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This Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool is Designed to Remove All Your Insect Stings This Summer

You know the feeling: you’re sitting in your backyard on a warm, summer night and all of a sudden they swarm. It’s like an alarm bell goes off in mosquito world at dusk, and all of a sudden they’re everywhere — biting, stinging and causing welts you’ll be itching for days. You can douse yourself with mosquito repellant and light as many citronella candles as you want, they’re still coming in droves and you need a way to treat bug bites on the spot. Enter: the Bug Bite Thing.

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Believe it or not, that is the name of the product. It’s designed to, you guessed it, help ease your bug bites this summer and beyond. It’s a suction tool designed to remove insect venom, saliva and other potential irritants from your skin so they don’t spread and lead to irritation. The swelling and itching comes from your body’s reaction to the venom from the bite or sting, and by getting rid of that this device helps prevent the annoying symptoms.

It’s designed to work on mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, chiggers, sea lice, no-see-ums and more. It’s a compact and lightweight tool that’s super easy to transport wherever you’re adventuring this summer, and is very easy to use.

Simply place the head on your bug bite, pull the lever and it’ll work to suck out anything that pesky bug left behind. It requires no creams or harmful chemicals to work, and has a reversible end cap for convenient storage. It also comes with a stringer scraper, in case you need to remove a painful stinger before removing the venom.