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Therabody’s TheraCup Brings Cupping Therapy And Pain Relief Straight To Your Door

If you’ve ever watched any sporting event, you’ve likely seen athletes with circular bruise-like cupping marks on their backs and arms and perhaps even wondered what it was.

Cupping therapy, a form of alternative medicine, applies local suction and heat to the skin to alleviate localized pain. An excerpt from Mayo Clinic notes that “cupping is said to increase blood supply to a specific area, and athletes use it in recovery to help heal sore tired muscles.”

If you’ve heard of it, or think you’d like to give it a try, you’re now in luck. The cupping technique, which is typically performed by a licensed professional, has now gone mainstream, thanks to a brand new TheraCup cupping device brought to you by Therabody (formerly known as Theragun).

The TheraCup arrives as part of Therabody’s new line of recovery and wellness products that also include an eye mask massager called SmartGogglesRecoveryTherm, a hot & cold wearable for the core, back & knee, and a sound therapy lounger called  Therabody Lounger

Theracup pieces

As a company, Therabody has evolved quite a bit over the years. Once focused largely on percussive massagers, the brand has expanded into pneumatic compression therapy with their RecoveryAir line, as well as CBD therapy with their TheraOne line, and facial red light therapy with the TheraFace PRO released earlier this year.

SPY’s editorial staff recently got a sneak peek of the brand new products, and become completely intrigued, particularly with TheraCup, which hands down, appears to be the most unique and interesting of the bunch.

With TheraCup, you’ll be able to get the same type of pain relief you’d get in a professional setting right in the comfort of your own home. The TheraCup uses ThermaVibration technology with suction and heat and even includes multiple safeguards like an automatic shutoff feature to keep you safe.

Theracup intensity levels



The TheraCup cupping device brings an easy-to-use cupping technique option straight to your door. It provides simple localized relief and recovery to sore overworked muscles.

The suction decompression and heat offer three intensity levels, while the vibration can be adjusted between 1800, 2400, and 3000 rpm for professional-level treatment.

It comes equipped with on-device controls and built-in safety sensors so you navigate it without fear of being hurt or burned.


Theracup and accesories