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Amazon Opens Fifth Brick & Mortar Book Store

* Amazon’s fifth book store opens in Chicago
* Merchandise curation determined by customer ratings on
* Most books will have a rating of 4.5 or higher

For those who adopted the Kindle, but long for the days of real-life magazine racks and book shelves, you’re in luck. Amazon has opened its fifth brick and mortar book store — this time in Chicago.

Customers will be able to buy books, magazines, Amazon devices and accessories, in addition to ordering Amazon Prime memberships, gift cards and other products. It’s a bookstore, electronics store and coffee shop all rolled into one. The merchandise mix will be determined by customer ratings at Amazon’s online store, with books receiving a 4.5 rating or higher filling the shelves.

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Customer reviews will also be printed out and posted alongside the books, so you can not only read the flap for a synopsis, but read the review cards for a personal point of view.

Many customers forget that Amazon was originally founded as an online book store. “We had an opportunity to create a new kind of store and create a different experience in a physical world,” says Jennifer Cast, Vice President of Amazon Books. “Our special sauce is knowing the reading habits and passions of a city through our data.”

“In today’s world, when you know what you want you can easily go online and buy it,” continues Cast. “With a physical store, our mission is to be a great place to discover books.

Customers who are currently subscribed to the monthly Amazon Prime membership will get the same discounts they get online in the bookstore, while others will pay the regular price. Ready to check out Amazon’s physical book store? The 7200 square-foot space is now open at 3443 N. Southport Ave.