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2023 Super Bowl Ads That Will Have You Reaching for Your Wallet

Super Bowl commercials seem to get grander every year, with many of the ads leveraging celebrity hijinks and outlandish concepts. But only a handful successfully convey what they’re selling. Thankfully, our readers at Spy know a good deal when they see one, so we’ve compiled the best 2023 Super Bowl commercials that will have you reaching for your wallet.


Paying full price? As if! Alicia Silverstone returns as Cher from “Clueless,” complete with a debate scene throwback, to remind us that using this app promises lots of cashback. While not everyone can saunter down Rodeo Drive, they can get more bang for their buck at thousands of stores, including Target, Macy’s, and Best Buy, as well as labels like Christian Siriano (who also makes a cameo in the spot). 

e.l.f Cosmetics

A national treasure, Jennifer Coolidge is doing the absolute most (per usual) with e.l.f. cosmetics in their Super Bowl commercial debut. The “The White Lotus” Emmy winner loves the brand’s power grip primer so much she feels like a baby dolphin rising out of the sea — echolocation and clicks included. That’s some good makeup!

Uber One

Rap superstar Diddy doesn’t do jingles, but he’s willing to tap some pop stars for a new take on their one-hit wonders. Donna Lewis (“I Love You Always Forever”), Montell Jordan (“This Is How We Do It”), and more swap their original lyrics to highlight the one-two package deal of Uber Eats and Ride discounts. Milkshakes, anyone?


With threats of an economic crisis always looming, everyone wants to keep their financial standing as high as possible. Thankfully, Jon Cena (and his muscles) are here to help boost anyone’s FICO credit score on Experian. All you do is pay bills with the app — even rent. It’s free, but users can upgrade to premium to maximize their benefits.  

FanDuel’s Kick of Destiny

Rob Gronkowski may not be known as a kicker, and after last night’s FanDuel Kick of Destiny, he still won’t be. During the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial, the sports betting company put $10 million in free bets on the line if Gronk could blast a field goal through the uprights. Well, he shanked it real bad in real time. Thankfully, FanDuel decided to give out this vast amount of money in bonus bets anyway. Maybe next year, number 87.

T-Mobile Home Internet

“Scrubs” duo, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, are back with another musical homage to remind folks that T-Mobile is more than just phones. This time, they’ve got help from none other than “Grease” star, John Travolta. The trio sings a hilarious parody of “Summer Nights” that is so good, it just might distract viewers from learning how cheap their home internet could be.

Sketchers Slip-Ins

In an ad that focuses on the product first and foremost, Snoop Dogg looks sleek as he flies around the world wearing Sketchers Slip-Ins sneakers. Whether he’s on the stage, delivering newspapers, grooming dogs, or coaching Tony Romo in a pee-wee football game, the rapper is ready to go with these kicks — and so will anyone else with a pair. Bonus points for a hilarious cameo by Snoop’s BFF Martha Stewart. 

Sam Adams

The Pats might not have made it to the Super Bowl this year, but Beantown remains wicked steadfast in its place at the top of America’s best sports towns. Despite our (yes, this author included) sometimes aggressive fan behavior, local brewery Sam Adams is determined to make our hometown a little bit nicer, exemplified by its brighter, remastered Boston Lager (read “lahgah”).


Early meme culture was defined by this side-eye moment captured on a Vine (remember those?) in a Popeyes restaurant. Now, Dieunerst Collins is all grown up and living his best life as a college football player. He gets tons of perks with the fast food joint’s rewards program, like a free side of fries or pies when you spend $20 or more. The best part? Users don’t have to become a meme to get some good food!

Google Pixel 7

It’s time to finally admit that pictures taken on our phones haven’t always been the best — until now. Google Pixel has teamed up with Amy Schumer, Doja Cat, and more to highlight the Pixel 7’s best feature: removing your exes from old photos. That, plus sharpening a blurry photo with a celebrity, are just two of this smartphone’s best photo editing features. Boy, bye!


Nick Jonas has always been open about managing his diabetes, so it makes sense Dexcom tapped the heartthrob pop star for a Super Bowl commercial. Their latest device, the G7, is their smallest tracker yet and requires no pesky fingerpricks — plus there’s an app for 24/7 continuous glucose monitoring.

Peacock TV

NBC Universal’s streaming service is betting all its chips on “Poker Face” star, Natasha Lyonne. Until this year, Peacock was generally considered the scrappy upstart against bigger streamers. New shows like this one, plus tons of live sports coverage and movies directly from theatres, could push subscribers to stick around in 2023.


There are better things people can do with their time instead of filing a tax return. Case in point? Dancing in front of a fountain — or literally anything else — while the experts at TurboTax do it for you. While this spot doesn’t show actually how the software works, the narration promises they’ve got their full-service users covered to maximize refunds with ease.