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The Best LED Christmas Trees For 2022

Decorating the Christmas tree is always one of our favorite holiday traditions, and it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until the tree is decorated. For people with allergies — or simply an aversion to vacuuming up pine needles all winter long — artificial LED Christmas trees offer a festive alternative to the traditional Christmas tree. 

The best LED Christmas trees will shine merry and bright in your home for many years to come, and our favorite artificial trees look just like the real thing. LED pre-lit Christmas trees also take some of the work out of decorating your tree, letting you skip right to the best part — hanging ornaments while you listen to your favorite Christmas music. Soon, it will be time to hang the tree topper.

While some traditionalists still believe trees should be decorated with just a few pine cones and bits of ribbon, the ‘modern’ tree looks a lot different from the original. A good example of this evolution can be seen in tree lighting. Once upon a time, simple holiday candles would have been used for their light and beauty. However, with time, candles were replaced by filament-containing electrical white lights, then colored lights, and more recently, tree lights have been updated to advanced LEDs.

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Below, we’ve put together a guide to our favorite LED Christmas tree choices. We’ve got everyone covered, and our list includes classic, full-bodied artificial Christmas trees, tall and thin space-saving options and smaller tabletop trees

Christmas will be here soon, so keep scrolling to find the best LED Christmas tree for the holiday season.

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best overall

With an impressive 2,366 branch tips and 850 hand-strung clear LED lights, the Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree is a full-bodied and well-lit option truly capable of being your festive focal point. The tree comes with everything you need to set it up, including a tree stand, cotton gloves, spare bulbs and fuses, as well a handy bag for easy storage when the tree is not being used. The attractive tree is also available in a range of sizes and includes a foot pedal for turning the lights on and off.

Runner Up

Twinkly is fast becoming one of SPY’s favorite smart light companies, and the Twinkly Pre-Lit Christmas Tree is a thing of beauty. This artificial Christmas tree can be controlled by app, voice or smart assistant, making it easy to turn the lights on and off and set a schedule. Using the app, you can also choose from millions of color options. Smart Christmas trees are still a relatively novel concept, but we expect smart trees like this to replace old-fashioned artificial Christmas trees in just a few years.

best color options

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Offered in an array of colors, including cranberry, lavender, and yellow, red, this Treetopia Christmas tree offers some of the best options when it comes to Christmas tree hues. It comes pre-lit with an abundance of clear lights and is sold in various sizes between 4 and 8 feet, with the 4-foot version featuring 70 LED bulbs.

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Best Choice Products has a popular line of artificial LED Christmas trees, and while these trees can be more expensive than the typical Christmas tree, they have some features that justify the investment. The memory steel wire branches will stay exactly where you want them for years to come, and the branches are filled with thousands of long-lasting warm white LED lights.

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best tabletop tree

Do you want to give your small apartment or office a festive feel? Try this Dream Loom Tabletop Xmas Tree. Its 24-inch height is excellent for small spaces, and it comes with a collection of ornaments, a treetop star and a string of lights. In addition, the tree is made from an eco-friendly PVC which is durable and won’t fade, meaning you’ll be able to use this tree for years to come.

color changing


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If you’re looking for a pre-lit Christmas tree with color-changing led lights and a stunning appearance, then the National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree fits the bill. This artificial LED Christmas tree has hundreds of sparkling lights and versatile options. It’s available in sizes ranging from 6.5 to 12 feet, and the tree includes a handy foot switch for easy control of your pre-strung LED Christmas lights. Finally, this artificial tree is both fire-resistant and non-allergenic.

a pre-fluffed option


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The Home Depot is one of our favorite places to buy artificial Christmas trees, as they have a huge selection of LED pre-lit Christmas trees. The Grand Fir stands 7.5 feet tall and resembles a balsam fir tree, with thousands of white LED lights. It comes with a timer for customized timings and is pre-fluffed for quick and easy setup.

editor’s choice


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The Home Accents Holiday Pine Artificial Christmas Tree from The Home Depot is more expensive than some artificial Christmas trees, but it has some outstanding features. The branches are delicately frosted with artificial winter snow, and hidden within the 1,586 artificial branch tips are 500 warm white Christmas lights. Standing 7.5 feet tall, this festive tree will provide that White Christmas feel to any living room or entryway.

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best outdoor option

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Looking for LED outdoor Christmas trees to use in your holiday decorations? Any of the artificial trees featured on this list can be placed indoors or outdoors, although placing them outside will limit their lifespan. So for outdoor decoration, we recommend using this LED spiral Christmas tree, which is made up of cool white LED lights.

best black

Whether you know it or not, black Christmas trees are in this Christmas. So, if you’re straying from the traditional green this year and want a lit LED model for your home, consider the National Tree North Valley Black Spruce Tree. It has a sizeable 7.5-foot frame, life-like branches, and built-in UL lighting, The three-section assembly is quick and easy, and it is also hypo-allergenic and fire-resistant.

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best half tree

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For anyone who believes bigger is better but can’t spare the floor space for a monster Christmas tree, this Home Heritage Pre-Lit Artificial Half Pine Christmas Tree will still tower over you without taking up excessive space. At seven feet high, the tall, yet half design is ideal for offices and smaller apartments. Even if it’s only half a tree, it still provides plenty of space for hanging your favorite ornaments. This tree comes pre-lit, with over 150 lights weaving throughout the soft-touch branches.

best Skinny Tree

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If you’re really tight on space but still want a festive Christmas tree, then try this artificial pre-lit slim Christmas tree, also from the National Tree Company. The 6.5 ft Christmas tree with LED lights will fit into even the tightest corners, but it still has plenty of room for your Christmas ornaments. It’s also one of the most affordable options on our list, letting you save your money for the presents going under tree.