14 Halloween Face Masks That’ll Make Spooky Social Distancing Easier This Year

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Needless to say, this year Halloween is going to look quite different than in year’s past. COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines iare going to make standard Halloween celebratory festivities like trick or treating, haunted houses and pumpkin patches look different. Are they impossible? Absolutely not. Can we still celebrate Halloween? For sure, we just have to take the right precautions.

Some Halloween costumes already have masks incorporated into them, so if you’re planning on rocking one of those to your local neighborhood socially-distanced festivities then you’re good to go. Some Halloween festivities, like carving jack o’ lanterns, decorating your house, watching scary movies and gorging yourself on Halloween treats are COVID-friendly and won’t require too much shifting. Even though we can’t freely give out candy to large groups of people or share an apple bobbing tub at the current moment, we can still get in the spirit of the holiday. What better way to do that in the current health climate than with Halloween face masks.

Whether you’re looking for a costume that’s safe to celebrate in around others or just want something spirited to rock on your next trip to the grocery store here are the best Halloween face masks we could find.

1. Adult Halloween Face Mask 5-Pack

This Halloween face mask variety pack will give you all the Hallow’s Eve vibes you’re looking for with a variety of spooky patterns that truly check all of the boxes. The masks are dust proof and breathable and can be washed and reused easily. From pumpkins to cats, skulls and even a large haunted house these masks are the perfect compliment to an everyday look with a little Halloween flair thrown in.

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2. Adult Reusable Halloween Face Mask Bandanas

Another variety pack aimed at the Halloween holiday, this face mask pack comes with five masks made of environmentally-friendly, comfortable material that’s soft and breathable. Each mask has a different fun, lively Halloween pattern on it and a mask filter slot in case you want to insert more protection. The ear loops are easy to adjust and the masks are made to fit most people’s head types.

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3. Creepy Mouth Halloween Face Mask 4-Pack

These creepy Halloween mouths match up perfectly with your mouth for a spooky Halloween face look that’s safe at the same time. The masks vary in their look and theme with the joker and other recognizable characters also in the mix. These masks are made of ice silk cotton that’s comfortable to wear and effective at wicking sweat while staying breathable. These masks also have a 3D nose clip and elastic ear loops for making these masks as comfortable as possible.

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4. Halloween Neck Gaiter Balaclava

If you’re looking for more of a costume that includes a mask, this balaclava comes in a variety of patterns including the pictured Day of the Dead design that’s spooky, on-brand for the holiday and comfortable to wear. It also fulfills your mask requirement and is built with super stretchy fabric and an ear hanging design that won’t pull or stifle in ways that other masks can.

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5. Kids Halloween Face Mask 5-Pack

Our kiddos need a safe way to celebrate this spooky holiday too, and they can with these fun Halloween-printed face masks. They have adjustable ear loops and are made to fit most kids faces. You can also wash them in cold water and use them again and again.

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6. GelConnie Punk Leather Motorcycle Face Mask

This is not a strictly Halloween face mask, as it’s designed to look like a tough, rugged motorcycle-themed mask, but with the blood splatter it definitely works for Halloween as well. This half-face mask is made with canvas on the outside and cotton on the inside for comfort. The rivets are zinc alloy and the intimidating design is also size-adjustable so it can work for men and women.

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7. Disposable Halloween Face Mask 50-Pack

If you’re working in an office that uses disposable masks and want to add in a dose of Halloween fun pick up this pack. Each mask is lightweight, thin and made with elastic ear loops for a secure fit all day. These masks are made to be thrown away after each use, so if you’re looking to buy in bulk but not compromise on a high-quality filtration system and waterproof design, pick these up before October descends upon us.

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8. LOLONG Halloween Face Mask Bandana

This is another face mask/ neck gaiter that’s got a colorful, vibrant design for rocking on Halloween and in everyday life as well. We love the Day of the Dead theme that’s unique and applicable to the holiday. Plus, the skeleton mouth lines up with yours when worn properly for a spooky effect. This neck gaiter is made to be worn comfortably by both men and women.

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9. Sojourner Spooky Halloween Bandana Face Masks 9-Pack

This variety pack comes with nine Halloween bandana masks that are truly creepy and perfect for the holiday. A covered face is scary enough most of the time, but these masks bump it up a notch with their bright designs evocative of classic horror film characters and Halloween tropes alike. They’ve got versatility and can be worn in a multitude of ways, but we recommend covering your nose and mouth for this particular occasion.

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10. iHeartRaves Halloween Neck Gaiter Scarf

Purge vibes, anyone? This recognizable mask face is creepy to say the least, and now it’s been printed on a neck gaiter scarf so you can wear it on Halloween and beyond. This multifunctional design is as practical as it is scary so you can creep out others and keep them safe at the same time.

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11. Cotton Anime Face Mask for Men, Women and Children

These face masks will fit adults and children over the age of nine years old, and the simple Halloween-esque designs don’t go overboard with complexity. We like the straightforward jack o’ lantern teeth and intimidating smiles, with a few neutral ones thrown in as well so you have some to wear after Halloween is over. This six pack comes with a mix of the possible masks shown below, all of which have elastic ear loops for an adjustable fit.

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12. SocialDistance6FT Halloween Friends Mask

This clever rendition of the “FRIENDS” poster with classic Halloween characters is a great, festive mask for the spooky season that’s sure to catch a few eyes. Pennywise, Freddy Kruger and Chuckie are all ready to ring in the holiday with you and, ironically, keep you and others safe from the scariest thing of all — catching and spreading COVID-19. Make the safe choice in style with this unique mask.

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13. Wednesday Adams I Am Smiling Face Mask

Another unique Halloween-esque design, this Wednesday mask is sure to bring smiles to others’ faces while you’re wearing it. Smiling in a mask is a funny thing isn’t it? Thankfully this delightful Halloween mask will make sure others know what your temperament is this holiday.

Wednesday adams Halloween face masks, best Halloween face masks Courtesy of Etsy


14. Jack Skellington Halloween Face Mask

This high-quality Jack Skellington mask is the perfect accessory to wear this Halloween. It has great spooky vibes and a great big, creepy smile that stretches from ear to ear, literally, in this mask. Reference a Halloween classic and keep others safe with this Nightmare halloween face mask.

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