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Relax Your Back and Other Sore Spots With a Trigger Point Massager

If you have deep, hard knots or constricted muscles, then you know that the pain can feel overwhelming. Back, neck and leg pain can lead to missed work, headaches, decreased range of motion, an inability to perform physical activity and chronic pain. a therapeutic massage is one of the most effective ways to treat this type of pain, which is why we use a trigger point massager.

Receiving massage therapy from a registered masseuse or physical therapist is a great way to combat painful knots and sore muscles. Still, budget and busy schedules don’t always make seeing a specialist a viable option. Trigger point massagers are a great alternative and can be used between visits to a massage therapist, helping to naturally keep the pain away.

Trigger point massagers are ideal for people who live alone and for anyone who wants an easy way to apply concentrated pressure to inflamed areas. Constricted areas are loosened without users having to apply much pressure with their hands. These massaging tools can be used daily or whenever pain begins to flare up. Relax and check out the best trigger point massagers below.

1. Thera Cane Massager

Knots and tight muscles are no match for the Thera Cane Massager. Built as one solid piece and compact enough for travel, the Thera Cane has a hooked end that provides an option for users who want to target hard to reach areas. Several knobs help to apply pressure to knots and trigger points, breaking up tension and helping to send oxygen and blood flow to the treated areas. The massager comes with an instruction booklet that helps customers learn how to best utilize the Thera Cane.

Pros: The massager is made in the USA.

Cons: There are no grips on the Thera Cane and as a result, it can be difficult to hold in place.

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2. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager

Get rid of tension from your neck to your toes with the Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager. The double hook massager features 11 knobs in three shapes and helps apply pressure to affected areas. Customers can give themselves a full body massage with the Body Back, which comes with an easy to follow instruction book. Body Back uses fiber infused material for a durable finish and advertises their massager as 30 percent stronger than competitors.

Pros: The Body Back Buddy has the most knobs and configuration options of any massager on our list, making it versatile and usable on the entire body.

Cons: The knobs are on the smaller side and larger knobs could help provide a more gentle massaging option for tender spots.

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3. Trigger Point Massage Tool

Save your thumbs and relax your hands while still getting a great massage thanks to the Trigger Point Massage Tool. The lightweight and portable massager is designed to fit easily inside your grip and deliver concentrated, intense pressure to knots and sore muscles. Made from durable hard plastic, the Trigger Point can withstand heavy use.

Pros: The Trigger Point is designed to deliver the ideal amount of pressure with little force, making this a great option even for those with limited mobility or hand weakness.

Cons: The Trigger Point may be too large to be comfortably held by users with smaller hands.

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4. CARELAX Self Massage Tool

Target sore muscles in the neck, lower back and shoulders with the CARELAX Self Massage Tool. Using the massagers’ ergonomic handle, customers can accurately zone in on painful areas for a soothing and controlled massage. The adjustable massager head is made from TPR material that can be molded to form the ideal grasp for an effective massage for sore muscles and knots.

Pros: The Carelax is lightweight and compact, making it comfortable for users to hold for an extended period or pack in a backpack or suitcase.

Cons: The Carelax is not a full-body massager like the Thera Cane or Body Back.

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