Tennis Elbow? You Need to Start Wearing a Compression Sleeve

elbow compression sleeve
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Anyone who has spent some time playing tennis or golf knows that the elbow is a particularly sensitive joint. And, when you injure it, it’s also particularly painful.

Unfortunately, sports like golf and tennis require the frequent extension of the elbow as well as overhead use, leading to overuse injuries frequently called tennis elbow and golf elbow. However, the elbow can be damaged in any number of other ways, leading to strain or tendonitis.

When minor injuries like the above occur, sufferers rarely need to turn to medicine or surgery to alleviate the injury. It likely just needs time to heal, but in those days, weeks or months, the elbow is still painful. That’s where an elbow compression sleeve comes in.

This tight sleeve, which is worn over the elbow joint, increases blood flow and provides joint support during use. It can be used after a minor injury for moderate support, during physical therapy or during activities that are prone to cause elbow injury. In particular, an elbow compression sleeve is particularly useful for sufferers of: 

Tennis elbow

Golf elbow

Arthritis in the elbow

Elbow strain or sprain



Various sports injuries

If you suffer from general elbow pain or one of the above conditions, it’s time to invest in a compression sleeve. Read on to discover the best elbow compression sleeves available right now.

1. Copper Fit Pro Series Compression Elbow Sleeve

The Copper Fit Pro Series Performance Compression Elbow Sleeve has made one major improvement on the traditional compression sleeve. This version includes built-in kinesiology bands for targeted compression. For the elbow, these bands sit just above and below the point of the elbow to provide support for your stiff or sore joints. In addition, this sleeve also features moisture-wicking fabric infused with copper ions to reduce odors left over in the band from a sweaty workout. Pick between two different sizes to ensure you get a compression sleeve best built for your arm.

Pros: The kinesiology bands allow for targeted compression and therefore targeted relief, while the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable during wear.

Cons: Because the kinesiology bands are fixed in place, they may feel uncomfortable for some people with non-traditional injuries.

elbow compression sleeve copper fit Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Crucial Compression Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

If you’re looking for an elbow sleeve that’s simple and easy to use, the Crucial Compression Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve fits the bill. This traditionally designed sleeve uses the company’s “Power Support Technology” to provide secure support to your joint no matter what activity you’re participating in. Furthermore, the sleeve also boasts a “Premium ComfortFlex” fabric that gives the wearer an ergonomic fit without being uncomfortably tight. The fabric is also highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Plus, the double stitching and stretch of the fabric ensure durability, allowing you to get years of use from this compression sleeve.

Pros: This compression band is available in two different colors, namely beige and black, meaning it can be better incorporated into your sports or everyday outfits.

Cons: As this sleeve doesn’t include anti-roll technology or targeted compression, it may not be as comfortable as competing options or provide the same level of benefit to all users.

elbow compression sleeve crucial compression Image courtesy of Amazon

3. ABYON New Technology Medical Compression Elbow Sleeve

ABYON is a company that takes sports injury relief seriously. They’ve lab tested all of their products to ensure they effectively relieve pain and increase blood flow. The New Technology Medical Compression Elbow Sleeve is no exception. It has been designed using elastic-filled, breathable fabric to stay in place even during vigorous activity. The durable elastic also means you can use this sleeve for months and years without over-stretching it. In addition to the compression sleeve, this pack also comes with two tennis elbow braces specifically designed to prevent overextension of the elbow during that activity.

Pros: This pack was made for tennis players in mind with its two tennis elbow braces and an effective compression sleeve.

Cons: Some people may not benefit from the tennis elbow braces included in this pack, leading to an amount of waste.

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4. Venom Strapped Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

Similar to one of our compression sleeves listed above, the Venom Strapped Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve boasts a Velcro strap for adjustable levels of compression. The major difference, however, is that this strap is wider and allows for a greater number of variations as it can be wrapped directly around the forearm or diagonally from the forearm to the bicep. Additionally, this sleeve is made from a compression knit material that’s breathable and wicks away moisture during workouts. It’s available in five different sizes for an ultra-secure fit.

Pros: The slightly wider strap on this elbow sleeve will make it easier for some users to adjust the compression to maximum strength thanks to the greater leverage it provides.

Cons: The strap on this sleeve may lose its elasticity over time, meaning the compression may not be as effective after a few months of use.

elbow compression sleeve venom Image courtesy of Amazon