These 10 Satisfying Fidget Toys Are Way Healthier Than Biting Your Nails and Doomscrolling

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If a meditation app doesn’t cut it, fidget spinners and other stress toys might be your ticket to better mental health. Using the best fidget toys for adults can help mitigate stress and anxiety, boredom, or burnout from work. Whether your issue is over-productivity or procrastination, these accessories can help you step back and take a breath. In 2022, more people are stressing out than ever, as shown in the statistics.

According to this American Psychological Association poll, tensions and stress levels have heightened from the pandemic, inflation, supply chain issues and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Stress in America survey from 2022 breaks it down even further. Based on their reports, a whopping 65% of Americans are stressed due to the economy, making this the highest figure in the category in more than six years. With so much global flux, it’s not a surprise that people feel like this.

That’s why fidget spinners and similar sensory gadgets are more popular than ever. For years, they’ve helped people with fidgeting, especially those with ADHD. While some of these toys require more attention, others can be fiddled with during other activities, making them perfect for multitasking during work or stressful situations. You might think stress toys will distract you from work, but some people have an increased ability to multitask when their hands are occupied. Playing with a stress toy can be more helpful than learning how to meditate for some folks.

Whether you like to calm those jitters quietly or with a satisfying click, there is a range of entertaining options to help you power through that Zoom meeting or unlock some hidden creativity, including spinners, squishy balls and push pop toys. Here are the best fidget toys to keep calm, no matter why you fidget.


1. Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon


This toy is like ten toys in one. Known as the fidget Dodecagon, this 12-side cube relieves stress and the need to fidget with all sorts of sensory goodies. It keeps your mind and fingers occupied as the user does everything from flicking and flicking to rolling and spinning. Including buttons, a joystick, and buuilt=in mini stress balls, this toy will enhance your mood and lower your stress.

Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon Courtesy of Amazon


2. Daily Vibrations Infinity Cube


This semi-alloy metal fidget cube by Daily Vibrations comes in a dreamy, marbled color that’ll enhance your desktop or bedroom decor. Whether you’re a nail-biter or a leg-shaker, this durable cube will help calm your brain and body. With rounded edges, it’s comfortable for prolonged periods in your hand, and users comment on how smooth the material feels versus cheaper models. Available in a range of colors.

Daily Vibrations Infinity Cube Courtesy of Amazon


3. ONO Roller Jr


This silent hand roller made from aluminum can help massage cramping hand muscles, making it one of the best fidget toys for anyone who types a lot or suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s quieter than other sensory toys and doesn’t disrupt focus. Although it’s available in a larger size for bigger hands, most people find the Junior size more comfortable. A more grown-up option that gives your hand a bit of a workout.

ONO Roller Jr Courtesy of Amazon


4. Yogi Fidget Toy


Tiny enough to fit on a finger, these fidget rings are sold in singles or sets of two. Play with different fingers with this miniature tool. It’s significantly smaller than any other fidget toys out there, and most buyers seem to like that you can hook it over a finger. However, its tiny size makes it easy to misplace, so keep it in a designated spot!

Yogi Fidget Toy Courtesy of Amazon


5. Funmode Fluorescent Push Pop Bubble Toy

BEST nighttime

If you like to fidget in the dark or before bed, consider these glow-in-the-dark silicone push pop bubbles, one of the best fidget toys for nighttime usage. Sold in a set of two, these attractive and affordable accessories provide that bubble-popping experience to help decompress, along with the added perk of being fluorescent. The material is thick and sturdy silicone; brightness-wise, customers note that it gives off a “noticeable warm glow.”

Funmode Fluorescent Push Pop Bubble Toy Courtesy of Amazon


6. Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls


These squishy stress balls filled with nontoxic gel are oh-so-satisfying to squeeze. Available in a pack of three, they even change colors as the user squeezes. Yellow changes to orange, blue to green and pink to purple as your stress washes away with this stimulating sensory ball. The squeezing action can also help strengthen hands, wrists and fingers. Durable enough to withstand extreme stretching, smashing and squeezing.

Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls Courtesy of Amazon

7. WEARTCRAFT Pop it Fidget Toy


Sold in bright hues and black, this push pop toy is a classic for reducing anxiety and maintaining focus. Made from washable, BPA-free silicone, this soft yet unbreakable toy can be used in infinite ways – push pop bubbles in line, squeeze it, or use it as a frisbee with your dog! Adults like that it’s offered in a more muted color scheme since bright colors can distract some people.

WEARTCRAFT Pop it Fidget Toy Courtesy of Amazon


8. Portable Fidget Spinner Tool


This industrial-looking fidget spinner has a cool, masculine look far from the rainbow versions often found in schools. That’s because it also doubles as a multi-tool for handy work. Six heads ( (two straight screwdriver bits, two Phillips, and two Torx tips) snap into the star-like handle with magnets, while ceramic bearings help it spin more smoothly. A must-have for anyone who works with tools and is looking for a playful fidget gadget.

Portable Fidget Spinner Tool Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


9. Nate’s 3D Printed Gifts Flexible Slug Fidget Toy


This cool 3D-printed slug doubles as desktop decor and is one of the best fidget toys. Available in a rainbow hue and other colors in finishes like silk and marble, these flexible articulated slugs spin and rotate, making a satisfying sound as they swish around in your hand. Along with being one of the best calming hacks for your workday, the detail on these creatures makes them a gorgeous piece of art to display on a desk.

Nate's 3D Printed Gifts Flexible Slug Fidget Toy Courtesy of Etsy


10. Happierly Push Pop Fidget Toy


We had to give this unique push pop toy a shoutout. One of the best fidget toys for adults, Happierly’s compact push pop toy comes in a round shape and grown-up color options like Black Coffee, Sage and Terracotta. A stylish addition to your desk that you won’t have to hide, you’ll never get bored of the soothing, repetitive motion of popping all these bubbles, then flipping it over and starting again.

Happierly Push Pop Fidget Toy Courtesy of Amazon


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