These Face Masks Are All 100% Made in America

face masks made in USA
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The world has been flooded by the production of face masks since the impact of COVID-19 became apparent, and it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of styles available. Sometimes when there are so many different styles and designs to choose from (from disposable face masks to the best face masks for running), making your selection can be difficult. However, one way to filter down your options is to focus on the best face masks made in the USA. 

Supporting businesses based in the States by buying products produced here is important. You might not have really thought about it until now, but buying USA-made products is one of the most effective ways you can have an impact on your homeland’s economic success. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Employment Levels – Having successful businesses based in America means more jobs in America and therefore less people without work. Buying products, including face masks, which were designed, produced and supplied in the USA, helps to ensure as much employment and income stays domestic. 
  • Working Conditions – Keeping the available wages from face mask production on American soil isn’t the only reason why made-in-the-USA products are beneficial to our country. With solid environmental regulations and labor laws in place, America provides a safe working environment for mass production which many others do not. 
  • Product Quality – Items made in America are often considered to be of premium quality and made from superior and more durable materials. Buying face masks that are stamped with “Made in the USA” ensures you get your money’s worth. 

Buying made-in-the-USA products is a beneficial choice for both you and your country, but when it comes to the type of face mask, from an environmental point of view, reusable is best. We do understand that disposable masks have their uses. If you work in certain environments, such as a hospital where reuse is simply not acceptable, you have no other choice than to choose a disposable mask. However, opting for reusable masks when possible is a great way to do your part for our planet.

We’ve rounded up the nine best face masks made in the USA. We’ve included both disposable and reusable options, as well as different colors, materials and comfort capabilities. At a time when face masks are such a crucial and often enforced part of life, don’t cut corners; order yours from a company that makes them in the USA.


1. FriCARE ASTM Level 3 Face Mask


The 6.8 by 3.7-inch expandable mouth and nose covering along with the sizable ear loops make FriCARE ASTM Level 3 Face Masks suitable for most adults. Each order includes 50 pieces and comes in strong packaging to provide sufficient protection during transit. The masks are further packaged in a resealable bag to keep them compact and dry until required for use. Each triple-layered unit is embossed with ‘Made in the USA,’ so you can let others know that you sourced your COVID protection from your home country.

face masks made in USA fricare Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Tart Collections 100% Cotton Face Mask


By sporting a small American flag embroidered into the top right corner, this Tart Collections 100% Face Mask lets you know it was made in the USA. Each mask is made from 100% cotton, giving it a soft feel against your face. These masks are also available in either solid black or navy tie-dye. Plus, the main panel of the mask features a dual-layer to provide double filtration, and the use of high-quality cotton means it can be machine washed without any worry.

face masks made in USA tart collections Image courtesy of Amazon


3. MASK BY DESIGN Washable Face Mask


There is a huge range of patterns and colors to choose from when buying your MASK BY DESIGN Face Mask, all of which are machine washable. They’re not medical grade, so they shouldn’t be worn as PPE. However, these masks do enclose the entire lower half of the face for greater coverage. Three layers of breathable material provide triple protection, and every mask features a pocket for filter use if desired. Furthermore, they have a wire nose clip for a secure hold over your face.

face masks made in USA mask by design Image courtesy of Amazon


4. North Texas PPE Disposable Masks


Having three pleats helps the North Texas PPE Disposable Masks expand to the shape of your face for a personalized and comfortable fit. The ear loops are designed to be light on the ears and are made from soft material. These masks are specifically designed for PPE purposes but can also be worn day-to-day. Fifty masks come in each pack, so they’re an ideal choice for having within grabbing distance as you’re leaving your house.

face masks made in USA north texas ppe Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ceemly 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask


You’ll be blown away by the quality of these Ceemly 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks. Although they’re disposable, each mask has been individually printed with an illustrated pattern. You can choose from bombs, lips, skulls or stars. Each box includes 50 masks, allowing for an easy grab-and-go set up when you need them. Additionally, knowing Ceemly has been producing masks in the USA for over 30 years and are committed to providing top quality at a value price should give you extra confidence in your purchase.

ceemly printed disposable face mask Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Aurabeam Store M95i Adult Face Mask


Traditional masks can sometimes seem a little flimsy, but that’s not the case with the Aurabeam Store M95i Adult Face Mask, which has a sculptured structure to provide comfortable breathing space. These masks are available in nine different colors, so you can choose the tone best for you. Each pack includes five masks which are all made from five-ply material. Plus, the ear loops are ultrasonically welded to the main mask material for a stronger and seamless joint.

aurabeam disposable mask Image courtesy of Amazon


7. CHTUS Disposable Face Masks


Having a stash of masks that you know both offer protection and a touch of style is a real achievement in COVID times. The all-black design of CHTUS Disposable Face Masks makes them an appealing and, dare we say it, versatile accessory for any outfit. They’re made of three-layered protective material and come in boxes of 50 individual masks. Additionally, they’re completely latex-free, so they are a suitable choice for anyone with allergies.

chtus disposable face masks Image courtesy of Amazon


8. KN95 Protective Respirator Face Mask


If you’ve got the hang of your reusable mask cycle and rarely use a disposable one, then this pack of 10 KN95 Protective Respirator Face Masks is a great back-up plan. Each mask features a metallic nose clip and has a structured design that provides a generous amount of breathing space compared to many more constricting models. In addition, they come packed in a resealable watertight packet to ensure they stay clean and dirt-free until you need to use them.

kn95 face masks medical Image courtesy of N95 Medical Supplies


9. N95 NIOSH ALG Soft Shell Masks


For the best air quality and protection from potentially harmful airborne particles, invest in the N95 NIOSH ALG Soft Shell Masks. They have endured intense inhalation testing to become certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which makes them suitable for use in medical environments. Each pack contains 20 masks which have been designed to fit most adults. Plus, the dual ear loops and adjustable nose wire offer you a handy amount of freedom when it comes to fitting the mask to your face.

n95 niosh masks soft shell Image courtesy of N95 Medical Supplies


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