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Review: The Hypervolt Plus Is the Premium Massage Gun You’ve Been Looking For

The Verdict: Yeah, it’s expensive, but the Hypervolt Plus is a premium massage gun that earns its stellar reputation. With a super quiet motor, intelligent design and flexible settings, this massage gun delivers plenty of relief to sore muscles.

In case you hadn’t heard, massage guns are currently all the rage. For as much time as we spend working on our bodies, we’ve got to spend an equal amount of time taking care of them after the fact — mostly because not doing so only leads to more wear and tear. Percussive massagers like the Theragun and Hpervolt have become commonplace in high-end fitness studios like a Barry’s Bootcamp, NBA locker rooms physical therapists’ offices. They’re popular for a simple reason: they work wonders on relieving muscle soreness after a long workout.

That relief can make all the difference if you’re a person that works out with any sort of regularity. And while these devices can cost some serious cash, the Hypervolt Plus should be at the top of the list if you’re looking at bringing this kind of relief out of the studio and into your home.

Up to now, SPY’s massage gun reviews have emphasized affordability, but the Hypervolt Plus from Hyperice is definitely a top-of-the-line massage gun. After testing it out, I can tell you that it was definitely worth the money.

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The Hypervolt Plus and attachments – Courtesy of William Goodman

Like most other massage guns, the Hypervolt Plus is a gun-shaped device that uses a rapidly-repeating head to deliver concentrated relief to a dedicated portion of your body. The Hypervolt Plus, specifically, has a nice weight to it that feels good and comfortable in your hand. One of the subtle design choices that I think really helps me is how the device itself is shaped; it’s more of an L-shape than other percussion massagers. That’s helpful for someone of my height — I’m 6’6″ for reference — to better navigate and get into those hard to reach places like my lower back and shoulder blades. Accented by an illuminated green ring at the bottom when it’s active, the Plus is crafted in all black for a sleek appearance.

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The Hypervolt Plus is also impressively quiet when in active use — its Quiet Glide proprietary technology allows you to use it without causing too much of a ruckus. And boasting over two hours of use off of a single charge, you can keep the relief going for quite a while.

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Great news: You can still selfie and get great relief. Courtesy of William Goodman

Speaking of relief, the Plus delivers that in spades. With three different speeds, you can scale up the intensity depending on how hard you’ve worked. Additionally, five swappable heads allow you to target specific areas. Really worked your bench press? Put on the flat attachment and crank up the speed to help your pecks. Did Renegade rows really wear out your traps? The ball attachment can get in between your shoulder blades to loosen up all the tension lingering in your upper back. There are plenty of options to customize and individualize your own treatment. After all, no two bodies are the same, so why should your massage gun be one-size-fits-all?

The Hypervolt Plus starts at $449.99, which is about standard for other premium massage guns with these features and specs. With its power, customization, and long-lasting life, It’s a must-own for any athlete — hobbyist or otherwise — looking to make sure they’re getting just as much out of their recovery as they get out of their workout.


Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun

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Courtesy of Hyperice Courtesy of Hyperice

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