These Bright, Vibrant Vistaprint Face Masks Make Mask-Wearing Fun

Vistaprint face mask
Image Courtesy of the Author

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These days it’s less about the shoes on your feet, or the product in your hair, and way more about which face mask you’re going to wear. Face masks have become a public safety mandate as well as a fashion choice for many of us, and chances are this trend is going to continue so long as COVID-19 is out there and people are trying to stay safe.

We’ve covered our favorite cloth face masks as well as the best face masks for running and cycling. Now we want to highlight a brand that’s got the whole “face masks can be fun” thing down. Vistaprint has created a bunch of high-quality face masks in vibrant, fun colors and patterns that will make having to wear a face mask a little less of a chore and more of an act of self-expression.

vistaprint face masks, planets face mask Courtesy of Vistaprint
vistaprint face mask, sunrise face mask Courtesy of Vistaprint

The face masks come in colors and patterns ranging from planets and sunrise, pictured above, to lightning, bees, tulips and more. They’re available in adult and kids sizes, with some of the patterns reserved for kids exclusively.

Vistaprint believes that masks are our new way of life. They’re “the key to unlocking our neighborhoods. Our ticket to new experiences.” It’s true — the more we venture out into the world the more masks we see and so they’ve decided to create high-quality masks designed to make getting back to doing what we love easier.

Each mask is lightweight, durable and made of the breathable, stretchy fabric you want on your face all day during activities. Each one has extra stitching for a reliable construction and adjustable, latex-free ear straps that secure the mask into place. They’re machine-washable and have a slot for a replaceable filter, if you decide to add one.