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This $25 Headband Blocks Out Noise and Light So You Can Finally Get a Peaceful Night of Sleep

* Bedtime Bluetooth speaker helps you get a better night’s sleep
* Smart design features two tiny speakers on each side
* Automatically shuts off so you don’t have to lift a finger

Whether you’re sensitive to light, sound or a combination of the two, restless nights can be a drag. Fortunately, this handy gadget was designed to help you turn off, tune out and get a good night’s sleep effortlessly.

Able to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop and more, this little sleeper of a speaker features Bluetooth 4.3 technology and boasts high-fidelity sounds to help you hear each and every note. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, this one doesn’t come with any of those annoying beeps, blurps or constant reminders that your battery is dying. Simply slip ‘em on and sleep away.

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The two speakers can be easily adjusted so you won’t have to worry about the bass bumping your ear while you sleep. What’s more, the extra comfortable design means the speakers are incredibly thin — roughly one-third the size of an average speaker.

A built-in rechargeable battery helps keep these speakers in tip-top shape so you can listen to your tunes while your fly, run, race, or sleep. In fact, roughly two hours of charging time results in 10 to 15 hours of nonstop play. The perfect amount for your next trip from LA to London.

For the eyeshade itself, the delicate fabric is a blend of both velvet and elastic cotton — offering a more breathable design while not skimping on the comfort. With the one tiny speaker on each side, you can easily and effortlessly adjust the mask to best suit your sleeping needs.

If you have trouble sleeping or have a long flight scheduled in the not-too-distant future, this sleeping eye mask makes one great carry-on accessory.


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