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This Top-Rated Digital Thermometer Is 35% Off on Amazon Right Now

Despite promising news about case levels dropping nationwide and vaccinations ramping up during the past few weeks, COVID-19 is still very much with us, and we all still need to do our part to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. This involves wearing a mask as often as we can when outside the house, washing our hands and using hand sanitizer, and staying home if we develop symptoms. One of the most common COVID-19 symptoms? A fever. And one of the best ways to detect if you’ve got a fever is with a reliable, easy-to-use thermometer. This one from Amazon is currently on sale for 35% off, so take advantage of this deal while you can.

Vibeey Digital No-Contact Infrared Thermometer

35% OFF
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The non-contact design makes the thermometer safer and more sanitary to use, and the digital screen makes it super easy to read. It has readings available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and most of the time they’re available in one second or less.

It has a convenient design with a clear display and operational buttons, and it has a backlight which makes it usable at night as well. The comfortable handle is easy to hold, and it’s small enough to be portable anywhere. The screen also blinks red, yellow or green depending on what temperature you get and how high it is. It also automatically shuts down after 20 seconds of inactivity to save power, and it has a “mode” option where you can switch from human to object if need be.