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Fidget Spinners are so 2017. This Year is All About the Push-Pop Fidget Toy

Remember back in 2017 when you added fidget spinner to your vocabulary? Well, It’s now time to commit another new stress, anxiety and boredom relieving device to memory. Forget spinning, that’s in the past now. 2021 is all about popping with one of the best push-pop fidget toys.

What is a Push-Pop Fidget Toy?

Push-pop fidget toys, which are also known as bubble pop fidget toys, crazy poppers, pop its and crazy snaps, look something like a piece of colorful bubble wrap. What makes them better than your average piece of bubble wrap though, aside from the visually stimulating colors, is that they are made from silicone. This, unlike the one-time-pop bubbles in bubble wrap, offers you an endless supply of that rather addictive popping sound.

For added appeal, many of the best push-pop fidget toys come in different shapes. While you will still find standard squares, circles and triangles, you’ll also find rainbows, unicorns, T-rexes, Baby Yoda, Mickey Mouse and a whole host of other shapes.

What Are Push-Pop Fidget Toys Used For?

On the most simplistic level, the best push-pop fidget toys are a great way to waste time. Rather than sitting in silence and watching the seconds tick by, these handy time-consuming toys give you a way to keep your mind and hands busy. Hopefully keeping boredom at bay, too.

Beyond dealing with mind-numbing boredom, push-pop fidget toys can act as sensory toys to help both adults and children deal with stress and anxiety-filled situations. This can also transfer to helping people of all ages to maintain focus, too. Push-pop fidget toys’ pliable, popping-bubble designs allow people to express and rid themselves of certain, pent-up emotions, whether through systematically popping the bubbles, randomly popping the bubbles or even just feeling the bendable, pop-able toy in their hands.

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How to Play a Game With Your Push-Pop Fidget Toy

If you’re one of those people who needs everything to have an actual purpose, it’s worth noting that most push-pop fidget toys can also be used to play games. So long as the style of your toy includes rows of bubbles, two or more users can play one of several games. These include:

Last One Lost – The aim of this game is not to be the player popping the last bubble. To play this fun game, each player takes it in turns to pop as many unpopped bubbles in any row of their choosing. As players take it in turns, your sole aim is to ensure you’re not left popping the last bubble on the toy plate.

Time Trials – This is pretty self-explanatory. Each player takes turns to pop all the bubbles from in to out or out to in. The winner is the player who records the fastest time.

Find the Marble – Place a marble inside one of the inverted bubbles. The second player’s aim is to figure out where the marble is through a process of elimination. This Battleship-like game is best played with two individual toy plates to increase the pressure of finding your opponent’s marble.

Below you’ll find nine of our favorite push-pop fidget toy options. We’ve included single toys as well as packs with multiple toys in. Find the right one for your needs and start popping your way out of boredom, stress and anxiety-ridden situations.


1. Fpxnb Pop Fidget Sensory Toy Pack


Fpxnb Pop Fidget Sensory Toy Pack includes a circle and a square fidget toy for helping with stress, anxiety and boredom. They’re suitable for both kids and adults and sport a waterproof and break-resistant construction, making them durable and easy to clean. Each piece in the kit features tens of ready-to-pop bubbles which can be popped in, squeezed or squished, depending on what best suits your desires at the time. Plus, if you fancy something a little unique for your home decor, try using these fidget toys as coasters.

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2. Keytas Fidget Sensory Toys Stress Reliever


From a tyrannosaurus-rex to a butterfly and a jet plane to Mickey Mouse, we’re confident there’s a Keytas Fidget Sensory Toys Stress Reliever shape you’ll love. Each available choice is made from food-grade silicone which is soft to touch, odorless, washable and environmentally friendly. They also feature a wide variety of rainbow-inspired colors to provide plenty of visual interest for the player. All relievers are supplied with a one-month warranty and ideal for keeping in a backpack, pocket, car dashboard or office drawer for any occasion when you want to kill some time.

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3. i-FSK Stress Relief Wristband Fidget Toy


If always having a stress relief device close at hand sounds like something appealing to you, definitely consider the i-FSK Stress Relief Wristband Fidget Toy. You can wear the toy around your wrist so it’s always with you, wherever you go. This means whenever you need to navigate high-pressure situations, deal with anxiety or kill some time by popping a bubble, you’ve got a way to do it. The wristband sports a colorful design and includes a secure and adjustable metal closure as well as the centrally mounted push-pop bubble.

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4. HooYiiok Silicone Push-Pop Bubble Fidget Toy


What more could you ask for from a stress, boredom and anxiety-relieving toy? How about for it to be shaped like everyone’s favorite character from the Mandalorian, Baby Yoda (or Grogu to real fans). The fidget toy is made from high-quality silicone, which is safe, non-toxic and lightweight. It also houses over 30 individual bubbles, each ready to be popped. And, if camo green isn’t your preferred style, you can also choose from rainbow design and a range of other color mixes.

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5. Funcare Flower Fidget Toy


The Funcare Flower Fidget Toy is an option with a number of strings to its bow. Its compact size, measuring two inches by two inches, makes it ideal for travel and storing in pockets or backpacks while the 10 different colors contained in the design ensure a more complete stimulatory experience for your eyes. For fun education for kids, each of the colors has been given a number which is written both numerically and in word form to help kids learn as they enjoy the relaxing and distracting benefits of this well-reviewed toy. And if you’re still not convinced, it’s worth checking out the fact that it has received a five-star rating from over 95 percent of reviewers.

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6. LIUMY Mini Push-Pop Sensory Fidget Toy


There’s no easier way to ensure you always have a fidget toy when you need one than having it attached to your keys. This six-pack of LIUMY Mini Push-Pop Sensory Fidget Toy Keychains is just the ticket and means you have enough pieces to kit out the average family or friend group. Each circle-shaped toy inside the kit sports seven built-in, stress-relieving bubbles for convenient, on-the-go relief. You’ll also find that they are all different colors from one another so it’s easy to assign a specific color to a person.

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7. Asona Pop Fidget Toy Pack


With the bright, rainbow-inspired colors and variety of included shapes, the Asona Pop Fidget Toy Pack makes a gift idea for friends or family who could use a way to deal with stress or boredom. The set is made up of three fidget toys in the form of one circle, one square and a hexagon, each of which houses tens of individual bubbles to pop and measures between 4.5 and five inches in either direction. Their compact size and durable build quality mean it’s easy to take them when you’re on the move, on vacation or simply keep one in your office, car or backpack for any time boredom or anxiety strikes.

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8. Wulcea Push-Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Set


While the rainbow-inspired style is definitely popular among pop fidget toys, few do it better than the Wulcea Push-Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Set. The set is made up of four differently shaped toys and includes a rainbow, a whale tail and a butterfly. Each of these discs is constructed from high-quality silicone which is durable, water-resistant and nontoxic. Plus, if rainbows and butterflies don’t do it for you, there’s a whole range of other shapes available.

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9. Bukm Fidget Toys Sensory Fidget Toy Set


If you’re more of a variety is the spice of life kind of a person, forget a single-piece purchase and invest in the Bukm Fidget Toys Sensory Fidget Toy Set. It comes with 37 fidget toys, each of which is designed to help you kill time, relieve stress or beat anxious moments. In addition to several pop fidget toys, you’ll find a number of stretchy things, some twisting blocks, a toy for gripping, a keychain and several other pieces, too. Furthermore, outside of its stress-relieving ability, this set makes a fun alternative to more traditional party favors.

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