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The Best Weed Grinders for a Perfect Burn Every Time

A grinder is a great way to break up herbs into a finer texture — at least that’s what Amazon keeps telling us. In reality, we know that most people are using grinders for their weed. As any cannabis user already knows, the best weed grinders shred cannabis into smaller particles so that you prep and smoke it in a glass pipe, vape, or joint. That is, unless you’re buying pre-shredded weed or a pre-rolled joint (in a state or country where it’s legal to do so, of course). For the record, we don’t recommend buying pre-shredded weed, because It can get stale quickly and often lacks in flavor.

Not only do weed grinders make dried plant products easier to ingest, but they also increase the surface area and therefore allow you to experience the flavors and quality of the herb more fully. For instance, if someone were to use these products when preparing marijuana, the greater surface area would expose cannabinoids and terpenes to heat more evenly. This knowledge is entirely theoretical, of course. We’re just going to assume that you’re using weed grinders to help you prepare perfectly legal CBD products.

The best weed grinders contain multiple chambers. The most common kind of grinders are:

  • 2-Piece Single Chamber Grinder: This is the cheapest kind of grinder out there, but it’s not the most effective. It has a basic design with no inner filters or chambers to sift the weed. This means that crystals and pieces of flower can get stuck to the sides and between the teeth.
  • 4-Piece 3 Chamber: This is the most common kind of grinder. The first chamber grinds up the herb, while the second holds the ground up bud. Finally, the bottom chamber collects those coveted crystals known as trichomes, or “kief”. To input your cannabis, open the first chamber with teeth.
  • Electric Grinder: While the price can be high on an electric grinder, also known as a spice grinder, the convenience is unparalleled. Especially for those with wrist issues or arthritis. A battery-powered or rechargeable one is best, but beware that you can’t preserve the trichomes as well as you can with a manual grinder that has a kief-catcher.
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A 4-piece, 3-chamber weed grinder from the company Yew Yew. Courtesy of Yew Yew

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Of course, as long as weed remains legal, it’s impossible to acquire here in the United States. Since we know that you can’t find any cannabis for sale, you’ll have to use your grinder on lesser plants such as herbs and tea leaves while you await full marijuana legalization. Alternatively, you can also use grinders for CBD flower.

Below, you’ll find some of the best grinders for all types of plants, as well as more useful tips for acquiring only the finest cannabis accessories.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Weed Grinders

Material: Metal and aluminum are ideal, but wood is also acceptable. While plastic grinders aren’t as durable, they do provide a more portable solution. Co-Founder/CEO of cannabis accessory brand Hemper shares, “A grinder’s material can range from metal to plastic – metal is more durable and long-lasting, whereas plastic is lighter.”

Teeth: Both the shape of the teeth and the quality is important. You’ll want sharp teeth shaped like a diamond, although there are some toothless grinders that use blades or another mechanism to grind. Grinders with too many teeth can cause clogging, but not enough teeth can reduce the fluffiness of your grind.

Size: Do you like to grind up multiple grams and pre-shred or roll a bunch of joints ahead of time? Or are you a light smoker who only likes to grind up right before you’re about to smoke? This will all impact the size you choose.

Budget: While you can certainly get plenty of decent grinders for $30.00 and under, investing a little more is a better idea, since a good grinder will last you years, whereas a shoddy one might clog and get dull teeth within months.

While you can cut up your plant material with scissors or use your hands to break it apart, a weed grinder is by far the most efficient (and effective) method. Here are the best weed grinders of 2022, in every category.


1. Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder


This grinder, available in a range of sizes, does its job with ease, grinding your buds into perfectly fluffy results. It’s made from 6061 aerospace aluminum, making it one of the most durable models that you can buy. Additionally, it features a built-in kief-catcher and a magnetic seal, ensuring that no bud is wasted – even when you’re on the go. This grinder has a capacity of up to 2 grams at a time, so while it’s ideal for everyday usage, you can’t pre-grind very large amounts.

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Courtesy of Vapor

2. Santa Cruz Shredder Premium Grinder


The Santa Cruz shredder is one of the most googled grinders out there and it’s the creme de la creme in terms of quality. Featuring 4 chambers and a magnetized top, it’s even While it is one of the most professional models you can get your hands on, it’s also more on the expensive side. However, the teeth won’t lose their sharpness over time, ensuring that buds stay fluffed. It also featured a knurled grip to make the grinding process more ergonomic.

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Courtesy of Smoke Cartel

3. Cloudious 9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder


If the act of grinding is painful for your wrists or hands, consider an electric grinder. Just make sure not to over-grind your bud as it can compromise the quality. The Cloudious 9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder even dispenses the bud for you, with a flip spot to accurately deliver to your paper, cone or bowl. It’s designed to evenly distribute weed so that jams and clogs aren’t an issue, and it even has a lit-up viewing window to check on your stash.

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Courtesy of Smoke Cartel

4. Yew Yew Cloud Grinder


Yew Yew’s designs are so cool, you’ll be proud to feature them as decor in your home. The Cloud grinder is one of our favorite pics, available in either ceramic or a soft, matte silicone material with a rubbery feel. With stylish color options like Strawberry, Sky, and Kiwi, the Cloud’s top magnetized layer grinds with sharp teeth while the middle holds your sifted flower. The third compartment is a kief-catcher, so you can help catch all those precious crystals. This also makes a fantastic gift.

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Courtesy of Yew Yew

5. Umsicht Wooden Grinder with Pollen Scraper and Brush


This smooth wooden “spice grinder” is actually one of the best weed grinders you can get your hands on – especially if you prefer organic materials like wood over metal. It even contains a scraper for you to get off all the kief, and a brush to help you clean the grinder and reduce residue. While the exterior is wooden, the inside teeth are metal for more efficient grinding, and the top has a magnet so it won’t fall apart if you’re travelling with it.

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Hemper 3-in-1 Grinder Storage Container


This grinder by Hemper is more than just a grinder – it’s a 3-in-1 solution for you to both prep and store your herb in. With sharp and durable teeth, it features 2 storage compartments, keeping your whole flower and ground material separate, while the top part contains a 2-piece, single chamber grinder. This herb cutter and storage solution includes a flexible tether that allows you to clip it onto anything, while the canister itself is airtight, smell-proof, and water-resistant, making it ideal for travel.

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Courtesy of Hemper

7. Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder


If you dread rolling joints or simply don’t know how to do it, consider an electric smart grinder like the Otto, which grinds up your herb before conveniently dispensing it into a cone. The result will be the perfect joint with no canoeing or air pockets. It even contains artificial intelligence that senses density and consistency to better mimic human grinding. Ideal for travelling when you don’t want the mess of rolling up, and for impressing friends who also don’t know how to roll joints.

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Sharpstone Crank Top Grinder


A hand crank grinder can be easier on the wrists and hands. Beyond helping with joint issues, this grinder also has a clear top to let you see the progress as you grind. This Sharpstone Grindr, which is available in black, silver, and blue, comes complete with a pollen chamber and sifting screen. The rotating arm makes the grinding process totally effortless, with one customer saying that the design helps to prevent residue and debris from collecting as time goes on.

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Courtesy of Smoke Cartel

The Best Weed Grinders for a Perfect Burn Every Time