The 11 Best Basketballs for Shootin’ Hoops

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Slam dunk to the future, and get yourself a new basketball. Whether you think you’re the next Jordan, Kobe or Lebron, or if you’re taking baby steps and are barely able to dribble yet, selecting the best basketball to suit your game is the ticket to shootin’ hoops.

There’s a whole world of balls out there: footballs, baseballs, volleyballs, dodge balls and so on. In fact, there are few team sports that don’t require a ball. But, only one type of ball is suited for dribbling and shooting. And, that’s the basketball.

Basketball is a game that can be played at all ages. It’s important to consider your age, height, hand-size and location when choosing the best basketball for you. There are also the features of the ball itself to think of. Here’s what to take note of:

  • Pebbling – You might have noticed that most basketballs, especially the best ones, have little dots all over them. These are generally referred to as pebbles and are mostly found on outdoor basketballs. The dots in the basketballs surface allow for multiple points of contact with your hand which provides a better grip.
  • Channels – Crossing through the surface of a basketball from side to side are black lines. These are called channels, and they’re also designed for grip. For the youngest or smallest hands, those channels might seem far apart, but for the basketball champs, these lines are their best friends when it comes to controlling the ball.
  • ColorWhy are basketballs usually orange? When the basketball first came to court, brown leather was used in the production process. As these balls advanced in design, Spalding Company, who are still the number one manufacturer of basketballs, decided the best color for a basketball is orange, so that both the players and the crowd can see it clearly.
  • Size – There’s a ball to suit all. Generally the sizes of any given basketball are Junior, Intermediate and Official, but be sure to check the measurements of your hand against that of the ball to select the right one for you.
  • Pressure – To keep your ball bouncing and avoid popping, you should be mindful of the air pressure. As you do with bike or car tires, check the pressure of your ball before using it to ensure the best results. 

We’ve tackled the arena of online shopping to find the best basketballs out there and help you choose your new bouncing buddy.


1. Spalding NBA Street Basketball


Spalding is the brand that chose the famous orange of the basketball, and its basketballs still reign over the world of sport. As this ball comes from one of the original basketball brands and is one of the best street basketballs ever made, it’s definitely the best overall basketball available. It has a durable, outdoor, rubber cover to withstand hours of use on the court and deep channels for the ultimate grip. This ball is available in three sizes, so whether you’re youth, intermediate or pro, this Spalding can be the ball for you. These basketballs are also officially endorsed by the NBA.

best basketball spalding nba Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Wilson Evolution Basketball


The Wilson Evolution Basketball is the ball of high schools. That’s why the brand can claim it’s on more courts across the USA than any other basketball. Many consider it the ultimate game ball, and some would even say it’s the nation’s favorite. The ball is cushioned inside and laid-in channels give it a soft touch and exciting bounce. This classic basketball is made with supreme quality.

best basketball wilson Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Spalding Globe Basketball – UO Exclusive


In the past few years we’ve seen some really creative basketballs with fun designs, including a designer ball from Versace. Fortunately, this Urban Outfitters exclusive costs $30, not $3,000. Courtesy of Spalding, this ball features a sky blue exterior with a map of the world. If you’re shopping for gifts, it’s one of the best basketballs of 2020, hands down.

best basketballs of 2020 Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

4. Champion Sports Basketball


As a leading sports brand for over 50 years, Champion is confident that their Sports Basketball is the ideal choice for you. With a one-year warranty guarantee and a price tag of under $10, surely you can’t go wrong with this basketball. The ball is available in a range of rainbow colors and three different sizes, from intermediate to official. Furthermore, each ball has a heavy-duty rubber cover that is made to bounce.

best basketball champion sports Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Baden SkilCoach Training Basketball


We all start somewhere, and the Baden SkilCoach Training Basketball is the ideal place for any budding ballers. Whether right or left handed, this ball is a perfect training tool, as it has blue and yellow hand outlines to guide grip and shooting technique. It’s available in two beginner-friendly sizes and has an even friendlier price tag to ensure you’re not breaking the bank before ensuring your young spark has a future on the court.

best basketball baden Image courtesy of Amazon


6. GlowCity Light Up Basketball


You don’t need to let the dark stop you from dribbling with this GlowCity Light Up Official Size Basketball. It will brighten up your bounce with the first drop, as it automatically turns on when in use and will equally shut off once stationary. It has two high, bright LEDs inside that give the ball its nighttime glow, but don’t worry, as this doesn’t impact the feel or bounce of the ball. You can still take it up and down the court like any other.

best basketball glowcity Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Senston Junior Basketball


Although not complete with stars, the Senston Junior Basketball showcases the red, white and blue of the USA. It’s also available in six other playful colors, and all the options come with a pump, a needle and a net for storage, too. The bright and colorful PU leather cover incorporates soft grip technology along with neatly stitched seams and indented channels for a comfortable hold, even for juniors.

best basketball senston Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Spalding Slam Over Door Basketball Set


Shoot hoops from your bed, desk or sofa with the Spalding Slam Door Basketball Set. Mount the polycarbonate backboard over your door using the two universal hooks and take your position around the room, ready for a dunk out. This set is designed for indoor play and includes a five-inch rubber ball to keep damage to a minimum. This is a great gift idea for office workers who love to shoot some hoops.

best basketball spalding over the door Image courtesy of Amazon


9. GadgetsTalk Engraved Basketball


Encourage your son to a championship win with this basketball gift from GadgetsTalk. It’s made from soft composite leather, and so it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The personal message imprinted into the ball’s surface drives motivation and shares love for the game. This wonderful gift is also available from a mom and to a grandson. Hopefully, the company will start to produce “To My Daughter” balls soon.

best basketball gadgetstalk Image courtesy of Amazon


10. MacGregor Basketballs Set


There are enough balls for all with the MacGregor Basketballs Set. The six junior sized balls come in an assortment of colours, including blue, green orange, purple, red and yellow. They all have enhanced pebbling and deep channels for a good grip and a great game. If you’re looking to throw a basketball birthday party anytime soon, then this is the set you need. These basketballs are also available in an intermediate size, too.

best basketball macgregor Image courtesy of Amazon


11. HoloGear HoloHoops Holographic Basketball


Let your bounce shine with the HoloGear HoloHoops Holographic Basketball. It’s created from specially made hygroscopic leather which is great for use both indoors and outdoors. HoloGear has also designed a pair of holographic glasses which work amazingly together with the basketball for a court experience like no other. The holographic material on both these items makes them stand out in photos and create the perfect TikTok moments.

best basketball hologear Image courtesy of Amazon


12. SKLZ Basketball System


Transform your driveway, garden, hallway or any other big space into your own personal basketball court with the SKLZ Basketball System. It comes complete with a shatterproof, mounted backboard on an adjustable pole stemming from a mobile base. You can adjust its height three feet for juniors or poolside, or use it all the way up to seven feet tall for the full court effect. Of course, this system also includes a basketball.

best basketball sklz Image courtesy of Amazon


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