The 12 Best Stress Balls for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Stress ball
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Let’s face it: modern life is stressful — and that was true before a global pandemic threw the world into chaos.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety is the most common mental health issue to afflict American adults, affecting more than 40 million people every year. Whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder or simply struggle with the stress of daily life, it can be difficult to get through the week when dealing with the overwhelming pressure of bills, deadlines, appointments, errands and family responsibilities.

While serious mental health concerns should always be addressed by a licensed physician, physical aids like stress balls can be helpful in managing minor stress, anger and anxiety that comes up during the day. The best stress balls work by relieving physical tension when squeezing the object, encouraging your muscles to relax, and the repetitive motion can help to distract an overactive and anxious mind. If you’re looking for an easy anxiety and stress management aid to incorporate into your routine, try one of these high quality stress balls for instant relief.


1. Stress Less Stress Balls


These Stress Less Stress Balls are ideal for stress-filled moments, whether you’re at home, the office or on the move. This three-pack is available in four calming colors, and each one includes one of three inspirational quotes: “Choose happy,” “Life is a journey not a race” and “Live more worry less.” The set includes a handy, three-ball carry case, making it highly portable and easy to store. This is an ideal gift for kids and adults alike and a handy way to alleviate stress and keep busy hands and anxiety at bay.

best stress balls less motivational Image courtesy of Amazon


2. StringyBall Stress Ball on a String


This stress ball set is super convenient for travel and everyday use. Each ball comes attached to a flexible cord to wear on your wrist, keeping it secure during use. Keep one attached to your backpack or bag, and store one in your car and work desk for continued access to these easy-to-use anxiety relief aids. The StringyBall stress balls are made with thermoplastic rubber, so they are safe, durable, and the ideal material for tension relief.

StringyBall Stress Balls


3. Serenilite Firm Gel Star Stress Balls


These Serenilite stress “balls” come in a unique star shape for easy grip. Each star features a firm gel core that retains shape and is covered in a sleek fabric for optimal stress relief and comfort. These stress balls are similar to the MindPanda bundle, but they are a great alternative if you wish to forgo the essential oils or need something with a slightly better grip than MindPanda’s ball shape.

Serenilite Star Stress Balls


4. The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Stress Ball


These stress balls are egg shaped to fit comfortably in your hands. Each egg is made of thermoplastic rubber, so they are safe to use and easy to grip. Plus, their rubber design makes these stress balls easier to clean than their fabric-covered counterparts. Best of all, The Friendly Swede stress balls come in three different sizes — extra small, small, and large — so you can find the best size to meet your personal needs.

Friendly Swede Stress Balls


5. Super Z Outlet Mini Foam Sports Balls


Whether you’re watching a stressful playoff game or your team is down with minutes to go, this pack of Super Z Outlet Mini Foam Sports Balls has an option for every kind of sports fan. Whether it’s soccer, football or baseball, you’ll find a ball-shaped stress ball to take your frustration out. Plus, as there are 24 items included in the pack, you’ll be able to share them with your friends and keep spares at home, the office and everywhere in between.

best stress balls super z outlet mini foam Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Brass Statu Marble Baoding Exercise Balls


Not all stress relief involves taking your anger out on something. In the case of these Brass Statu Marble Baoding Exercise Balls, the practice of turning the balls in the palm of your hand distracts and calms your mind. Not only is this an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety, it’s also a great way to improve your hand coordination. This beautiful set includes two solid marble balls and comes with a handy carry case for easy transport.

best stress balls brass statu marble baoding exercise Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Fffresiss Hand Therapy Stress Balls


The Fffresiss Hand Therapy Stress Ball Set doesn’t just offer an easy way to let off some stress-related steam, it also lets you train your grip strength at the same time. The set includes three 2.3-inch balls, one soft, one medium and one hard. This allows you to choose exactly how much resistance you want from your ball and, over time, get to a point where you can crush even the hardest one with ease. This versatile set is great for office workers, high-school kids and everyone in between. Furthermore, the set includes a drawstring bag for easy storing and transport of your balls.

best stress balls ffresiss hand therapy Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Neliblu Why Worry? Be Happy! Funny Face Stress Balls


If you spend a lot of time with an office full of stressed out people, consider investing in these Neliblu Why Worry? Be Happy! Funny Face Stress Balls. This 24-pack of bright yellow, smiley-face stress balls is a great way to give your team a way to release their stress and get them back on track. Plus, as well as being squishy, these balls are also bouncy which only adds to the amount of fun possible. You’ll also find they’re the best stress balls for party favors and filling goody bags.

best stress balls neliblu why worry be happy neon yellow Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Koogel Globe Squeeze Stress Balls


The Koogel Globe Squeeze Stress Balls offer something interesting to look at as you squeeze, relax and work out your hands. Each one of the 24 three-inch balls included in the pack features a globe design, meaning it’s easy to brush up on your world geography and de-stress at the same time. These boldly colored, educational stress balls are ideal for offices, homes and for kids who love to feel and learn at the same time.

best stress balls koogel globe Image courtesy of Amazon


10. TEEGOMO Squishies


For something a little different when it comes to your stress ball choice, try these TEEGOMO Squishies. The pack includes four less-than-ordinary stress “balls” which take the shape of a pizza slice, a waffle, a smoore and coffee. The high-quality pieces sport a squishy composition which is easy to squeeze and slow to rise. These fun pieces are great for stress relief as well as interior decoration and use at kid’s playtime.

best stress balls teegomo squishies Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Vive Therapy Putty


Vive Therapy Putty is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to push, pull, squeeze and constantly feel something between their fingers. This well-reviewed putty is available in a variety of softnesses and comes in three-ounce, resealable tubs for easy portability and storage. As well as stress relief, this versatile putty is great for improving grip strength, dexterity, motor skills and rehabilitation from injury. Additionally, the putty is odorless, latex-free, non-toxic and built to last, meaning it can withstand the rigors of daily abuse for years to come.

best stress balls vive therapy putty Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Lavender Luvies Lavender Stress Balls


The Lavender Luvies Lavender Stress Balls add an extra dimension to your stress-relieving experience. Because the stress balls are filled with fragrant lavender flowers, you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant olfactory element in addition to the ball-squeezing one. This three-ball set includes a blue, green and pink ball which all sport the well-known yin and yang design. They’re ideal for office workers, students, teachers and anyone else who’d appreciate the appealing smell of lavender as they work away their worries.

best stress balls lavender luvies Image courtesy of Amazon


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