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The Under Armour Sportsmask is the Best Face Mask for Running of 2020

2020 has changed the way we do many things — from gather together to enjoy the outdoors, travel, dine in restaurants and work out. The restrictions imposed on some of these activities have forced us to get creative about how we do them, and, in some cases, invent incredible products that help us enjoy what we love to do safely. Under Armour has been a leader in the sports gear world for decades and, in response to the pandemic, created a face mask for running that’s one of the best you can buy.


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Courtesy of Under Armour


The chief problem with wearing a face mask while exercising? Well, it’s kind of hard to breathe in them in the first place let alone while you’re huffing and puffing through a workout. This face mask, however, is different.

It’s made of the same high-performance UA materials their other sportswear is made of and is designed to be worn during intense activity.

It has a structure that sits off the face across your nose and lips so you can breathe and the outer shell is water-resistant so sweat doesn’t impede your ability to bring oxygen to your muscles.

It has an anti-microbial treatment on the inner layer to keep the mask fresh and it has polyurethane open-cell foam built into it that lets air in without letting sweat or other moisture pass through.

The interior lining of the mask and ear loops also have UA Iso-Chill fabric on them so they stay cool to the touch throughout your workout. There’s also built-in sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating so you can avoid a burn doing outdoor activities.

If you’re just getting around to buying a mask for your outdoor runs and hikes, grab this one. It’s worth the money and will keep you and others protected.