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This $40 Kitchen Scale Is Perfect For Picky Eaters

* Helps control portion sizes for those on diets
* Monitor your ingredients with smart technology
* Get nutritional information on over 2,000 foods

Whether you’re on a special diet or are simply a picky eater, a kitchen scale is great tool to have on hand. The Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale helps you track what you eat, how much you eat and enables you to customize your portion sizes so you can stay healthy. Start with a scale in the kitchen, and you’ll worry less when you step on the scale in the bathroom.

While there are plenty of food scales on the market, the Greater Good scale is several smart features you won’t find elsewhere. It has four precision weighing sensors that help ensure accurate measurements within .1 ounces, lets you measure individual ingredients, track full meals, and even calculate daily nutritional and caloric totals. 

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Not only that, it displays nutritional data for up to 2,000 different foods. That’ll help you start making smarter eating decisions, and keep you motivated by tracking your progress if you’re working towards a particular weight or fitness goal. You can even add 99 more custom entries for data nutrition.

When you’re finished using it for the day, this scale is easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much counter space. You’ll feel even better knowing that a portion of proceeds from each scale purchased goes to support the Global Orphan Project, too.