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I Found a Legal Way To Take Shrooms To Help Boost My Energy Levels

* Mushroom extracts for noted health benefits
* A powder that goes great in hot coco mix, coffee and shakes
* And no, we’re, sadly, not talking about microdosing

And what’s more, I found it at.. Nordstrom? That’s right. Nordstrom, the famed mall-anchoring and online department store known for moderately-expensive things people wear to visit relatives, as well as their surprising pop-ups with high fashion and up-and-coming designers, and of course the E bar, which has actually pretty good coffee.

Well, Nordstrom also has a skin care section as well as a pretty great collection of wellness supplements. That’s where this little somewhat surprising powder comes it. Wylde One “Immune Shrooms” is a perfectly legal blend of medicinal mushrooms and herbs that are supposed to help boost energy levels, reduce stress and help out immune function. It’s apparently meant to be enjoyed mixed with with hot chocolate, per the instructions. The “adaptogenic” mixture contains turkey tail, reishi, shitake and maitaki mushroom extracts, all organic of course, along with peppermint, astragalus root, ashwagandha and licorice.

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Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

Altogether, these plant and fungi mixtures contain noted anti-inflammatory compounds along with vitamins and minerals. Do they contain psyilocybin? Probably not, but then again, these “Immune Shrooms” are safe to take at work and unlike the psychoactive variety, won’t have you throwing up, make you convinced you’ve peed your pants, or make you feel that you’re “one with the universe.” Did you ask the universe if it wanted to be one with you? Maybe you’re just weirding the universe out?

To be fair, these medicinal, non-poisonous mushroom extracts also probably won’t treat your OCD or cure panic disorder. While psilocybin and related compounds may become legalized in the US pretty soon, they will very likely be schedule II. Either way, these are not just a funny thing to have on your desk, while waiting for your legal “shrooms” or 5MeO DMT prescription, they actually have cool health benefits and can help stave off that worn-down feeling that comes from inflammation and a stressed out immune system. Plus, they apparently go well with hot coco, (get some 60 percent cacao hot chocolate mix, for added antioxidant goodness) so there’s that.


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