The Big O: How To Enhance Her Pleasure in the Sack

female orgasm how to enhance pleasure
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* Female pleasure can be a hard problem to solve
* These 7 products set the mood and provide better orgasms for women
* Better sex for your lady friend means better sex for you

If you ask the average women, most men could use an education in female pleasure. The number of guys who have no idea about a woman’s anatomy is surprisingly high in today’s “everything is Google-able” society. Beyond that, many men forget sex is an act participated in by two people.

The good news is that if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve taken a positive step in ensuring sex is as pleasurable for your lady as it is for you. And while reading this article may be motivated by the most selfless intentions, it’s a deed that will surely have exponential returns in terms of your sex life and your own satisfaction – a win for everyone!

Below, we offer the seven best tips for enhancing her pleasure in bed. Invest in one or all of these products and start giving her better, longer orgasms ASAP.

1. Provide a Sensual Massage

Everyone likes massages, and it’s a 99% certainty that your partner won’t turn one down. Of course, massages can lead to full blown sex in little to no time, so this is a great way to get both of you in the mood. For a great sensual massage, you’ll need a good massage oil, like the Honeydew Sensual Massage Oil . It’s made with pure lavender, jojoba and almond oil with vitamin E. The oil won’t absorb too too fast, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your sensual connection.

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2. Put in the Work

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you want to know more about pleasing women during sexual intercourse. While we can provide plenty of tips, we would also recommend that you dive into the subject further by reading She Comes First by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.  This guide for men who are “ill-cliterate” explains the whys and hows behind female pleasure, especially in terms of oral sex. The book, which is available in paperback and as an ebook, contains dozens of tried and true methods for ensuring sexual fulfillment goes both ways.

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3. Get a Stimulating Lube For Her

The female sex drive is a mystery to many. When is there enough moisture to precede and when more is needed might be a question you’ve often asked yourself. More than 50% of women experience vaginal dryness, making the act rather painful. Therefore, it’s always a safe bet to have lubricant on hand, and the Ocean Sensuals Female Stimulating Gel is a good one to choose. In addition to providing smoother sex, this lube also includes a natural mint extract for a warming, tingling and super stimulating sensation for her.

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4. Set The Mood

One of the toughest parts of sex is getting your lady in the mood. A sure fire way to start the romance is to light a few candles. This Chesapeake Bay Stillness + Purity Scented Candle is a particularly good choice thanks to the included rose essential oil. Rose is a known aphrodisiac and an anxiety reliever. This two pack of candles has a burn time of 100 hours total and provides a soft light due to the frosted glass containers.

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5. Spice It Up

We’re pretty sure that everyone has had a fantasy about being tied up during sex at least once in their lives. That’s why handcuffs are probably the most common sex prop. Go one step further than those fuzzy pink handcuffs hidden in your drawer and get this PALOQUETH set of Restraints For Sex. The set contains ten pieces made out of plush leather and metal for bondage fun. Just be aware that using restraints isn’t for everyone. Be sure to get your partners consent before diving into the kinkier side of sex.

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6. Last Longer

If you’re one of the thousands of men that have a tendency to come before your partner, this tip is for you. The good news is you’re not alone. On average, men orgasm after five minutes of sex while women take about 18 minutes to reach peak pleasure. But by using Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray For Men , you’ll be able to last longer when you’re doing the dirty, giving your lady friend more time to enjoy herself. This spray allows men to last 64% longer and, as an added bonus, provides a more intense orgasm.

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7. Add a Toy

You can’t be expected to do all the work yourself, and if you find your lady is taking most of your energy, investing in a toy might make both you and her happy. While there are any number of sex toy variations on the market, a pretty simply place to start is with a vibrator. The Shibari Mini Halo Wand Massager boasts 20 different speeds and eight vibration patterns. Such a toy is sure to keep things fresh between the sheets.

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