The Best LED Christmas Trees for a Cheery & Bright Christmas Season

best led christmas tree
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Without a doubt, one of the best things in the build-up to Christmas Day is putting up the Christmas tree. Choosing the right one for your home is a fun task made up of several smaller decisions, including what size, shape and color your tree should be, what ornaments you should decorate it with, and what type of tree topper should take the limelight. There’s certainly plenty to choose from, with options ranging from LED Christmas trees and quarter-size Christmas trees to flocked or even black trees.

And while there are still some traditionalists who believe trees should be decorated in nothing more than a few pine cones and bits of ribbon, the ‘modern’ tree looks a lot different from the original. Additions like electrical lights, fancy tinsel, and ornaments of every shape and size imaginable have made the tree decorating process more complicated yet infinitely more enjoyable.

A good example of this evolution can be seen in tree lighting. Once upon a time, simple holiday candles would have been used for their light and beauty. However, with time, candles were replaced by filament-containing electrical white lights, then colored lights, and more recently, tree lights have been updated to advanced LEDs.

Using LEDs doesn’t just make your tree look great, these clever little diodes actually offer a number of benefits over their filament-based counterparts, including:

  • Improved Durability 
  • Better Efficiency 
  • Longer Life
  • Improved Customization

LEDs are more easily controlled with remotes and accompanying apps, meaning it’s possible to create some truly spectacular lighting displays. Check out our app-controlled option below if that sounds appealing to you.

Below, we’ve put together our favorite LED Christmas tree choices. We’ve got everyone covered, and our list includes classic, full-bodied options for people who like to go all out as well as tall and thin space-saving options and table-top trees for anyone who just wants to add a touch of the festive period to their surroundings. 

Take a scroll through and find the best LED Christmas tree for you for this up-and-coming festive period.


1. Best Choice Products Instant Setup Spruce Christmas Tree


The Best Choice Products Instant Setup Spruce Christmas Tree is a popular and well-reviewed choice to be put pride of place in your home this holiday season. At either 7.5, nine, or 12-feet tall, all the tree sizes are hard to miss and provide more than enough space for all your ornaments and decorations with between 1,346 and 4,693 tips. Furthermore, depending on your size of choice, you’ll either find 550, 900 or 1,250 pre-installed, warm white, LED lights to complete that Christmassy feel and save you time having to string them yourself.

led christmas tree best choice products Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Dream Loom Tabletop Xmas Tree


A little tight for space or want a tree to give your office a festive feel? Try this Dream Loom Tabletop Xmas Tree. Its 24-inch height is great for tabletop mounting, and it also comes un-decorated out of the box. However, it is supplied with a range of ornaments, including bells, pine cones, drums, and a treetop star, as well as a string of lights, allowing you the enjoyment of decorating a tree, even though it’s on a smaller scale. In addition, the tree is made from an eco-friendly PVC which is both durable and won’t fade, meaning you’ll be able to use this tree for years to come.

Dream Loom Tabletop Xmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


3. National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Christmas Tree


If you love real trees but want to move to a reusable tree choice, give this National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Christmas Tree a try. Its full-bodied shape and individually crafted branch tips make for an eye-catching and beautiful tree, which also includes hundreds of UL listed multicolor LED lights to add to the tree’s festive appearance. This tree is ideal for people who love to decorate as there’s plenty of space for all your favorite ornaments. And, when not in use, the tree breaks down into separate parts for easy storage throughout the year.

led christmas tree national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree


The Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree is available in three different sizes and is constructed from an eco-friendly, high-quality PVC material. In addition to its eco-friendly elements, this advanced material also looks realistic and has an anti-crush capacity which helps your tree look healthy and alive. The tree is pre-lit with hundreds of electrodeless LEDs which can flash in a choice of eight different color modes. The tree also includes a metal stand and only takes a matter of minutes to set up.

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led christmas tree goplus Image courtesy of Amazon


5. P & I Home Artificial Christmas Tree


Made of eco-friendly materials, this six-foot tree is equipped with 304 led colored lights. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and features a foldable design that pops up or folds down in minutes. The lighting offers 18 flash modes in six colors that can be customized just the way you like.

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P & I Home Artificial Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


6. National Tree North Valley Black Spruce Tree


Whether you know it or not, black Christmas trees are in this Christmas. So, if you’re straying from the traditional green this year and want a lit LED model for your home, consider the National Tree North Valley Black Spruce Tree. It has a large 7.5-foot frame, life-like branches, and built-in UL lighting, The three-section assembly is quick and easy and it is also hypo-allergenic and fire-resistant.

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black christmas tree national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Home Heritage Pre-Lit Artificial Half Pine Christmas Tree


For anyone who believes bigger is better but can’t spare the floor space for a monster Christmas tree, this Home Heritage Pre-Lit Artificial Half Pine Christmas Tree will still tower over you without taking up excessive space. At seven feet high, the tall yet half design is ideal for offices and smaller apartments. Even if it’s only half a tree, it still provides plenty of space for hanging your favorite ornaments. This tree comes pre-lit with over 150 lights weaving throughout the soft-touch branches.

led christmas tree home heritage Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Northlight Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree


Another great option for houses or offices on the shorter side of space availability is the Northlight Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree. At four feet tall, you’ll still enjoy a good amount of green and ornament hanging space, while the 250 multi-color LED lights included with the tree provide plenty of accompanying illumination. You’ll also find the tree breaks down into three pieces for easier storage during the months when it’s not in use.

led christmas tree northlight Image courtesy of Walmart


9. ANOTHERME Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


No matter whether it’s cold outside or not, place this ANOTHERME pre-lit flocked Christmas Tree in your home, and it’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Lapland. The tree’s green foliage comes covered in beautiful faux white snow, while the white LED lights spread throughout the tree to further add to the classic Christmas feel. It’s six feet tall size and features 300 warm lights. 

ANOTHERME 6ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


10. Home Accents Holiday Pine Artificial Christmas Tree


The Home Accents Holiday Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is popular with The Home Depot customers because it combines a number of outstanding elements. Firstly, at 7.5-feet tall, the tree is hard to miss, no matter where you place it. Secondly, with 500 pre-strung warm white LED lights and 1586 artificial branch tips, the tree is well lit and provides the ideal canvas for all of your favorite decorations. Lastly, to complete that “typical” Christmas look, especially if you don’t like somewhere particularly snowy, the tree has a flocked appearance.

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 led christmas tree home accents holiday Image courtesy of The Home Depot


11. National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree


If you’re looking for a premium tree with a stunning appearance, hundreds of sparkling lights and over 750 five-star reviews from users, the National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree fits the bill. It’s available in different sizes ranging from 4.5 to 12 feet and also comes pre-strung with either white lights, colored lights, or dual-color lights capable of switching between the two. The tree includes a handy foot switch for easy control of your lights and is both fire-resistant and non-allergenic.

led christmas tree national tree Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Home Decorators Collection Elegant Grand Fir Christmas Tree


If nothing says Christmas like the twinkling of Christmas tree lights, you may want to consider the Home Decorators Collection Elegant Grand Fir Christmas Tree. This well-reviewed tree comes with an impressive 3,000 energy-efficient micro dot lights, ensuring no corner remains unlit. As it sits 9 feet in height, you’ll still have plenty of space for your favorite ornaments, too. It also comes with a remote control for putting your lights on a timer between two and eight hours. Additionally, the tree sports flame-resistant PE branches and a realistic look with a full shape, making it a solid choice for households with plenty of space.

led christmas tree home decorations collection Image courtesy of The Home Depot


13. Easy Treezy Prelit Christmas Tree


While some people love decorating the tree above anything else at Christmas time, others don’t feel such affection. If you happen to fall into the latter category, the Easy Treezy Prelit Christmas Tree is definitely for you. Forget the hours and hours of arranging ornaments as this pre-decorated tree comes nearly ready-to-go right out of the box and assembles in less than a minute. The easy snap segments make it possible to adjust the tree’s height, while there’s also a range of different styles to choose from.

Easy Treezy Prelit Christmas Tree Courtesy of Amazon


14. Home Decorators Collection Swiss Mountain Black Spruce


If the idea of controlling your tree light display through your smartphone sounds appealing to you, the Home Decorators Collection Swiss Mountain Black Spruce could be the choice for you. Once the 7.5-feet tall tree is set up, you’ll be able to customize and control the 600 prestrung, twinkly RGB LED lights for nearly endless display options. Your imagination really is the limit as you chose from the range of colors available to create the lighting display of your dreams using the accompanying app. This is a fun activity to do with kids, too.

led christmas tree home decorators collection Image courtesy of The Home Depot


15. Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Christmas Tree


With an impressive 2,366 branch tips and 850 hand-strung clear LED lights, the Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree is a full-bodied and well-lit option truly capable of being your festive focal point. The tree comes with everything you need to set it up, including a tree stand, cotton gloves, spare bulbs and fuses as well a handy bag for easy storage when the tree is not being used. The attractive tree is also available in a range of sizes and includes a foot pedal for turning the lights on and off.

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led christmas tree balsam Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Northlight Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree


There is no better conversation starter on this list than the Northlight Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree. Stat-wise, the tree sits nine feet high, boasts 1572 branch tips, has hinged branches, features 800 warm white LED lights and seems normal. However, the unusual part is that it’s upside down. With the wide part at the top and the point at the bottom, it’s sure to cause some confusion in kids and plenty of laughs for your guests. If you’re looking for an outstanding option, there’s no better choice.

upside down led christmas tree from northlight Image courtesy of Target


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