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Amazon Charts Is the New Way to See What’s Good

* Amazon Charts goes beyong listing best sellers
* Tells you which books are actually being read
* Also gives you the story behind the book

Amazon Charts is here to help you find your next great read. The reimagined bestseller list will let you know which books are being sold the most across all formats, and which books are being read the most.

The Top 20 Most Read – -a first of its kind chart — will let users know which books are actually being read the most according to data from Kindle and Audible. The Top 20 Most Sold list provides information on which books are most sold, pre-ordered or borrowed each week from, and Amazon Books.

“When friends make a book recommendation, they recommend books they are really reading and loving,” says Amazon vice president David Naggar. “Many well-known bestseller lists today add, remove, or re-rank books based on editorial considerations, and customers have asked for a bestseller list that is based on reading engagement and sales data, rather than an opinion-based list of what books they should be paying attention to. We’re excited to give book lovers Amazon Charts to help them discover their next great read.”

Amazon Charts will also let readers know the stories behind the books, allowing users to see how other readers are responding to each book with information on the most anticipated books based on pre-orders and which books have been called “unputdownable.”

“Amazon Charts is exactly what we need,” says author Patricia Cornwell. “Exciting and forward thinking, it will accurately represent what people are reading and investing their time into.”