These 10 Popular Tracker Apps and Journals Can Help You Meet Your Goals

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Everyone has good intentions. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, learn to play the guitar or ensure you speak to family at least once a week, most people would say they have a habit they’d love to achieve. The problems is, when it comes to staying on track and actually sticking to your guns, it’s all too easy to forget, be too busy, or get distracted with a different goal.

From making a list, working in a clean environment, and minimizing procrastination, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you achieve your goals. Another thing which can help is understanding the four-stage process behind building a new habit: the cue, craving, response and reward. Together, these approaches put you on the best path to adding a new habit into your day-to-day life or meeting your highest goals.

If you’re trying to reach a goal or build a new habit, it’s always good to write down your progress as you go. There are both apps and planners that work as goal trackers. These give you a record of your efforts and let you see how you’re doing. Some of the available apps include the ability to chart your data for a visual representation of progress on your smartphone. For those who prefer a written record, the book-like planners are full of pages of useful grids and guides to help you make the most of your time.

Stop saying “I should X” and start doing it for real with the help of these goal trackers.

1. Productive – Habit Tracker


If you have habits you want to keep track of or you want to introduce new ones into your daily life, the Productive app can help. With the app on your phone, you’ll be able to choose what days of the week you want to add these habits and at what time of day you want to do them, too.

So you don’t forget, the app provides reminders, and you’ll be kept motivated by seeing your wins presented in running streaks. After all, who wants to break their streak? There’s also space for keeping your personal notes, especially for times when you do skip a day.

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2. Strides: Habit Tracker


This handy app was made to help you keep track of your personal goals, expectations and your habits, whether they’re good or bad. After you choose exactly what you’d like to keep track of, the handy assistant will provide a pace line to let you see where you need to be each day. The app offers users the choice of four different types of tracker, meaning it’s easy to track anything you want, from the amount of water you’re drinking to a money-saving target. You’ll also be able to customize each tracker and view helpful charts of your progress, too.

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3. ATracker Time Tracker


Requiring minimal setup, the ATracker Time Tracker app is a simple way to keep tabs on where you’re spending your time. Whether it’s working, commuting, watching TV or working out at the gym, this comprehensive time-tracking app means you’ll see exactly where your time is going. You’ll also have access to bar and pie charts, which provide a visual representation of your time usage and can also be shared on your favorite social media sites. Plus, the app lets you customize your experience by choosing the theme and background style you see.

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4. – Goal Tracking


One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to achieving your goals is staying motivated. Luckily, in the app, you’ll get real coaches to keep you motivated. Whether it’s through chats, reminders, or questions you have, you’ll have a real world person on the other end to keep motivation high. Adding goals to the app is done by choosing between several options, including “personally grow,” “get fit,” “practice a skill” and more. Then, once you have completed one of your daily tasks, it becomes highlighted in green. There’s also an activity screen which lets you see what you’ve been doing, including streaks of accomplishments as well as space for adding comments.

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5. Way of Life – Habit Tracker


The Way of Life app comes recommended by Forbes, The New York Times and LifeHacker as a way to help you build good habits and get rid of bad ones. It’s easy to keep track of your routines using the intelligent color coding system, and if any habits get forgotten or ignored, there are plenty of available reminders to get you back on the right track. You’ll also find space to jot down what caused any lapse, while the available charts let you see your trends over time, allowing you to correct your ways or reward yourself.

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6. Evrim Pursuit Goal Journal


If you think your progress monitoring is better suited to a physical book instead of a phone-based app, the Evrim Pursuit Goal Journal is a solid choice. Inside the velvet-laminated cover, you’ll find plenty of space for writing down the things you want to get done. Whether you want to write a novel, get fit or achieve a promotion, with the weekly “single funnel-down visual,” you’ll be well set to realize your long term, monthly and weekly goals. You’ll also enjoy tips and inspirational quotes to help you stay motivated, too.

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7. Free Period Press Habit Calendar


For anyone who prefers looking at the bigger picture, the Free Period Press Habit Calendar provides undated pages with a simple tick-off grid with space for all of your daily, weekly and monthly habits. Without over complicating the tasks at hand, you simply write in what you’re aiming to do and mark it off when it’s done. There’s also an included “Habit Brainstorm Guide” to help you choose the right habits to focus on, along with a different illustrated theme every month. The made-in-the-USA calendar is printed on recycled paper and great for nightstands, wall hanging or even carrying in your college backpack.

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8. DoBoard Large


The DoBoard Large is a great option for open display around the house. By hanging the board in your bedroom or kitchen, it’ll help to keep your tasks fresh in your mind and help prevent forgetfulness. It also sports a magnetic back, making it easy to hang it on the refrigerator or filing cabinet. The week-long grid starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday and has enough space for 15 different tasks for the week, with space to mark them off once they are completed. This is also ideal for family households with children who have to complete chores, homework or other daily tasks.

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9. Next Level Daily Planner


Where the DoBoard minimizes the amount of information you can jot down, the Next Level Daily Planner sits at the other end of the spectrum. This comprehensive planner has daily pages, monthly pages, personal reflection pages and space for tracking habits, too. You’ll find an elastic closure and ribbon bookmark to help you keep your place. Plus, it’s also available in a range of colors, including black, purple and teal.

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10. The Phoenix Goal Planner


The Phoenix Goal Planner is another comprehensive option for your goal monitoring needs. There are six months worth of pages for your daily, weekly and monthly schedules along with a range of other fun-filled pages like “Create Your Life Vision” and “Set Smart Goals” as well as a further 26 clear pages for your personal notes. The planner itself sports an elegant hardcover, lay-flat binding, a fabric bookmark and an expandable back pocket.

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