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Buck Mason’s Anti-Microbial Face Masks Are as Stylish as They Are Breathable

Buck Mason is a brand known for their soft and stylish men’s  T-shirts, well-fitting Henley long-sleeves, high-quality jeans and other men’s fashion pieces. They, alongside many other retail brands, have also taken to producing a high-quality face mask to help keep their customers and others safe, and we’re all about it.

Their mask comes equipped with an anti-microbial coating on the inner layer for keeping germs and potentially harmful bacteria away from your mouth, nose and eyes. The coating lasts for up to 30 wash cycles, and the pack comes with five masks for you to switch between.

Buck Mason face mask

Buck Mason face mask side view



Care for this mask is easy, a simple hand wash and hang dry will do the trick regularly to keep your mask in good shape. Buck Mason’s mask program is also part of a 1-1 program, where for every mask purchased through their site a non-medical mask is donated to a person or community in need.

Their goal is to reach 1 million non-medical masks donated to the brand’s communities in California and beyond, and they’re already more than halfway there. You can read all about this philanthropic effort of theirs here.

The mask is heavy and sturdy enough to feel protective while also remaining breathable enough to run and cycle in. It comes in black, so there will be no doubt from others as to whether you’re wearing a mask or not, and it comes with flexible elastic ties so you can tighten or loosen it to your liking.

You can buy their mask in a 5-pack, 250-pack in bulk or choose to just donate through their site.