Choose from a variety of options depending on your needs with the Sneeze Guard for Desks. Made with acrylic that is 3/16 inch thick, the divider is available in several size options. Providing a way to safeguard against the spread of germs, the divider arrives protected thanks to a layer of film on both sides that is to be removed before use.

Pros: The sneeze guard is available in options without the cutout, which is ideal for placing as a divider between desks.

Cons: There is a precut slot for both legs that must be used.

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3. SPEEDYORDERS Protective Sneeze Guard

If you have a large area that needs protection, we recommend the SPEEDYORDERS Protective Sneeze Guard. Available in several size options, including 120 cm x 80 cm, the Speedyorders design is ideal for large spaces that need to be covered, including countertops in restaurants and retail shops. The dividers come with a protective film that is to be removed before use and each divider has two triangular base legs to hold the unit in place.

Pros: The shatter-resistant acrylic plexiglass used for these dividers is 1/4 inch thick.

Cons: The divider should only be cleaned with soap and water and not cleaning products, which can damage the acrylic.

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4. Amanti Art Framed Hanging Sneeze Guard

No counter space? No problem. You can still protect against the spread of germs with the Amanti Art Framed Hanging Sneeze Guard. Designed to hang at a height that covers people when speaking, the hanging divider provides a solution to stopping the spread of droplets when countertop and table space is at a minimum. The frame comes with two D-rings to use in order to suspend the frame.

Pros: Six frame color options are available and users can choose between the 36 x 24-inch model or 40 x 32-inch model.

Cons: Wires must be purchased separately.

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