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Pharmacy Still Sold Out of Thermometers? Here’s One You Can Buy on Amazon Today

As the COVID-19 health pandemic continues to surge and spread throughout the US, taking care of our health has become not just about our livelihood, but the health and safety of those around us. It’s more important than ever before to stay home if you’re feeling ill and wear a mask outside to decrease the risk of you infecting others.

One of the first symptoms of the coronavirus or COVID-19 is a fever and because of this, thermometers have been sold out online for a while now. Thankfully, we’ve found one that’s high-quality and in stock on Amazon.

GoodBaby Infrared Thermometer for Adults and Children

This infrared thermometer from GoodBaby is backed by clinical advice and recommended by pediatricians for its accuracy and ease of use. It’s built to take temperatures via your forehead as well as your ear canal, and has three ultra-sensitive sensors optimized to deliver reliable readings quickly.

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It has multiple modes that you can switch between including temperature reading for humans as well as rooms and objects. You can check the temperature of food, baby formula or your living room whenever you’d like. It has a memory feature where you can store up to 35 different temperature readings for all ages, which can come in handy if you’re keeping a record over time.

It has a large LCD backlit screen which makes it easy to take a temperature in the dark and has an indicator light that immediately tells you whether the temperature is in the safety zone or not.

It uses reliable, high-quality ABS housing materials and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use and get a firm grip on. This makes it easy to use on people of all ages, including rambunctious children.