Get 15% Off These CDC Approved N95 Masks That Protect Against The Omicron Variant

Get 15% Off These CDC Approved
Courtesy of Amazon

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Protecting yourself with the proper mask has become increasingly important as we move through the many phases of the COVID virus. And with the rise of the most recent Omicron variant, you’ll want to stay safe with a CDC-approved mask such as the N95. 

Right now, Amazon is offering 15% off the CDC-approved Fangtian N95 Respirator Mask, allowing you to grab a box of 20 for $25.45. This is an amazing deal considering the price points of other N95 and KN95 masks we’ve seen on the market.

When it comes to mask shopping, we can’t stress enough the importance of purchasing from a reputable manufacturer. In recent months, news outlets such as The New York Times have cited counterfeit masks as a rising concern throughout the pandemic. As a solution, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has offered tips on what to look for when it comes to fake face coverings.

When recommending the best N95 face masks, we at SPY try to stick with reputable brands that we can trust. And these model FT-N058 masks, manufactured by Suzhou Fangtian Industries Co. Ltd, are on the CDC’s list of NIOSH-approved N95 particulate filtering facepiece respirators, making them a solid choice when it comes to face coverings. At less than $26, this is certainly a deal you don’t want to pass up. The best part is that if you purchase these masks now, you could potentially have them in hand by this weekend. It’s unclear how long supplies will last, so be sure to grab a pack while they’re still available.

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FANGTIAN N95 NIOSH Certified N95 Face Mask, 20 Pack 

Made of nonwoven fabric and recommended by the CDC, these NIOSH-certified N95 face masks are both protective and breathable. They are certified for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency and feature an adjustable nose clip for added safety and comfort. The double elastic straps ensure that these masks sit securely on your face without obstructing most eyewear or hearing devices.



FANGTIAN N95 NIOSH Certified N95 Face Mask, 20 Pack  Courtesy of Amazon


The Best N95 and KN95 Masks On Amazon To Protect Against The Omicron Variant