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This Simple Food Processor Makes Cooking a Pleasure

* Makes peeling, coring, and seeding easy
* No power outlet required
* Available in “stainless steel” and “original tin”

Careful preparation often leads to tastier results. So, if you’re a cook that’s concerned with quality and enjoys preparing foods without modern technology, you’ll love using the Jacob Bromwell Gourmet traditional hand food processor. It makes peeling, coring and seeding foods a pleasure.

This kitchen classic does what speedy, modern kitchen gadgets can’t – make meals with care. And despite its lack of modern embellishments, this simple, 3-piece set is still the most versatile food processor on the market. Use it to prepare diced potatoes, mashed potatoes, purees, jellies, soups, grape juice, salsa, applesauce and even your own baby food. The strainer filters skin and seeds. This processor actually helps to preserve your foods’ flavor and nutrients.

This gourmet food processor hits all the mark. It features a carefully-built hardwood pestle, sized to match the depth and taper of the cone, ensuring thorough results. The strainer stand pulls double duty by hooking on to saucepans or bowls. And, the simplistic beauty of the design never goes out of style. Plus, there’s no power outlet required.

Each Jacob Bromwell product is an investment for life. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Made in the USA. And backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee. This incredible food processor is available now in your choice of “stainless steel” or “original tin” — the same material the company used nearly two centuries ago.

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