Theragun Finally Releases Its Line of Premium CBD Products, TheraOne

theraone cbd products by therabody
Courtesy of Therabody

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From the makers of your favorite massage gun comes a brand new line of CBD oils and lotions. And if you didn’t already catch the drift, they’re from Therabody, the wellness brand formerly known as Theragun.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After rebranding as Therabody in May 2020, the company shifted away from solely offering premium massage guns. At the time, Therabody announced the upcoming release of a new line of CBD-based products under the name TheraOne. And as of Wednesday, July 15, TheraOne CBD products are officially shipping to customers.

The company wants to set the highest standards for USDA Certified Organic CBD products to date. Basically, what Theraguns are to the massage gun market, TheraOne hopes to be to the crowded CBD market. However, while Theragun helped popularize the percussive massage gun trend, the company is entering a CBD market that’s already extremely crowded.

So what sets TheraOne CBD products apart from the competition? According to Therabody it’s their original, patent-pending Biosorb Technology formulation process, which helps your body absorb every natural benefit from CBD in a way no other product on the market can match. This means quicker and more effective results before or after a tough workout.

If you have yet to dabble in the world of CBD as a workout recovery aid, it may be time to start. TheraOne products offer full-spectrum CBD in lotion, oil, tinctures and body balms. Many athletes are already using CBD for everything from sleep problems to chronic pain, and the new TheraOne line is definitely worth a closer look.

Activate CBD Lotion

According to Therabody, the TheraOne Activate CBD Lotion “Warms and soothes the body” as it “Reinvigorates targeted areas” to get you ready for your next workout. It’s made to ease, soothe and heat up your sorest muscles before a workout. Whatever your day brings, rubbing this CBD lotion onto your skin is an awesome way to start it off.

TheraOne Activate CBD Lotion Courtesy of Therabody


Recover CBD Lotion

Bounce back quicker with the Recover CBD Lotion that’s perfect for that post-workout recovery process. Think of this product as the yin to Activate’s yang because instead of heating up the body, this lotion cools down the body in order to help you relax after a stressful day or high-energy workout. Make it act as your new at-home happy hour drink replacement and soothe any tension the day brought you by placing it on your temples, knees or wherever else you hide the day’s stress.

TheraOne Recover CBD Lotion Courtesy of Therabody


Revive CBD Body Balm

Combat that one nasty spot that’s been giving you trouble for weeks with the Revive CBD Body Balm, the most potent CBD product. Designed to relieve acute discomfort and relax stiff muscles, this Theraone product will soothe your problem areas in no time. With 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, this is the next best thing to a $600 Theragun massager. Available in both a jar and stick options, pick your preferred form of relief.

TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm Courtesy of Therabody


Sleep CBD Tincture

Having some trouble sleeping? You aren’t alone. For anyone that tosses and turns, Therabody offers the Sleep CBD Tincture. Like all of the best CBD oils, you should take this product about 10 minutes before bed. Mix it in with your favorite tea or a classic glass of water. While it’s not cheap at $80 per bottle, a little goes a long way. This Theraone CBD oil contains 1000 mg full-spectrum CBD.

TheraOne Sleep CBD Tincture Courtesy of Therabody


Soothe CBD Massage Oil

Though the Soothe CBD Massage Oil hasn’t been released just yet, we’re heavily anticipating its drop. Melt away all your stress with a massage oil that is built to relieve pressure and tension with the power of CBD. This 500mg bottle can be used by your partner or yourself by topically rubbing down any part of the body that needs some stress relief. Dying to know when it’s released? Sign up for Therabody’s exclusive email list and be the first to know when it hits the market.

TheraOne Soothe CBD Massage Oil Courtesy of Therabody