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Here’s How to Properly Store Your Cannabis Stash

According to the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, cannabis can last up to two years when properly stored. But baggies can quickly lead to stale or dry bud that quickly loses freshness. So how do you properly store your cannabis stash?

Proper storage depends on creating an environment where marijuana won’t quickly degrade. For that, you need to eliminate UV rays and oxygen as well as maintain proper humidity levels and temperatures. UV rays can actually burn up cannabinoids, and excess moisture levels can encourage the growth of mold.

Additionally, oxygen speeds up the degradation process and high temperatures can dry out your precious strains, which is why cannabis chef and cookbook author Tracey Medeiros tells us, “The best way to store cannabis is in an airtight glass container, out of direct sunlight. It is important to label the storage container with the date and contents. Store in a cool, dark place — but not in the refrigerator or freezer.”

Why Do you Need a Cannabis Container?

To enhance the life of your cannabis, you can store it in an airtight container, and remember to avoid plastic bags at all costs, as they can degrade aroma and potency fast, turning buds stale.

Many of us spend hundreds if not thousands yearly on cannabis, and, proper storage can help keep that precious flower remain as potent and aromatic as the day you bought it. If you don’t smoke too frequently and want your bud to last longer, proper storage will help it last. Additionally, a cannabis container is necessary as a safety precaution for those who have kids or pets in the household.

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Myths About Storing Cannabis

1. It can be put in a plastic bag

While storing weed in a plastic or Ziploc bag might be convenient, it quickly degrades flavor and quality. In fact, placing weed in a plastic bag can rip away trichomes, or crystals, which is what helps give your herb its potency. If you need to go plastic, opt for a vacuum sealer instead, which will extract air.

2. Weed can be frozen to maintain freshness

Excessively cold air can make trichomes brittle, voiding your herb of valuable terpenes and cannabinoids. It might also encourage the growth of mold, since you can’t control the temperature or humidity in your fridge or freezer. Instead, keep it at room temperature, using humidity packets to add freshness.

3. You can use a tobacco humidor

This is a big no! You can actually buy cannabis-specific humidors from brands like Cannador. Tobacco humidors are made with cedarwood, which can negatively impact the flavor of your cannabis. Instead, brands like Cannador craft their humidors with solid mahogany, which doesn’t have the same effect. If your weed is currently sitting in a plastic bag, we recommend switching to a material like metal or glass, ideally with airtight technology, such as a silicone ring.

Now that we’ve gotten some myths out of the way, keep reading to learn how to store marijuana the right way.

How Do You Know If Cannabis Has Gone Bad?

You can tell if cannabis has lost its freshness if it crumbles easily and takes on a brown hue. To keep buds vibrant and fresh long term, don’t follow any of the myths above. Instead, we suggest trying one of our vetted containers, which keeps cannabis in its original state, preserving flavor, scent and THC crystals. In fact, the best airtight containers below can actually cure the buds, which enhances potency over time.

Pre-rolled joints can also go bad due to oxygen exposure. If you like to roll your joints ahead of time, consider placing them in a tube-shaped storage solution to preserve quality.

Here are some important factors to pay attention to when it comes to properly storing your cannabis stash:

  • Temperature: If you want to keep mold and mildew far away from your cannabis, be sure to keep it at temperatures below 75 F.
  • Light: When cannabis is exposed to light, it breaks down faster. Avoid this degradation by keeping your product in a dark place like cupboards or drawers. Some containers have built-in UV protection. Jeff Finnerty, VP and Head of Marketing at cannabis operator AYR Wellness comments, “When it comes to storing cannabis, light penetration is everything. Too much light will degrade the cannabinoid and terpene properties of the flower, so it’s recommended to keep the flower in a dark, air-tight jar.”
  • Humidity: Cannabis cookbook authors Larry Smith and Melanie Abrams tell us, “Moisture is the biggest threat to cannabis because it promotes mold and mildew, and no one wants their dank weed … well … dank. But without some humidity, your flower loses important components like terpenes which not only give cannabis its distinctive smell but can help give you the effect your after (strains high in the terpene linalool, for example, promote relaxation).” Keeping cannabis too dry will age it quickly while keeping it too moist can promote mold growth. To combat this, consider pairing with a humidity packet (55-62%), which can infuse just the right amount of moisture.
  • Air control – Oxygen levels can have a major impact on your cannabis. It’s the reason why jars and vacuum-sealed bags are a top choice; they keep oxygen out, which keeps buds as fresh as possible. That’s also why the size of your storage matters. Khalid Al-Naser, Head of Product at premium cannabis extract brand Raw Garden, says, “One of the most common mistakes people make when storing weed is leaving too much headspace in the jar. You want there to be very little space between the lid and the product to store it properly.”

If you want to learn how to store marijuana in a way that maintains its quality, locks in smell, and keeps it away from prying eyes, check out our favorite tools that keep your cannabis fresh and safe. These weed storage solutions include childproof options as well.

Read on and choose the right storage containers for you.


1. Staze Vacuum Seal Jar Trio


Staze’s gorgeous design combined with vacuum seal technology makes this a winner in our eyes. It features a hand-operated vacuum pump, removing all the air to keep your bud fresher for longer. It comes in a trio set for different strains, coming in at just under $15.00 a jar, but they’re also sold individually. Sold in a minimalist aesthetic and unique color choices that you’ll be proud to display. Plus, a built-in activated carbon filter makes it smell-proof and safe for your adventures.

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Courtesy of Staze

2. Planetary Design Cannascape Storage Canister


Dried-out buds that have lost their smell and taste are always a disappointment. This Cannascape storage canister solves that with its innovative, patented Airscape technology. A two-way valve works hard to push out air and locks out humidity, keeping your cannabis as fresh as possible for a longer period of time. Once you hear that “swoosh” sound, the valve is in action. A stash chart on the back with various checkboxes and empty fields ensures that you always know what’s in your jar at all times.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Ball Regular Mouth 32-Ounces Mason Jar with Lids and Bands


Mason jars are probably the most traditional way to store cannabis, and many users could benefit from using these glass jars over plastic baggies. These are the jars farmers use to bottle jams and pickles for the winter months, and the same principle applies to marijuana storage. Plastic bags allow buds to become dried out and lose their potency. They also lack protection, causing harmful crumble. However, mason jars offer the protection of sturdy glass, block out moisture and are readily available for purchase. If you’re using Mason jars for your stash, fill the jars 3/4 of the way full so that there isn’t too much air trapped in the container with your cannabis.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. CVault Humidity Control Airtight Stash Container


If you’re looking for an industrial option that can store a hefty amount of cannabis, consider this CVault humidity-control container, which is great for bulk buys. It comes with complementary Boveda humidity packets and can fit up to 50 grams of baking herbs. Unlike glass or plastic containers, the food-grade stainless steel exterior blocks UVB, while a silicone ring and clamps ensure an airtight, waterproof and smell-proof result.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Canlock The Stash


A compact and stylish option unlike anything else on the market, the Canlock has no shortage of designer and classic cannabis storage containers. Their larger size can hold up to 7 grams, while the mini version can store up to 4. The transparent vessel is made from glass and features an airlock pump that creates a pressurized seal. Also offered in a range of solid colors, prints like camouflage, and more psychedelic, graffiti-inspired artwork. If you’re looking for a simple way to store your marijuana, Canlock’s option is a great place to start.

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Courtesy of Canlock

6. Stori Stash Box


Stori is more than a well-designed place to keep your cannabis — it’s a full-on system. It comes with several storage pods to hold flower, and they’re all color-coded and come with dry-erase markers, so you can write strains and dates down. It contains six jars and six doob tubes which are all made of food-safe aluminum. All the pods are both pet and child-proof. Stori describes their storage solution as something that helps cannabis lovers “celebrate their lifestyle, rather than hide it.”

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Courtesy of Stori

7. Boveda 72 Percent RH 2-Way Humidity Control


Humidity is key to extending the life of your herb, and Boveda is a great way to control the relative humidity in any container. Boveda is a two-way humidity product, which means it can add or remove moisture to maintain a specific moisture level. It contains a natural salt, water and a thickening agent inside a reverse osmosis membrane. Boveda only allows 100% pure water vapor to go in or out. As a result, cannabis loses less moisture and maintains its weight longer. Depending on which type of cannabis you cultivate or use, Boveda is available in several different humidity levels.

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8. Sure Cure Classic Jar


This temp-detecting jar by Sure Cure is the future of cannabis storage. This 1/2-ounce jar has a lid that shows both the temperature and humidity inside the jar, allowing you to adjust as necessary. In addition, the jar is made out of see-through glass, so that you can always view the bud inside. Plus, the innovative labeling system lets you write the strain name in wet-erase ink and classify your bud into one of three categories, namely Indica, hybrid or Sativa. Altogether, these features make the Sure Cure Classic Jar a great high-tech option for keeping your cannabis fresher for longer.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. HELMET HEAD Smell Proof Bag


One of the many things to worry about when storing cannabis is the distinctive smell. You don’t want everyone to know where you’ve got your stash because they can smell it. The best solution to weed stink is to keep your bud in a smell-proof container, like the HELMET HEAD Smell Proof Bag. This bag uses activated charcoal technology to keep weed smells in the bag. It also has a combination lock for keeping your stash safe.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Safe Locker 420 Smell and Child Proof Case


Although many brands try to make weed storage devices that keep cannabis out of the hands of children, kids are pretty curious by nature, and they sneak into all sorts of places that they’re not supposed to. As a result, some “childproof” solutions aren’t worthy of the name. However, this secure and formidable safe locker will keep out even the most resourceful kids. Not only does it keep the smell in, but the polycarbonate box is lined with padded rubber, so even if your kid shakes it around to try to guess what it might be, the contents stay safe inside thanks to impressive shock absorbency. The case itself requires a key to open, and the included jars also have child-safe openings.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

11. The Apothecarry Box


If you like to keep multiple strains of cannabis, you probably need a different storage option for each of them. While there are more basic options available on the market, this Apothecarry stash box is top-of-the-line in terms of quality, ensuring you’ll never have to replace it. This gorgeous stash box comes with four glass jars with customizable labels and humidity control, moisture-retaining packets, four containers for dabs/oils, and elastic straps to keep it all in place. Oh, and there’s a removable rolling tray. There’s really nothing more comprehensive out there for the passionate cannasseur.

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Image courtesy of The Apothcarry Case


12. Herb Guard Smell Proof Stash Jar


The smell-proof Herb Guard carries up to one ounce and will keep your strains fresh for months. It’s constructed out of thick glass with a sharp black finish and a classy logo. UV protection stops this scratch and smell-proof jar from harmful rays but lets infrared and UV-A  light in to enhance preservation. The Herb Guard also comes with a complimentary humidity bag, to make sure your flower doesn’t dry out too fast.

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Courtesy of Amazon

13. TÜS Smell Proof Bag


Sometimes a box is bulky and hard to store, but this flexible smell-proof bag can be tucked away anywhere and takes up significantly less space. Lined with carbon and featuring airtight closure, this pouch is as discreet as can be and can fit easily in backpacks. It’s the perfect way to store cannabis while you travel. With the appearance of a small pencil case, this versatile travel accessory also has dual mesh pockets for organization and double Velcro closure. Users love the odor-proof nature, which has been described as “impenetrable.”

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Image courtesy of Amazon

14. Swag Gear Wooden Stash Box with Rolling Tray


This handcrafted stash box really does it all. It makes a striking accent piece on a coffee table, and best of all, no one would suspect that cannabis sits inside of it. Designed by Swag Gear, this premium box sets a luxury standard for all marijuana storage. It opens up to a full-size, removable wood rolling tray, with a pre-carved rolling tray built into the lid. The rolling tray even comes with a magnetic scraper that holds to the tray.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

15. Alltrapod Large Capacity Container Bundle


Perhaps you already have a place to store your precious flower but need a place to hold a fragile spliff. Joints are notorious for bending, flattening, or even breaking when they’re not stored in a proper container. Enter the space-saving Alltrapod containers. These four tubes are easily color-coded and come with an O-Ring sealed cap. Waterproof capabilities stop your joints from getting wet in these plastic containers, which also refuse to let skunky smells escape.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

16. MegaWise Vacuum Sealer


Excess oxygen exposure is one of the biggest factors contributing to cannabis degradation. The best way to prevent your stash from coming into contact with too much oxygen is to remove as much of it as possible from your bags or jars using a vacuum sealer. These devices suck out as much air as possible, leaving just your weed inside its container. The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer works with most plastic bags, but an attachment that allows it to vacuum seal jars is also available.

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Courtesy of Amazon


17. Honeypuff Light Up LED Magnifying Viewing Jar


If your house is dimly lit or you only like to imbibe at night without disturbing the rest of the household consider Honeypuff’s “Magni-Stash” jar, which features LED lights and a built-in magnifying glass so that you can inspect your bud with ease. Don’t worry — they don’t sacrifice quality for visibility. Heavy-duty plastic that’s BPA-free makes sure the freshness is sealed in. Plus, no battery is needed — simply plug in the included USB charging cable and get ready for 12 hours of light-up action.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

18. ONGROK Color-Coded Smell Proof Storage Jar


Are you always getting your Sativas, Indicas and hybrids mixed up? These smell-proof storage jars are elegantly color-coded and have air-tight sealing capabilities. They’re ideal if you have younger family members since the lid is child-resistant. Wondering about that frosted appearance? That’s UV-resistant borosilicate glass that filters our light so your cannabis smells and tastes as fresh as ever. Each jar holds up to 14 grams of marijuana.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

19. Burp Lids 12 Pack Curing Kit For Home Harvesters


If you’re growing your own weed at home rather than heading to the local dispensary, consider this curing kit, complete with 12 burp lids that fit on all mason jars. Curing is the slow process of removing moisture from buds after they’ve matured. This kit for home harvesters also includes an extraction pump, ensuring a tight seal for the best cure possible. Never hang dry your herbs again with this functional and unique kit which also acts as a long-term storage solution.

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20. GRAV Smell-Proof Pouch


This chic accessory can live in your catchall tray at home or come with you wherever your smoking adventures take you. It’s a discreet carbon-based pouch with a rubber-lined zipper that keeps the smell from escaping, making it suitable for travel, and features a woven upper with a leather bottom and keychain loop. Held shut by velcro, it contains multiple mesh pockets that can carry paraphernalia and munches.

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Courtesy of GRAV

21. Mason-Re Doja Exclusive Stacked Classic


This brand takes its unique technology and applies it to our everyday mason jar. The re:stash jar fits up to half an ounce and is comprised of a silicone koozie that fits a mason jar, paired with a child-resistant lid made from eco fiber. Not only is this product completely sustainable, but it’s also the first of its kind. The lids on the Doja Exclusive Stacked Classic are made from 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers.

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Courtesy of Mason:Re

22. Honeypuff Waterproof Aluminum Stash Jar


If your concern is water getting into your stash jar, check out the stylish Honeypuff Herb Stash Jar which is made from premium aluminum alloy with the added precaution of a seal ring. Unlike glass, it doesn’t reveal your precious contents, and the material keeps your flower 100% airtight and fresh.

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