2020 Getting You Down? Try Some of Our Favorite Stress-Relief Products

Best Stress Relief Products

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We could all use some R&R after the past few month’s events and really, the entire year, and for that matter. But what is one to do? Well, why you can’t ever predict (much less control), the weather, you can control the way you react. And if you’ve been feeling down from everything going on, might we recommend some of our favorite stress-relief products?

Tired of staring at your phone and “doomscrolling“? Why not get a locked pouch for it? Need help sleeping? CBD oil has been proven to help calm the mind. Too much screen time on Zoom? Make a daily schedule to get outside and exercise your woes away, as adrenaline produces serotonin, which makes us feel better naturally. A healthy diet helps too, so if you’ve been reaching for saturated fats, alcohol, or fried foods lately, try changing it up for a few weeks.

All of these ideas will help ease your mind, create a relaxed day, or promote a stress-free environment. To make it as easy as possible to navigate, we’ve listed some of our favorite products at the top of the list, with a few of our favorite stress-relieving books at the end. So if you’re all set on humidifiers and CBD oils, but could use a relaxing read, we’d suggest skipping down towards the bottom.

Now, sit back, relax, and pick out a few of the best stress-relief products to help combat whatever else 2020 has in store.


1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Need some fresh air? Try a humidifier or one that sprays oils or other relaxing scents into the room. This helps reduce stress and can provide some immediate mental clarity and calmness. Why place this one first? Well, it’s the easiest to incorporate into your daily life and can be used throughout the day. Pick one up and toss in some soothing lemon or lavender oil and you’ll see precisely what we mean.

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2. Wayfair Privacy Lock Case

In this sleek lockbox, you can place credit cards, jewelry, cash, or most importantly, your phone. Sick of picking up your phone and getting lost in the news cycle or from opening an app just to “check-in”? Place your phone inside and put it in another room, so you’ll think twice about wanting to look at it. It won’t lock it away from you like companies do at concerts or festivals, but it will give you the space to think without it and when you do want it, to think about why you want it. It’s a lockbox for your consciousness basically and comes in a variety of colors.

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3. Epsom Salt

Baths have become the relaxing signifier of the ’90s, but it’s time to bring it back into focus and Epsom salt is a key player in that strategy. Put on some headphones, light a few candles, and voila, you’ve created a soothing, quiet atmosphere, one that is hard to come by these days. Make some time in your day for zero noise and no movement: just calm your mind and stay still, and let the Epsom salt work its magic on your skin.

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3. CBD Gummies

Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies come in a pack of 60 with 10 mg of CBD. That’s a decent amount per gummy, which will set you up for a relaxing evening if you’re trying to sleep, or if you’re feeling anxious. Most CBD has either too little or too much per gummy, so be sure to do your research based on what your needs are.

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5. Memory Foam Body Pillow

Need help falling asleep? Look no further than a body pillow, which will keep you cozy until you can relax into a deep sleep. Other materials like jersey or satin can be chosen as well if that’s your preference.

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6. Rollerblades

Need a new hobby to spark your brain into moving again? Exercise your mind and body with rollerblades, America’s favorite 80’s pastime come back to life. ITurnGlow inline skates are our pick because they have glowing wheels and come in flashy colors and designs. Get outside and get moving somewhere new with some new rollerblades, you won’t regret all the cool photos you’ll end up taking.

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7. The RBG Workout

Ever wonder how the late Supreme court justice stayed in such good shape? Looking for your own inspiring workout regimen? This quirky little book, written by RBG’s personal trainer, includes exercises, tips, and encouragement for those of us who need a little extra to get them moving. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter book to have lying around. RGB would be proud if you worked out and had a productive conversation.

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8. The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating and Longevity

This book combines a healthy lifestyle with great food, so if you’re searching for a book to tell you what to eat, not just what to cook, this is an excellent guide. Start here for some healthy tips on starting fresh with regular exercise combined with fresh, not packaged, foods.

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9. The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations

Looking for a little zen in your life? Try meditating once a day with this book, which is full of wisdom for peace of mind and reflection. If you follow the book’s techniques for up to a year, you will be accustomed to the practice which will reflect on your daily sense of well-being. Need a little extra guidance? Try a meditation app as well, for daily reminders.

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10. Stoner Coloring Book for Adults

We don’t need to say much about this one except to remind you to buy some colored pencils or markers and a sharpener. With beautiful designs meant to explore the mind within, this coloring book will surely ease you into relaxation whether you’ve helped yourself along the way already or not.

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11. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

“Let’s be honest, shit is f**ked and we have to live with it,” says author Mark Manson in an Amazon review about his bestselling book, because it’s the truth right? He tells us positive thinking isn’t the way to go anymore and has produced a more nuanced position on the subject of just getting by or through the day. Feeling down, anxious, and helpless? This book provides a how-to manual for living your best life, without the cliches.

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