Make That Face Mask Made by Mom Even Safer With a Face Mask Filter

face mask filters - 20pack PM
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At this point, if you don’t own more than one face mask, you’re doing 2020 wrong. Although there are tons of different face mask options to choose — stylish cloth face masks, face masks for running and even holiday-centric picks — it feels like the majority of us own at least one homemade face mask. At the beginning of the pandemic, there weren’t any disposable face masks available and retailers haven’t yet begun their own line of face masks yet. Therefore, moms, grandmas, aunts and friends alike were sewing it up in their living rooms and kitchens to create face masks for friends and family members across the globe. While homemade masks are an excellent option to sport around town, they are lacking one thing: face mask filters.

Thankfully, face mask filters are now sold separately to place inside homemade face masks. We aren’t doctors, and we aren’t going to speak to the effectiveness of face masks with filters, but we know that many of us feel better using a filter insert. They’re quite simple to use too. Simply place the filter inside your premade mask and get going. If you’re thinking about getting a newer homemade mask from a friend or family member, ask them if they can sew in an extra layer of fabric so you can stick your face mask filter in between so it sits securely between the inner and outer layer.

Adding a face mask filter as an extra layer to your homemade face mask won’t magically make it as effective as disposable surgical face masks or N95 filters, but many people are looking for all the protection they can get as cases rise during this long plague winter.

If you’re looking to snag a few face mask filters for yourself, read on and discover the best option suitable for you.


1. 20pack PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter

This 20-pack of face mask filters is an excellent choice to snag for your homemade face mask. Each filter comes with 5 layers for maximum protection. Layers include two anti-sticking cloths, one filter cloth, one activated carbon layer and an efficient carbon layer. Don’t believe them? Just check the reviews where skeptical buyers tore the face mask filters apart to be sure each one has the five layers they mention. These face mask filters fit easily and are recommended to be replaced once a week.

face mask filters - 20pack PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Courtesy of Amazon


2. Gecter 50PCS Adult PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters

Just like our last pick, this 50-piece of face mask filters comes with 5 layers to promise effective results during use. The filters have the ability to isolate dust, allow for great ventilation and breathability and double protection all at the same time. Each filter is made with activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth.

face mask filters - Gecter 50PCS Adult PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters Courtesy of Amazon


3. MERV-13 Face Mask Filters 10-Pack

Face mask filters are great and all, but the majority have just a short lifespan. Rid any short-living face mask filter you might purchase for this 10-pack of reusable face mask filters. These filters are hypoallergenic, non-irritating and non-toxic. They are built to block 99.97% of impurities and are the extra boost you need in your face mask. They’re totally breathable and can be washed to use again and again, no matter how long you’ve had them for.

face mask filters - MERV-13 Face Mask Filters 10-Pack Courtesy of Etsy


4. Casetify Interchangeable PM 2.5 Carbon Filters

We trust Casetfiy phone cases whole-heartedly at this point, so it’s safe to say that we trust their face mask filters the same way. These filters come in a set of 10 and fit excellently in any face mask you might purchase, but specifically fit awesome inside Casetify’s line of face masks. While you’re at it, note that if you do purchase a face mask from Casetify, you will also get two included interchangeable carbon face mask filters and you’ll be donating a face mask to someone in need at the same time. So, these face mask filters are essentially a win-win.

face mask filters - Casetify Interchangeable PM 2.5 Carbon Filters Courtesy of Casetify


5. HEPA Filters for Face Masks

If you don’t already know, HEPA filtration is one of the strongest ways to filter out and block harmful particles and germs. These handmade HEPA filters are an excellent face mask filter to place inside your face mask to capture 99.97% of the 0.3-micron particles swimming around the air around you trying to get through your mask. These filters should never be washed but are totally reusable. Even if they get dirtier and dirtier, they will not lose efficiency over time, making them a total bang for your buck.

HEPA Filters for Face Masks Courtesy of Etsy


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