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Big Relief, Small Package, Low Price: The Best Mini Massage Guns Reviewed

Sometimes the greatest, strongest, most therapeutic things come in small packages. Tiny but mighty is the only way to describe one of our favorite fitness recovery gadgets — the mini massage gun. You’ve heard us talk about some of the best massage guns for sale right now, and we’re proud to say that we’ve tested basically all of them. From premium models such as Hyperice and Theragun, to the top budget massage guns, we’ve tested dozens of these gadgets over the past few years. However, more recently we’ve fallen in love with these smaller, more efficiently-designed companions. 

When seeking out the top massage gun lines, we found that many companies now offer a miniature version of their full-scale guns, so we started out by testing smaller versions from Theragun and Hyperice. These mini massagers are designed to be easier to travel with and store, but they have value beyond portability.

By early 2021, we had tested the entire Theragun massage gun line, including the first generation Theragun Mini which turned out to be our favorite, thanks to its ultra-grippable body and unique design. Recently they released a second generation of this fan-favorite gun as well as a new generation of the Theragun PRO. We’ve updated our rankings below accordingly.

Mini massage guns from other brands stuck out because of their surprising motor power in a small package, and others were notable because of their easy-to-use controls.

In this piece we’re going to walk through:

  • The purpose of mini massage guns and how they work
  • The benefits of massage guns
  • Our mini massage gun testing process
  • The criteria we used for ranking the mini massage guns

We haven’t tested as many mini models as we have regular models, but we’ve been thoroughly impressed by the ones we have gotten to try out.

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Here are the best mini massage guns on the market.

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SPY Senior E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla testing the Theragun Mini in her home gym. Taylor Galla | SPY

What Is a Mini Massage Gun?

A mini massage gun is exactly what it sounds like — a miniature version of a full-scale massage gun, that many brands create in order to give consumers a portable, lighter, and smaller option. Regular-sized massage guns are bulky and can be quite heavy, as is the case with the Theragun PRO and Elite. Both are high-power guns with a lot of force and capability, but they’re large and can be difficult to hold if you have limited ability. They would also be difficult to use in a high-pressure, action-oriented situation, like on a ski slope or in the middle of a foot race.

The Theragun Mini, on the other hand, is clearly designed to be easy to use anywhere, including in both of the scenarios mentioned above. Mini massage guns tend to have fewer speeds than larger guns, smaller massage gun heads, and fewer controls. The nature of their stripped-down designs makes them easier to hold and operate. However, what you gain in convenience you lose in power, as you can’t effectively massage a large muscle like your quad with a mini massage gun, but for the right situations they’re more than worth it.


Benefits of Mini Massage Guns

Mini massage guns have a few benefits over full-sized massagers:

  • Lower price tag
  • Comparable level of intensity in a smaller package
  • Quieter
  • Highly portable
  • Ideal for athletes targeting pressure points, rather than bulging muscles

If you’re a larger, beefier person with layers of tissue that need to be worked on, a regular massage gun is probably a better idea for you. However, if you’re a moderately active person who gets sore, someone whose spine is feeling the WFH effects, or you’re curious about the massage gun movement — we recommend you start off by going mini.

Not only are these tiny guns adorable, but they also pack a serious punch in a way smaller, compact and affordable package. This makes them ideal for targeting certain muscle groups, knots, and sore spots. While larger massage guns might only have one or two levels of intensity your body can handle before it becomes too intense, minis provide the perfect level of discomfort. If you haven’t worked a muscle group in a while, then you’ll feel the gun working, but it won’t become actively unpleasant or too much to handle.


The Best Mini Massage Guns at a Glance

You can read our in-depth reviews of the best massage guns if you keep scrolling. However, if you’re just interested in our top picks based on the ones we’ve tried, we’ve made it easy for you. One of the best perks of using a mini massage gun? The lower price tag, as you’ll notice with some of the prices below.

1. Best Overall: Theragun Mini 2.0 — $199.00 at Therabody

2. Runner Up: Theragun Mini (First Generation) — $148.00 at Amazon

3. Most Compact: addsfit Mini Massage Gun — $48.79 on Amazon

4. User-Friendly Design: Sportneer Mini Massage Gun — $49.99 on Amazon

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Taylor Galla | SPY

Mini Massage Gun Reviews: Testing Criteria

We tested a few of the mini massage guns below based on the same criteria that we judged their full-size counterparts with — a selection of objective, subjective, and notable criteria we saw as crucial for readers deciding on a purchase.

The objective criteria included standard factors like the number of massage gun heads, the battery life, size and motor power/force.

In addition, we also assessed these guns by more subjective criteria:

  • Gun Design
  • Quality/Effectiveness of Treatment
  • Noise Level
  • Price
  • Hold/Grip
  • Storage Options
  • Self Massage vs. Massaging Others

You can read more about our testing criteria in our main massage gun shopping guide.

Based on a few hands-on tests and plenty of market research, here are the best mini massage guns at the moment if you’re looking for a more compact yet equally effective percussion therapy experience. 


1. Theragun Mini 2.0

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Taylor Galla | SPY

In 2022, Therabody released a 2nd generation version of their mini massage gun in a package 20% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessor. We weren’t sure about the smaller size at first, since the first version was already a super portable, easy-to-grip size, but it turned out to be even more ideal. Senior E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla has kept it at her desk ever since our initial testing and loves traveling with it. 

The new version has maintained the same convenient features — three speed intensities, a one-button operation, and a protective travel sleeve — but they’ve added three included massage gun heads and Bluetooth capability. This new version is definitely an upgrade and includes more reasons to invest if you’re looking for a travel-friendly recovery solution. 

Features We Love: Bluetooth-enabled syncing with Therabody app, three included massage gun heads, smaller and lighter size 


  • Bluetooth-enabled 
  • Super small and portable 
  • LED operation button makes it easy to tell when it’s on/off and what speed you’re set to 
  • Comes with three interchangeable massage gun heads 


  • Expensive price tag relative to other mini massage guns 

2. Theragun Mini

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Image courtesy of Theragun

The original Theragun Mini has all the same muscle-soothing capabilities as Theragun’s top-rated massage guns, but it comes in a much smaller, portable package. Out of all of our massage gun tests, the Theragun Mini was among our favorites of all, mini and full-size.

The Theragun Mini is pocket-sized, making it perfect for throwing in your backpack on a long hike for those dreaded leg cramps, or busting out on the slopes if your knee decides to act up. It’s also designed to fit in the palm of your hand and gripped from the top, so you’re able to apply much more direct pressure on your intended muscle group, tailoring the massage exactly to your liking.

Features We Love: Ultra-grippable massage gun body, one-button operation, 3 massage gun speeds, and 150 minutes of battery life


  • Very quiet operation
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to use anywhere


  • Expensive price tag

3. addsfit Mini Massage Gun

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Image courtesy of Amazon

[Editors note: This item is currently out of stock]

Spy E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla tested this mini massage gun back in the fall of 2020, and found it to be the perfect size for smaller athletes who work out regularly but don’t have bulging biceps. It’s easy to hold with a sleek metallic finish, and it’s very easy to operate; you turn it on, off, and change intensity levels with just one button.

It weighs less than a pound, but on any intensity level, it feels like it’s doing big work to alleviate tension, soreness, and speed up recovery. It comes with two different massage heads: the flat palm-like one and the bullet trigger point. (We prefer the flat one unless working on a very specific pain point.) The motor is super quiet, with a noise level of 39dB, and the battery holds up well to regular use.

Features We Love: Very lightweight, 2 massage gun heads are included, very quiet motor and sleek design


  • Small, lightweight, and compact design
  • Easy one-button operation
  • Easy to charge and charges quickly
  • Two massage gun heads and only ones that you need
  • Very affordable price tag


  • All-aluminum body is more difficult to grip

Read More: addsfit Mini Massage Gun Review


4. Sportneer Mini Massage Gun

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Courtesy of Amazon

Sportneer’s mini massage gun is another one of the top-rated models our editors have tested, and they were impressed by how easy it is to operate and how powerful the motor is despite its small size. It’s about on par with the addsfit gun in terms of motor power, and comes with a large ball massage gun head which definitely makes up for its small size, since it has more surface area and gives you more coverage while massaging.

The LCD screen on the back is very clear, it’s easy to turn on and off, and it has an adjustable handle you can make longer or shorter — a unique feature we haven’t found in any other massage guns.

Features We Love: The 150-watt motor is powerful, the LCD screen on the back is easy to read and makes the fun feel higher quality, comes with 5 massage gun heads


  • Small, lightweight size that can fit easily into a pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Powerful motor
  • Ball massage gun head gives you more coverage
  • Easy to charge
  • Easy to turn on and off


  • The all-aluminum body is difficult to grip, similar to the addsfit model
  • The adjustable handle is good in theory, but in practice it doesn’t work very well

Other Mini Massage Guns We Haven’t Tested (Yet!)

5. LifePro DynaMini Massage Gun


This mini massage gun from LifePro has excellent reviews on Amazon. It has a 70W ultra-quiet motor with intensity levels, ranging from 900RPM all the way to 3,200 RPM, and at the size of a smartphone, it’s easy to bring anywhere. We haven’t tested this model, but based on the specs it looks like a solid pick. 

It’s slightly heavier than the addsfit gun, at 1.6 pounds total — and it has a rechargeable battery that lasts three hours on a single charge. You also charge this gun, and many other mini massage guns, via USB-C, making it easy to charge. One of the major perks of this gun, which almost forced it into the top position, is the variety of massage gun heads it comes with. It has the classic ball that’s great for generally pulsating through muscle groups, a flat palm-style one, a bullet trigger point and a fork that’s excellent for working along the spine.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. RecoverFun Mini Massage Gun


This mini massage gun comes recommended by a professional chiropractor for its power, ease of use, and quiet noise level. We haven’t tested this exact model, but we trust the experts when it comes to recovery tools. It has a noise level of 30-42dB, which is VERY quiet, so it’s excellent for therapeutic environments where you’d rather the buzz from a loud massage gun not disrupt a zen vibe. It’s very compact — about the size of a smartphone at 138mm tall — and weighs just over a pound.

The battery lasts for five hours on a single charge, so not the longest but not the shortest amidst the guns. It also comes with four speeds that range between 1,800 and 3,200 percussions per minute, as well as four different massage heads that are identical to the options above.

[Editors note: This item is currently out of stock]

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Image courtesy of Amazon


7. BOB AND BRAD Q2 Mini Massage Gun


Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, two physical therapists, designed this mini massage gun to give patients excellent muscle treatment and portability at the same time. The gun has maximum speeds of 3000 percussions per minute and a vibration amplitude of 7 millimeters despite its small size. The mini massage gun comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for four hours on each charge. It comes with five different massage gun heads including an air cushion head made for sensitive muscle work — a rare variety in the mini massage gun world — as well as a convenient carrying case. It’s pocket-sized, designed to be used all over the body, and can be charged easily via any USB-C cable.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. GLOUE Mini Massage Gun


For a well-priced, top-quality, compact massage gun, choose the GLOUE Mini Massage Gun. Presented in a branded carrying case large enough for both the gun and the four included attachments, this kit makes a great gift for active friends. Despite its impressive RPM capabilities which range from 1,800 up to 3,200, it’s very quiet at only 35dB. Plus, it offers an AI experience mode, which allows you to control the speed of the massage by the strength of your grip.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. RENPHO Mini Massage Gun


As we mentioned above, mini massage guns are skyrocketing in popularity, and if there is one massage gun in particular which is matching this trend, it’s the RENPHO Mini Massage Gun. You’ve probably noticed that we included another RENPHO massage gun on our list, but this option is even more mini than their portable gun which has been extremely popular on Amazon for years. Weighing less than one pound, this mini massage gun comes with four accessory heads as well as a carrying case, so it’s easy to store in your gym bag or desk drawer.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


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