Headache Hats: The Strange, Albeit Genius Remedy for Headaches, Migraines and Similar Maladies

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You know the feeling. You’re sitting at work, on a plane or driving in the car and suddenly it hits you. A headache. Or, even worse, a migraine. The aching feeling sinks in and you know you’re in for an uncomfortable afternoon. From screen-filled workdays to the latest headlines about our world, there’s no shortage of things that can cause tension in your noggin. Whether it’s a stress-induced headache after a particularly long workday or a migraine caused by genetics (been there!), pain in your head can be distracting at best, and downright debilitating at worst.

Thankfully, because of how many migraine sufferers there are out there, there are also plenty of remedies for the situation. From blue light glasses that protect against eye strain to acupressure devices, there are plenty of ways to keep headache pain at bay. One of the most unique methods we’ve come across? Headache hats. These convenient wearable devices are designed to soothe your headache pain, and give you some drug-free relief when you need it most.

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What Are Headache Hats?

Headache hats are essentially wearable ice packs that mold to the shape of your head. They’re meant to be worn over your eyes to block out light, a common irritant during a migraine, and some cover your ears to block out sound as well. They’re made with soft, comfortable material and are perfect for taking a mid-afternoon nap or snooze to sleep through the discomfort. There are a bunch available nowadays, so we decided to round up the best ones on the market. If you’ve tried everything to soothe your pain and nothing has worked, or you’re always down to try a new all-natural remedy, here are some highly rated headache hats that are worth a purchase.


Magic Gel Store Headache and Migraine Relief Cap

This headache hat from Magic Gel store comes backed by a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after over 9,000 reviews. It’s made to be worn as a cap just over your temples if you’re remedying a tension headache, or as an ice mask if you need it to cover your entire face. The cooling sensation helps with relaxation, can distract you from your pain and can even lull you to sleep. It’s made with medical-grade liquid gel and a premium PVC cover that’s resistant to tearing and leaking. The ice pack is made to stretch to fit most head shapes and can be kept in the fridge or freezer depending on what’s easier for you.

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2. The Original Headache Hat

This Original Headache Hat also comes with a ton of great ratings, and has three rows of ice packs built in for flexible, soothing relief. The headache hat is made from a soft spandex blend of materials and is designed for comfort. It’s wide enough to cover your head and slide over your eyes to block out the light. It’s got a patented design for targeting specific pain points and the ice is designed to not melt, leak or drip on you. You can also flip the band over mid-session for a longer-lasting cooling effect.

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TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Hat

This stretchable compression headband is another form of a headache hat that’s got double seams for fitting every face, and a 360° cooling design. It’s form-fitting, has double seams for comfort and has no hard inserts or velcro that can be irritating. All you’ve got to do is freeze it in the included Ziplock storage bag between uses for at least two hours and you’re in business. The black material blocks out light and it’s made to exert no unnecessary pressure.

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Hilph Head Migraine Ice Head Wrap

This headache hat from Hilph is a wearable ice pack designed to fit most head shapes with a Velcro strap in the back for a customized fit. It’s made of premium napped cloth and skin-friendly soft fabric that keeps it from slipping off your head. It’s got a V-shaped cutout in front for easier breathing and a contoured fit, and it can be used hot or cold depending on what you need. Place it in the freezer for at least two hours or in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and you’re in business.

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FOMI Migraine Gel Ice Hat

This migraine hat from FOMI is built for coverage across your forehead and around your head, excluding the top of your head. It’s got an adjustable fastener for closure that adjusts to your head for a secure, customized fit. It’s designed to target specific pressure points on your head for relief and is made with non-toxic, medical-grade liquid and a premium nylon cover. The cover is crafted to resist tearing and leaking, is machine washable, and the removable inserts can be wiped down to clean.

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REVIX Migraine Ice Head Wrap for Headaches

This migraine ice head wrap from REVIX combines the benefits of compression and cold cryotherapy for pain relief from migraines, headaches and other maladies. The wrap is made from stretchy neoprene fabric that tailors its shape to your head. There’s an extra large pocket inside for the REVIX ice pack that’s got a lower freezing point so the gel stays pliable even when frozen. It’s got a universal fit and 3D design for fitting most head shapes. It’s also designed to stay on securely for convenient, hands-free use.

REVIX migraine headache relief hat, headache hats Courtesy of Amazon


Headache Hat: GO

This slimmer, smaller version of the Headache Hat has a flexible design and removable ice cubes that target the temples and forehead for more concentrated coverage. The cooling cubes inside are all connected, and the wrap itself is made of cotton, spandex and micro fleece for a super comfortable fit. This band design is lighter weight and easier to wear so you can take it on-the-go if need be. The ice inside is coated in a thin layer of plastic for less leakage, and it can be used anywhere on the body you need pain relief.

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NEWGO Migraine Ice Cap

This is a fully enclosed ice cap that’s got four removable gel caps inside for soothing relief from headaches, migraines, sinus pain, scalp pain and more. The hat itself is made from soft fleece material and has an adjustable drawstring for a customized fit with more or less pressure. It stays flexible even after it’s been frozen and the gel inside is formulated to stay colder, longer.

NEWGO migraine ice cap, headache hats Courtesy of Amazon


Ice Beanie

The Ice Beanie is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a soothing cold hat for natural pain relief. It’s got full head coverage and an adjustable, comfortable fit that’s different from the bulkier ice wraps included above. It still has ice packs built in that’ll freeze within 45-60 minutes once placed in the freezer, and is made from soft polyester material. It’s form-fitting and flexible, and is very simple to freeze and wear.

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Acurelief Headache & Migraine Relief Hat

This headache hat is designed to provide an instant cooling sensation to soothe head and neck pain, and has a flexible fit for just the right amount of compression. It’s super therapeutic, easy to use and provides on-demand relief, rather than painkillers that can take minutes or hours to kick in effectively. The gel packs are designed to freeze and refreeze within an hour, and they’re designed to stay colder longer.

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