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Let This Muse Strike You Anytime—The Best Meditation Device and App Bundle To Get Your Om On

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The two most common questions about meditation are “How do I do it?” and “Am I doing it right?” There are probably hundreds of answers to the first question and next to none to the second. How are you supposed to know what’s going on inside your body, much less between your ears?

Even if the Muse 2 can’t provide answers to all of life’s questions, it can provide all the inner peace you need while you ponder these great mysteries. Even better, it’s here just in time for the inevitable invasion of screaming hordes of relatives that come with the holidays. The Muse guided meditation device is a lightweight headband that tracks mind and body, now bundled with a yearlong subscription to an app providing more than 300 guided meditations.

The Muse headband is the first multi-feedback EEG device built to empower meditation. It’s a literal mindreader: It can’t tell what you’re thinking, thankfully, but it can tell if you’re thinking, or if your mind is racing or wandering when you’re trying to concentrate on your breath during meditation.

The seven finely calibrated sensors located at the forehead and behind the ears measure even more than your brain activity. As an upgrade from the original model, Muse 2 has added PPG and pulse oximetry breath and heart sensors that are located on the front, righthand side of the forehead. Gyroscope and accelerometer body sensors are found behind the ears.

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All of this information is captured by the Muse guided meditation app, which measures your progress in real-time and translates the information into easy-to-understand feedback. By allowing you to visualize how your body and mind behave during meditation, Muse makes it easy to see and reach your goal of a pure meditative state.

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The app also asks you how you feel after each session and provides a Notes section in which you can record what went right or wrong. As the headband records physical data, this journal will help you record emotional data, an emotional log that works hand in hand with the scientific one.

The headband also joins with your smartphone via Bluetooth and leaves room for you to wear earbuds to listen to the guided meditations on the meditation app.

That covers the “How do I do it?” question. What about the “Am I doing it right?” question? There’s no one answer, of course, but the Muse 2 meditation device and app provides all the support you need as you get deeper into your practice. Users can access guided meditations focused on aiding sleep, reducing stress, improving performance, and more. There are also two in-depth, step-by-step courses for beginners, not to mention guidance from over 40 experts with a diverse range of meditation styles for you to explore. No matter which one you choose, and you are most definitely not limited to just one, the Muse meditation app provides you with post-session data and feedback to move you closer to your goal.

The guided meditations do work without the Muse headband, but why miss out on the ability to combine them with all of the amazing biological feedback the headband provides? Plus, the meditation app and headband are available as a bundle which saves you $50.

The effectiveness of some meditative methods can be subjective, but the science behind the Muse is not. It is backed by research from prestigious universities — MIT, Yale, University of Toronto, and Harvard — along with peerless institutions like IBM and NASA.

With the Muse guided meditation device and app, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of poorly guided meditation attempts for good. After all, if you’re striving toward inner peace, why not use all of the tools at your disposal? Click now for the Muse 2 headband and meditation app bundle, and glide peacefully through the holiday madness!