Have a Spa Day, Every Day, With a Tension Relieving Massage Ball

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While everyone could benefit from a professional massage at the end of a long day, most people don’t have the time (or money) to see a massage therapist on a regular basis. The second best thing is a massage ball. A massage ball is something you can use anytime you feel muscle pain, and the benefit is that you can specifically target problem areas. They’re an especially good thing to have if you’re an athlete; point-specific massage balls reduce pain while improving your range of motion. In short, they’ll make you both feel and perform better.

Even if you’re more of a desk jockey, there are aches and pains that come with sitting at a desk for an extended period of time. Having a massage ball can help relieve back, neck and even arm discomfort. Massage balls come in a few different sizes and textures. You can choose between larger balls for targeting the lower back or a smaller size to relieve hard to reach muscles. These are some of our favorite massage balls to buy right now.

1. TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball

This foam massage ball has a smooth surface and is available in either 5-inch or 2.5-inch diameters. It’s designed to suit a variety of locations, including quads, pecs, shoulders, and hips. It can also reduce pain in the glutes. The 5-inch size is designed to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s elbow.

Pros: Durable but lightweight foam, water-resistant surface is easy to clean.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

trigger point massage ball Amazon

2. 4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Balls

If you’re looking for multiple high-quality massage balls, consider this set from 4KOR. Three massage balls are included — there’s a 4.75-inch, 3.2-inch and 2.4-inch ball. All of the balls are firm, and the larger two balls have textured outers to offer a deeper massage. You can use the smallest ball to target specific muscles. The massage balls also come with a printed exercise guide to help you make the most of the set.

Pros: Set of three, including two textured massage balls and a smaller lacrosse ball.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

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3. Zongs Manual Massage Ball

This option is unique in that it has a rotating ball located in a bracket. You can hold the bracket and roll the ball along pressure areas or place it on the ground and roll over it. The bracket has an ergonomic shape, making it easy to hold. This design allows the ball to deliver pointed relief through rolling action, without you having to worry about it rolling away. The ball is compact and easy to take on the go.

Pros: Unique design allows the ball to rotate without rolling away. Easy to take on the go.

Cons: Can be difficult to get deep into the tissue.

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4. Pro-Tec Athletics Orb

For a more intense effect, this orb has a textured, bumpy surface. The 5-inch ball provides an intense massage, but for a more extreme effect you can go for the smaller “Extreme” massage balls, which are denser and more heavily textured. The balls are all made from durable and easy to clean EVA foam.

Pros: Textured surface for an intense effect, works for a variety of muscles.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

pro-tec orb massage ball Amazon

5. Therapist’s Choice Pack of 2 Spiky Massage Balls

This option is a good value, because two massage balls are included. They both have spiked shells to increase tension on sore spots. They vary by size and density; the green one is soft and has a diameter of 3.75 inches and the red one is hard and has a diameter 3 inches. The larger one is good for gentler massages on bigger areas, and the small one is ideal for targeting small spots.

Pros: Set of two balls — one small and hard and the other large and soft. They’re both spiky for targeting tense spots.

Cons: The green one may be too soft for some.

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6. ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball

This option comes with two equally-sized massage balls, so you can work out both of your shoulders at the same time. The balls are available in 2.5-inch or 2.75-inch diameters. The balls are designed to be extra firm to effectively relieve discomfort. The balls are also made out of natural rubber, which is more durable than synthetic materials. The set comes with a convenient mesh carrying bag as well.

Pros: Set of two equally-sized balls. Made from natural rubber. Comes with a convenient mesh carrying bag.

Cons: May be too firm for some.

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7. Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls

A popular option is to use lacrosse balls, and these are specifically designed to be used as massage balls. They’re firm 2.5-inch balls, and each order comes with a set of two . Having two balls is a good way to work multiple points at the same time — for example, you can put one of each on either side of your spine and roll over them for a deep shoulder muscle massage.

Pros: Affordable, available in various bright colors, includes two 2.5-inch balls.

Cons: They may have a strong rubbery smell.

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