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Forget The Fidget Spinner, My New Favorite Stress Release Toy Is This Super Gross Pimple Popper

Fidgets spinners are so two years ago. And while a number of brands are still making fidget spinner-like toys for stress relief and ADHD, we prefer pushing our palms (and fingers) into this super gross and yet super satisfying pimple popper toy.

One of the most popular toys in the “stress relief” category on Amazon (no, seriously), this “Simulated Zits Acne Squeezing Toy” also makes a great gag gift. Each squishy, flesh-toned bar comes with 11 holes that can be filled with the included “acne pus” solution. Use a dropper (also included) to slide some of the gooey liquid into each hole, and then have fun squeezing it all out again. The toy spews “pus” when you successfully squeeze one of the pimples hard enough to “pop” it. The best part: there’s no smell or stickiness, and you can easily wipe off the “pus” from wherever it lands after you squeeze it out.

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The manufacturers say this pimple popping toy eases worry, calms the mind, and helps to control fidgeting, but honestly, we think it’s also just a fun way to gross out friends and colleagues. You already know how to use a stress ball — this is just a stress pad filled with poppable pimples.

It’s not just us with a fascination for acne adventures either. Dr. Pimple Popper (a.k.a. the dermatologist, Sandra Lee), went viral a few years ago with her pimple popping videos on YouTube and she now has almost 3.5 BILLION views. It even landed her a hit show on TLC (stream here). She’s now releasing a new line of makeup and skin care products with SLMD Skincare.

If you care about these things, the pimple popping toy is BPA-free, non-toxic and safe for kids. It’s also got some seriously strong reviews from people who either have a lot of anxiety or have a lot of free time on their hands. And it’s better than you know, squeezing actual zits, which can lead to scarring and even more potential breakouts.

The toy comes in a variety of skin tones (for realism?) and is also available in a pad shaped like a nose, for even more realistic stress relieving fun.

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